Rorate Caeli

All Souls Day: Never Forget

Below, please find the sixty-third posting of enrolled souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society. This week is a very long list of over 1,000 souls. 

Our friends at Fisheaters remind us: "There is a Mexican saying that we die three deaths: the first when our bodies die, the second when our bodies are lowered into the earth out of sight, and the third when our loved ones forget us. Catholics forestall that last death by seeing the faithful dead as members of the Church, alive in Christ, and by praying for them -- and asking their prayers for us -- always. ... 

"It is practically universal folk belief that the souls in Purgatory are allowed to return to earth on All Souls Day. In Austria, they are said to wander the forests, praying for release. In Poland, they are said to visit their parish churches at midnight, where a light can be seen because of their presence. Afterward, they visit their families, and to make them welcome, a door or window is left open. In many places, a place is set for the dead at supper, or food is otherwise left out for them."

Today is All Souls Day. While praying for the Church Suffering should be part of our daily lives, let us not let today go by without praying for the dead. Let us also be sure, on this day of all days, to send in every name of the deceased we have not yet enrolled in this Society to be sure they are being prayed for. 

How to enroll souls: please email me at and submit as follows: "Name, State, Country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Ohio, USA". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well.

Please consider forwarding this Society to your family and friends, announcing from the pulpit during Holy Mass or listing in your church bulletin. We need to spread the word and relieve more suffering souls.

Please pray for the enrolled souls and the 17 holy priests saying Traditional Masses for the Society:

"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...

Almighty and ever living God,
we ask Thy blessing upon the priests
who offer Masses for the Purgatorial Society.
Give them a greater awareness of the grace
that Thou dost pour out through the Sacraments,
and by their devout celebration of the Sacred Mysteries,
increase in them a love for Thee.
Give strength to Thy priests, O Shepherd of the flock;
when they are in doubt, give them the assurance of faith,
and in Thy goodness confirm them as heralds of Thy Truth
to all who seek to follow in Thy path.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Priest,
Who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity with the Holy Ghost,
God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:

