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Beyond parody

Entry of the Bible at the Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida, Brazil, during the "Solemn Novena" in preparation for her feast day (October 12). This scene took place on October 5, 2012. 

This Basilica is the largest shrine dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the whole world. 



  1. Loyolakiper7:06 PM

    I watched this video in utter shock. The fist words out of my mouth was a string of expletives.

    Then as the woman approached the sabnctuary I noticed the Bishop was presiding over this debacle...

    Ecclesial Assassins! That is what we need to remove the cancer from the Mystical Body of Christ. The hirelings would think twice if therer was a good chance of them being taken out. Only then may we get some real shepherds who are willing to die for the true faith.

  2. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Hun... full communuion with Rome surely looks like a lot of fun...

  3. Texana7:44 PM

    Well I didn't think it possible, but this tops the special "Mass for the Freemasons". The music is quite appropropriate. God's chastisement must be soon--this is such an affront to all Christians!

  4. This truly shows a tragic lack of understanding of the mass.

    Place the following two pictures in your head:
    (1) The Cross of Christ with John and Mary at its foot while Jesus uttered his last breath.
    (2) A Los Vegas show parading around the cross.

    The two images side by side are extremely offensive to anyone who has any understanding, Catholic or not. The fact that the average Catholic lay person in the "audience" did not storm out shows how little they understand about what happens at the mass. The fact that the bishop was involved with means that his seminary did a horrific job of teaching him about the Catholic faith, or that he purposely wanted to offend our Lord for the sake of popularity with the world.

    Replace image (2) with TLM, and its clear even to a non-Catholic that what's going on at the altar is directly related to (1). Replace image (2) with a typical NO mass and an outsider could understandably think that what's going on has nothing to do with (2), but he wouldn't be offended by it.

    There are degrees of abuse and offense and this crosses the line. Dare I say, even a clown mass is a step up from what's on the video.

  5. The Rev. M. Forbes8:30 PM


    Well, at leastthe young lakdies had pretty smiles.

    Senza parole.


  6. Anonymous8:33 PM


  7. Folks, this is why I support the SSPX without reservation. This Brazilian orgy tops anything I have seen in Steubenville, Ohio, and that's really saying something!

  8. David C. LaPlante8:44 PM

    We must all do penance, much penance. This was particularly painful to watch on the Feast of our Lady's Maternity.

  9. Horrible ....

    My God Have Mercy on us!

    I felt like I was at a circus , with the clown music.
    After about the 2minute mark , I had to turn it off.

    Stop offending MY GOD!

  10. Yep, they've made the liturgy into a circus.

    Happy Anniversary V2

  11. Approved by a bishop in communion with the Pope. A Mass approved by a Pope.

  12. SolipsoLibertas9:44 PM

    Just as I was OUTRAGED about the comments against liturgical dancing, I'm OUTRAGED about the comments here.

    Don't you people understand that Vatican II called for the windows of Church to be OPENED to the world? This is part of that opening!

    Circus music and skating are definitely part of the world. And we're to be OPEN to the world. Therefore we're to be open to all things - including circus music and skating.

    These are wonderful things, you grouches! And so are happy men spinning on suspended carousels. Get with it! Is there something WRONG with happiness?

    And did you not hear the applause? That's right, APPLAUSE! Here's a clue: this is what we, THE PEOPLE OF GOD, want. And we're getting it.

    It's the 21st century! How dare you keep trying to IMPOSE your beliefs on WE THE PEOPLE????

  13. NIANTIC9:46 PM

    Yes, the Circus has arrived. Well, let them laugh now, they will be weeping later, especially the Bishop(s) and priest(s) who underwrite this blasphemy.
    Maybe the so called "new evangelization" should start right there in Brazil.
    Weep for the poor innocent souls who are fed this garbage.

  14. SolipsoLibertas9:46 PM

    Oh, I forgot to also tell you grinches, in case you didn't know it: these good people are in FULL COMMUNION! Unlike those horrible schismatic dinosaurs of the SSPX.

    So stop trying to tell US, THE PEOPLE OF GOD, how to run OUR services!

  15. Confuzzled9:58 PM

    Shameless liturgical vandalism rooted in diabolical disorientation.

    But they're in "full communion."

    Vatican II was truly a blessing for the Church.


  16. Stephen, bless him, says : “Approved by a bishop in communion with the Pope. A Mass approved by a Pope”. He is joking, I hope ?

    If this is in fact true - and I do not believe every single word emitting from Roma - it casts into relief so much of the absolute undiluted garbage which many well-intentioned, but hopelessly uniformed good Roman Catholics write on this and other sites.

    If the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X is “outside the Roman Catholic Church” and this sad and sorry stupid lot is in, well … I better not say it.

    May I ask what is, for me, the desperately important question : “What did Archbishop Lefebvre do which was not entirely and wholly Catholic (prima lex salvus animarum) - and I mean during his whole completely Catholic life. He was the Athanasius of our times.

    Don’t believe me ? Go and do some useful study, ignore +Müller, stick to revealed Catrholic Faith, please.

    Lord forgive me, but I doubt Pope Benedict can say it.

  17. Sacerdos10:15 PM

    Look at the associated videos on you tube. When a deacon is rolled in with a monstrance he is wearing a dalmatic, cope and humeral veil without a thurible in sight. They are making it up as they go along!

    Who was the Cardinal?

    PS. It wasn't a Mass.

