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You report: Tuscan Traditional Catholic Pilgrimage with Raymond Card. Burke

We have received the following from Coordinamento Toscano Benedetto XVI. More pictures of this pilgrimage can be found on their blog post: Quinto Pellegrinaggio: un piccolo resoconto e le prime foto di una splendida giornata

September 22, 2012, Fifth regional pilgrimage of Tuscany, organized by the Coordinamento Toscano Benedetto XVI.
The fifth edition of the pilgrimage of Tuscany groups for the application of the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, has been held on 22 September 2012. 

Looking back to the first edition, organized by three groups only, all of us could realize how many steps forward have been made, and the importance the event has assumed in these few years. The pilgrimage has seen the participation of people from all Tuscany and also of parish priests from different dioceses of the region. Moreover, seminarists and priests of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest were present, as well as religious men from the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.

After the arrival at the Sanctuary of His Eminence most reverend Card. Raymond L. Burke, everyone followed the procession of entrance in the Basilica.  More than 400 faithful attended the Pontifical Mass celebrated by the cardinal, among them representatives of different orders of knighthood. The choral 'Savio' of Livorno performed Palestrina's Missa Brevis, and His Excellence  most reverend Mons. Simone Giusti, archbishop of Livorno, brought his greetings at the end of the liturgy.

The faithful had the possibility to obtain the plenary indulgence at the usual conditions, and to receive the Papal Blessing by His Eminence card. Burke, after the integral reading of the relative decretum of the Apostolicae Penitentiaeria.

At the end, many pilgrims had lunch in the guest room of the Sanctuary, together with His Eminence card. Burke, who liked to convey his greetings to all the participants, with Mons. Wach (superior of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest) and don Philippe Mora (rector of the Institute seminary at Gricigliano).


Romanitas said...

Institute of Christ the King does great work promoting Salesian spirituality and the old Mass, but does anyone else think that their obsession with baroque dress and extra-liturgical vestments is a bit.... strange? The blue capes on the novices, the grown-like mozettas on their superiors, and the poor chap in livery dress to carry Cardinal Burke's hat in procession? Some may get the impression that the Institute, and Tradition in general, is about putting on an 18th century religious opera.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. I presume that the free-standing table could not be removed? It certainly broke up the flow of the sanctuary.

Anonymous said...

Romanitas, I know how and how much ICRSP works for the Roman Liturgy, here in Italy and in Europe, and I see this every day. So, look at the substance; baroque style is only a particular and beautifull dress of recta Doctrina!

Gottfried said...

You are kidding Romanitas? Surely
nothing is too splendid if it gives
honour to Our Blessed Saviour.
The ICKSP are a breath of fresh air, no wonder they have proven such a success.

Anonymous said...

Romanitas: I love your publications and the good work you do, but I have to agree that there is something very consoling and gratifying about the Baroque style of the Institute. Why bend to modern fashions unnecessarily? Even the U.S. Navy retains early 19th-century uniforms for the crew of the USS Constitution. We don't worry about being thought a "Gilbert and Sullivan" navy!
--Best regards, a Navy Padre

Please said...

Thank you, Romanitas, for the obligatory comment on the dress of the Institute, an essential contribution anytime they are mentioned on the internet.

Romanitas said...


I am not a publisher, sorry for any confusion.

@everyone else:

I am not criticizing baroque aesthetics (vestments, polyphony etc), I am just pointing out a tendency in the ICRSS to attempt to re-create life in a 17th century Italian basilica (title of "canon" with the choir dress even though I do not see how any of them are canons since they are not attached to a cathedral/basilica or regulars). I have readily conceded that they do great work. I am just wondering why this particular phenomenon. Any way you slice it, the poor chap with Cardinal Burke does not need to wear tights and tails!

Michael Watson said...


Because the choir dress and canon titles are part of the character of there particular order. The special choir dress was granted to them by the Archbishop of Florence in 2006 who was responsible for the life of the order.

You can read more about that at there website:

And about the hat bearer in tights and tails well that's like saying that the Swiss Guard should not wear there Renaissance uniforms or that even the gothic or baroque vestments that were developed in there respective times should not be used in the liturgy. So just let it be.

Anonymous said...

ICRSP is a canonical life society, like Canonicus Ordo Praemonstratensis (white dressed) so the priests are "canonici" following a canonical regular life, nothing about to be attached to a basilica...
A Cardinal is a Prince of SRE: in solemn celebrations he dresses cappamagna to show his dignity to the modernist church people and the 1950fixed catholics!
Sorry for my little english, sursum corda!!!