Earl Swain, Washington, D.C.
Clara Dora Linares De Sanz, Argentina
Dawid Zapisek, Gdansk, Poland
Everardo Garcia, Jalisco, Mexico
Juanita Garcia, Jalisco, Mexico
Maria Magdalena Trujillo, Jalisco, Mexico
 Stephanie M. Rodrigues, Illinois, USA
Michael F. Rodrigues, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
Joseph C. Coelho, Ontario, Canada
Abelina Gonsalves, Illinois, USA
Francis Fernandes, Illinois, USA
Severina Mendes, Goa, India
Peter Coelho, Goa, India
Mariquinah de Souza, Goa, India
Bruno de Souza, Goa, India
Margaret de Souza, Illinois, USA
Adriana de Souza, Goa, India.
Francis de Souza, Goa, India
Magdalena Fernandes. Goa. India
Carmil Fernandes, Goa. India
Jose Braz Gonsalves, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Lucas Goes, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
Joseph Goes, Goa, India
Ella Pereira, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
Eustace Pereira, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
Christopher Andrew Pereira, Arusha, Tanzania
Cornel de Souza, Goa, India
Luiza Pereira, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Francis Nazareth, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
Emilia Nazareth, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
May Fox, Dublin, Ireland
Jane Fox, Dublin, Ireland
Richard Fox, Dublin, Ireland
John Fox, Glasgow, Scotland
Frank Dillon, Yorkshire, England
John Dillon, Yorkshire, England
Tony Dillon, Cambridgeshire, England
Lorna Johnson, Yorkshire, England
Alan Johnson, Yorkshire, England
John Doyle, Birmingham, England
Nellie Doyle, Dublin, Ireland
Neddy Doyle, Dublin, Ireland
Brenda Smith, Yorkshire, England
John Hebblethwaite, Yorkshire, England
Eileen Gregory, Yorkshire, England
Sister Andrew, Yorkshire, England
Nick Adams, Yorkshire, England
Fred Simpkin, Yorkshire, England
Derek Armitage, Yorkshire, England
Chris Zimmerman, London, England
Harry Jervis, England
Joseph Podnar, PA, USA
Katherine Podnar, PA, USA
Anthony Podnar, PA, USA
Anna Kovalovsky Podnar, PA, USA
Paul Kovalovsky, PA, USA
Elizabeth Sebesta Kovalovsky, PA, USA
Thomas Cybator, PA, USA
Margaret Kosuda Cybator, PA, USA
Donald Cybator, PA, USA
Franco Oliviano Bertelli, British Columbia, Canada
Paul Fournier, British Columbia, Canada
Rose Callaghan, British Columbia, Canada
Eric Andries Pouwels, British Columbia, Canada
Cardinal Fortunato Baldelli, Italy
Bishop Patrick Augustine Kalilombe, Malawi
Bishop Michel Kuehn, Chartres, France
Bishop Albert Henry Ottenweller, Ohio, USA
Bishop Michael Vincent Pascal Rowland, Dundee, South Africa
Archbishop Bruno Schettino, Capua, Italy
Bishop Roman Danylak, Ontario, Canada
Archbishop Antonio Maria Mucciolo, Botucatu, Brazil
Bishop Jose Rodrigues de Souza, Juazeiro, Brazil
Barbara Curtis, Virginia, USA
Caroline Aigle, France
Mr. Wilfredo M. Daylag
Mr. Perfecto M. Daylag
Mr. Mauricio R. Geroka
Mrs. Monica A. Geroka
Mr. Ordonio Mercader
Mr. Hesus Mercader
Mr. Mark Anderson Geroka
Ms. Carmela Tan
Dan Tieman, Ky., USA
Onofre Cruz, Metro Manila, Philippines
Sierra Cruz, Metro Manila, Philippines
Gil Aluning Sr., Isabela, Philippines
Honorio G. Dimacali, Laguna, Philippines
Tarcisio Halili, Philippines
Thomas G. Bennett, CA, USA
Rita A. Bennett, CA, USA
Robert Gilley, CA, USA
Bobby Henriques, CA, USA
Dorothy Henriques, CA, USA
Rev. Edmund Andre, CA, USA
Salvatore Fiore, CA, USA
Rev. Richard Redman, OH, USA
Winnifred Bross, OH, USA
Leo Bross, OH, USA
Michael Duffy, OH, USA
Wilhemena Duffy, OH, USA
Florian and Marie Feist, OH, USA