  18. "I am Spartacus" criticised me on this blog and called me a Protestant and schismatic because I refused to attend any more N.O. Masses in Brazil and instead go to an SSPX chapel.
    This video may be extreme but it exemplifies the N.O Masses I have attended in Brazil.Now can anyone blame me?

  19. And this, friends, is why we need the SSPX on the inside, not wherever it is that they are.

  20. Prof. Basto2:05 AM

    That is not my religion.

  21. Patrick3:30 AM

    Yawn. All papal masses in Brazil for at least the last ten years have all had something of the circus and silliness about them so I don't understand the outrage unless people have had their heads buried in the sand all this time. Rome has no intention of putting this genie back in the bottle so we might as well adjust and avoid Brazil if we are faint of heart.I do, but popes apparently manage to stomach the scene. Must be the grace of the office.

  22. Hidden One, are these people on the inside?

  23. Sadly it's not only how this affects the faithful inside the Church, but also the
    Christians outside the Church.

    This comment from the youtube site:
    "It's good to see Roman Catholics finally recognizing that their religion is just one big bloody circus. May God preserve the holy, catholic, apostolic, and protestant faith of the ancient Fathers!"

    I wish the Holy Father would read that comment and take note!
    God have mercy on us!

  24. The name of this circus music is "The Entrance of the Gladiators". Time for the Catholic Gladiators to make their move and rid the Church of this diabolical and grotesque filth.

  25. "These signs help us not only to remember, they also offer us the possibility of going beyond commemorating. They invite us to enter more deeply into the spiritual movement which characterized Vatican II, to make it ours and to develop it according to its true meaning."

    Let the VII spirit roam

  26. I think this video was shot not inside the Basilica but inside the Insane Asylum of Hell.

  27. Lee Lovelock-Jemmott8:32 AM

    I think this church should be torn to pieces, it has turned into a "goddess" shrine, going beyond hyperdulia and actually worshipping her. They have lost all sense of sanity and the priests who allow this need immediate excommunication and the laity who partake need immediate catechism. How noxious, toxic and paganistic is this !

  28. Lee Lovelock-Jemmott8:37 AM

    To add to my last comment, I was close to smashing my fist through a wall when seeing this. If I saw the clown who done this, Lord forgive me for what I would do to him for insulting Our Lord beyond compare. It reminds me of those getting burnt up before the Ark of Covenant for being unclean or those dying for desecrating the Ark !

  29. Andrew11:56 AM

    Is the music in the video the actual music that was being played during the "procession"? (Not that it really matters, the whole thing is a scandal).

  30. Andrew:

    Yes, that was the actual music during the "entrance".

  31. All right, you've had your joke. Now tell us what Fellini movie we were watching.

  32. Marvindante333:06 PM

    Anyone else notice how few people were actually waving back? Or how forced the smiles seemed? Or how the eyes of the smilers were full of despair? How about how bored that lead rollerblader looked? I hope and pray that in a chapel somewhere nearby, there was an unusual surge of people in line for confession as a direct result of this latest blasphemous atrocity from Brazil.

  33. Faithful Catholic7:08 PM

    I am a cradle Catholic and when I die, and if they were to open me up, they would see inscribed in gold "Cristo Rey" on my heart. The first 20 years of my life were Pius V liturgy (also Dominican Rite). I have never witness an impious celebration of a NO. Each one I have attended has been perfectly liturgically presented and I welcome the degree of solemnity of the actions of the priests and the words of the NO. Yes, the focus of the NO is more of participation in the actions and prayers of the priest and the congregation in the Mass, but if well done it does not exclude the worship of Christ our Saviour. That's what we're all there for: to worship, adore and receive the living Christ. Not to draw division, the EF latin mass has its focus on the concept of worshipful adoration of Christ our king and the sacrifice of the Mass and our humble reception of His living Body and Blood. It is spiritually enriching and refreshing to attend a EF latin mass. By attending each, when each is prayerfully and legitimately offered is to complement each not to compete. To see this abomination of the Temple brought true tears to my eyes. Yes, the entrance music is circus music, but its title is "The entrance of the Gladiators." How much more insulting to Christ our King and His ever-virgin glorious Mother (the Theotokos) than to associate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, in either form, with the debauchery of the Roman Coliseum's orgies. God have mercy on the souls of all those who in any way perpetrated or participated in putting this sacrilege together. Please pray that our Holy Father steps over the bodies of those who prevent the reintegration of SSPX. Benedict XVI needs our prayers now more than ever.

  34. Dalrympio9:38 PM

    Marvindante33, your mention of forced smiles reminds me of the following essay, entitled "Forced Smiles," by today's greatest essayist:

  35. Sarto2:13 AM

    Faithful Catholic,

    Whether in Latin or not, and no matter how "reverently" done, the Novus Ordo is itself an abuse. This is because it's a Protestantized service. The Ottaviani Intervention makes this perfectly clear.

  36. Dr. Seuss's Requiem Mass digitally remastered and in colour!

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. I've just thought of something! What about a Skating Confraternity?

  39. Non si è brasiliani per niente! Ottimo esempio di actuosa participatio brasileira.

  40. Ora et Labora3:36 PM

    Wow. I wouldn't want to be anywhere around this mess when the lightning bolts come and the earth opens up to swallow this mess. Holy Cow Brazil, repent and believe in the good news!

  41. Anonymous3:51 PM

    This far surpases ANY liturgical abuse I've seen or heard about in the USA. I am not expert on liturgical abuse but this is outrageous. This makes the so-called "clown masses" seem almost tolerable.


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