Rorate Caeli

For the record: CDW response to dubium on liturgical dance

Priest and people dancing around the altar at Mass -- Philippines. 

The salient passage in this letter:

"The liturgical law of the Roman Rite does not foresee the use of dance or drama within the Sacred Liturgy, unless particular legislation has been enacted by the Bishops' Conference and confirmed by the Holy See. Any other practice is to be considered an abuse."

On one hand, there is a denunciation of the practice of liturgical dance, even though the query comes from a country in Asia, where many modern liturgists would argue that the condemnation of liturgical dance is not applicable for reasons of "inculturation". On the other hand, it is not a blanket condemnation, as it clearly notes that bishops' conferences may seek Roman approval for this practice in their respective territories. 

What do you think, dear readers?

H/t to The Pinoy Catholic for the picture