Marie Vogel, OH, USA
Albert and Theresa Bennett, OH, USA
Michael and Mary Huber Family, OH, USA
Gene and Karen Huber, OH, USA
Herbert and Bernadette Huber, OH, USA
Renee Bowman, Manitoba, Canada
Raymond Bowman, Manitoba, Canada
Ray Bowman, Manitoba, Canada
Joan Carroll Cruz, Louisiana, USA
Leony M. Lavina, Metro Manila, Philippines
Carmencita Villaverde, Metro Manila, Philippines
Ador B. Yan, Metro Manila, Philippines
Cesar R. Xerez-Burgos III, Metro Manila, Philippines
Leonardo F. Bernaldez, Metro Manila, Philippines
Louis Yves Abgrall, British Columbia, Canada
Robert Louis Boehm, British Columbia, Canada
Ilda Coelho, British Columbia, Canada
Tommaso Giannelli, British Columbia, Canada
John Mitchell, British Columbia, Canada
Mario Perrella, British Columbia, Canada
Giovanni Trasolini, British Columbia, Canada
Susan Rady-Pentek, Ontario, Canada
Sean Ungaro, Youngstown, Ohio
Cynthia Thomas, Youngstown, Ohio
Kim Chol, North Korea
Antonius Halim Permana, Garut, Indonesia
Maguing Guray Medina, Metro Manila, Philippines
Sylvia Medina, Metro Manila, Philippines
Jeffrey Christian Otto, Iowa, USA
Elizabeth Ann Otto, Iowa, USA
Robert Christian Otto, Iowa, USA
Susan Kathleen Gandy, California, USA
Marjorie Wedge Mable, Iowa, USA
Elizabeth S. Gasparovich, Iowa, USA
Helen P. Gasparovich, Iowa, USA
Mary E. Gasparovich, Iowa, USA
Louise Antonia Seaman, Iowa, USA
Joseph William Seaman, Iowa, USA
Rocky Hurst, Iowa, USA
Kenneth Cummings, Georgia, USA
Agnes Jane Harkin, Iowa, USA
Thomas D. Harkin, Iowa, USA
Joyce Hillyer, Nebraska, USA
Vern Hillyer, Nebraska, USA
Christiana Christensen, Iowa, USA
Pete Christensen, Iowa, USA
Josephine Adams, Iowa, USA
Monsignor Gerald E. Ryan, Iowa, USA
Robert Mable, Iowa, USA
Donald Vincent Otto, Iowa, USA
William Murray, Iowa, USA
Gerald Comer, Iowa, USA
Thomas Stanton Comer, Iowa, USA
Charles Stark, Iowa, USA
Jack Comer, Iowa, USA
Ann Comer, Iowa, USA
Austin Comer, Iowa, USA
Mary DeSales Gazzo, Iowa, USA
Sam Gazzo, Iowa, USA
Lenora Otto, Iowa, USA
Arlie Vincent Otto, Iowa, USA
Anna Cecilia Comer, Iowa, USA
Ray Comer, Iowa, USA
Anton Gasparovich, Iowa, USA
Nancy Gasparovich, Iowa, USA
Billy Lee, Iowa, USA
Lincoln Alexander, Ontario, Canada
Egberto Viray De la Fuente, Philippines
Eric Victor Albuero Antonio, Philippines
Basil L. Plumley, Georgia, USA
George McGovern, South Dakota, USA
Stella Ordonez Sison, Metro Manila, Philippines
Charles M Hughes, WI, USA
Mark A Jacobson, WI, USA
Mildred and Irving Brekke , WI, USA
Maurice and Rosalie Hughes, WI, USA
Father Theodore Borger, IA, USA
Ana Parada Sandoval, San Salvador, El Salvador
Tommy Parada Sandoval, San Salvador, El Salvador
Milagro de Parada, Santa Ana, El Salvador
Nela Menéndez, Santa Ana, El Salvador
Joaquín Parada Aparicio, Usulután, El Salvador
Anita Sandoval de Parada, Santa Ana, El Salvador
Joaquín Parada Sandoval, San Salvador, El Salvador
José Parada Sandoval, San Salvador, El Salvador
Baltasar Parada Sandoval, San Salvador, El Salvador
Ricardo Parada Sandoval, San Salvador, El Salvador
Baltasar Parada Gamero, Usulután, El Salvador
Ana María Aparicio de Parada, Usulután, El Salvador
Baltasar Parada Aparicio, Usulután, El Salvador
Josefa Parada de Guandique, Usulután, El Salvador
María Luisa Guandique Parada, Usulután, El Salvador
Ana María Parada Aparicio, Usulután, El Salvador
Alfredo Parada Aparicio, Usulután, El Salvador
Pedro Isaac Parada Aparicio, Usulután, El Salvador
Guadalupe Parada Aparicio, Usulután, El Salvador
Josefa Aparicio, Usulután, El Salvador
Presbítero Gabriel Morales, ??, El Salvador
Manuel Parada Penado, Usulután, El Salvador
María Antonia Gamero de Parada, Usulután, El Salvador
Tomasa Parada Gamero, Usulután, El Salvador
Carmen Parada Gamero, Usulután, El Salvador
María Parada Gamero, Usulután, El Salvador
Anita Parada Gamero, Usulután, El Salvador
Agustina Parada Gamero, Usulután, El Salvador
Manuel Parada Gamero, Usulután, El Salvador
Virginia Sandoval, Santa Ana, El Salvador
Joaquín Parada Campos, Usulután, El Salvador
Cipriana Penado de Parada, Usulután, El Salvador
Roberto Menéndez, Santa Ana, El Salvador
Salvador Menéndez, Santa Ana, El Salvador
Raoul Bovis, Nice, France
Ludovit Gajdosik, Bratislava, Slovakia
Alzbeta Gajdosikova, Bratislava, Slovakia
Cyprian Polak, Cary, Slovakia
Alzbeta Polakova, Cary, Slovakia
Jolana Gajdosikova and Ludovit Gajdosik, Slovakia
Hiram Morgan Garwood, NYC, USA
Pat Arciprete, Md., USA
Bob Arciprete, Md., USA
Joe Ricken, Ky., USA
Ruth Ricken, Ky., USA
William & Lily Singley & family
Howard & Gertrude Neugebauer & family
Fr Anthony Dandry & family
Edward & Mary Ellen Flannagan & Family
Willaim & Elizabeth Singley & fanily
Josephine Singley
John Knight
Marie Hopkins
Raymond Russian
Kathleen Singley
Brian & Elaine Sharkey
Joseph & Nellie Bean
Richard Golden
William White
Keith Golding & his brother
Florence Golding
Alfred Golding
Mr & Mrs Clifford Golding & family
Ann Deignan
Mary Deignan
O'Shea, Direcho, Buendia, and Pineda families
De la Fuente, Ong-Escudero, Catibog, Baretto, Sola families
Martha Joan Stephen Domet, Ontario, Canada
Joseph Hayek, British Columbia, Canada
Denis Mario Hrvatin, British Columbia, Canada
Margaret Catherine Law, British Columbia, Canada
Fluorina Polych, British Columbia, Canada
Ronald Pratt, British Columbia, Canada
Joseph Arthur Webb, British Columbia, Canada
Gordon Osgood, Alberta, Canada
Mary Direcho Shea, Mother
Pilar Direcho, Maternal Grandmother
Captain Patrick Murphy Shea, U.S. Army Retired, Maternal Grandfather from County Kerry Ireland
Emmet Patrick Direcho Shea, Uncle
Maggie Direcho Shea, Aunt
Josephine Direcho Shea, Aunt
Ruby Shea Crisostomo, Aunt
Kate Direcho Shea, Aunt
Lolo Ando Pineda, Paternal Grandfather
Lola Buendia, Paternal Grandmother
Dr. Sisenando Buendia Pineda, Father
Briccio Buendia Pineda, Paternal Uncle
Ambet Buendia Pineda, Paternal Uncle
Tita Edad Buendia Pineda, Paternal Aunt
Tita Sanang Buendia Pineda
Tita Purita Buendia Pineda
Sisenando "Nadi" Shea Pineda, eldest brother
Amadeo Shea Pineda
Jo Shea Pineda
Sofronio Garcia Rivera
Emma Perez De Tagle Rivera
Mr. and Mrs. Emma Natividad
Mr. and Mrs. Corazon Balanon
Mr. and Mrs. Inang De La Fuente
Ms. Annette Luzuriaga Schulze
Fr. Arthur Shea SJ
Dr. Panlilio,
Michael Davies
Claire Torio Alejandria, British Columbia, Canada
Nicholas Anzulovich, British Columbia, Canada
Camillo DiPaolo, British Columbia, Canada
Stephen William Lynch, British Columbia, Canada
Genevieve Marie MacNeil, British Columbia, Canada
Eugene Nowak, British Columbia, Canada
Joseph Arthur Webb, British Columbia, Canada
Gerino Tiongson, Metro Manila, Philippines
Fr. Bruno Raharison, SJ, Madagascar
Miriam Bennett, British Columbia, Canada
Clarita Valera, Metro Manila, Philippines
Ann Springall, Calgary, Canada
Dave Coulter, Alberta, Canada
Sylvia Fedoruk, Saskatchewan, Canada
Michael O'Hare
Elizabeth J. Marriott, Massachusetts, USA
Helen Novak, PA
Clarence Andrepont, Louisiana, USA
Rita Andrepont, Louisiana, USA
Clarence Andrepont, Jr., Louisiana, USA
Sean Christopher Andrepont, Louisiana, USA
Christen Eve Andrepont, Louisiana, USA
Mathilda Andrepont Fontenot, Texas, USA
David Fontenot, Jr., Texas, USA
Edmonia Sue Andrepont, Louisiana, USA
James Andrepont, Texas, USA
Edward Andrepont, Louisiana, USA
Emily Rougeau Andrepont, Louisiana, USA
Louise Melancon Fontenot, Texas, USA
Mary Fontenot Andrepont, Louisiana, USA
David Fontenot Andrepont, Louisiana, USA
Joseph Jerome St. Mary, Louisiana, USA
Clarisse Andrepont Guillory, Louisiana, USA
Susana Andrepont Key, Louisiana, USA
Ella Mae Carmen, Louisiana, USA
Charles Carmen, Louisiana, USA
Chris Horton, Oklahoma, USA
Bishop Roman Danylak, Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Toronto, Canada
Darlene Marie Therese Bakko,  Minnesota, U.S.A.
Cheryl Therese Mogren McDonough,  Minnesota, U.S.A.
Purificasion M. Melaya, Bulacan, Philippines
Rose Monchner, British Columbia, Canada
John Yeager, Pennsylvania, USA
Joanne Hollinger, Pennsylvania, USA
Blake T. Coble, Pennsylvania, USA
Marilou Diaz-Abaya, Metro Manila, Philippines
Raul Ramiro, Metro Manila, Philippines
Voltaire Ramiro, Metro Manila, Philippines
Fr. Ismael Zuloaga, SJ, Metro Manila, Philippines
The Edward Maitland family, Grenada, WI
The Harold Smith family, Jamaica, WI
The Joachim Parke family, Grenada, WI
The Thomas family, Jamaica, WI
The Costa family, Jamaica, WI
Charles Septimus Grant
William  Grant
Herbert Grant
Ossie Grant
John Grant
Charles Grant
Sissy Grant
Carmen Grant
Ada Grant
Lizet Grant
Maria Gordon
Bruce Gordon
Fr Charles Belanger
Fr John W. Mole
Sister Louise Legér
Sister Lucille Durocher
Mary Bradley
Barney Bradley
John Bryson
Kay O'Meara
Frances Murray
Jim Mc Farlane
Agustus Long
Douglas Beaudoin
Bernadette Higgerty
Bernardo Cuevas, Metro Manila, Philippines
Jon Scharfenberger, USA
Kortney Gordon, USA
Eduardo Rojas Jr., Arizona, USA
Hector Clark, Arizona, USA
Don Aldo Reynaud, Ceres, Italy
Martha Hetmaniak, Texas, USA
Diane Chiasson, Nova Scotia, Canada
Murielle L. Moon, Massachusetts, USA
Russell F. Moon, South Carolina, USA
Mary Louise Moon, Maryland, USA
Mary Louise Moon, Massachusetts, USA
Frances W. Hathaway, Massachusetts, USA
George S. Hathaway, Massachusetts, USA
Hope Hathaway, Arizona, USA
Anne H. Roland, Kentucky, USA
Robert E.Bourke, Connecticut, USA
Gaston Metrailler, London, England
Pavlick Family, Pennsylvania, USA
Franco Bolgiani, Turin, Italy
Gigliola Bolgiani, Turin, Italy
Giovanni Porcellana, Turin, Italy
Donald Robert Callow, British Columbia, Canada
Frances Thom, British Columbia, Canada
Anthony Yon, British Columbia, Canada
Josephine Petraglia, NY, USA
Vincent Petraglia, NY, USA
Gail Cohee and family, California, USA
Bill Cohee and family, Oregon, USA
Padraig Caughey, and family, Belfast, UK
Armandee Drew and Family, Dubai
Rick Whitaker and family, Washington DC
Brett Whitaker and family, California, USA
Mallory Haufman and family, Minnesota, USA
Marti McCullough, and family Montana, USA
Dave Leatherby and family California, USA
Bobbi Hakensen and family California USA
Peggy Enabnit and family California, USA
Eileen Beresford and family California
Walter Murphy, Massachusetts, USA,
Arthur Craig, Massachusetts, USA
Thomas Hayes, Massachusetts, USA
Evelyn Larson, Massachusetts, USA
Vaughan family, Broadford, Co Clare , Ireland
Conlon Family, O'Briens Bridge, Co Clare, Ireland
Ryan Family, Bulgaden, Kilmallock, Co Limerick, Ireland
Ryan Family, ballydaly, Elton, Co Limerick. ireland
Sheehan Family, Holy Cross, Bruff, Co Limerick
Jones Family, Angelesea, Wales
Richards Family, Holyhead, Wales
Barty Roche and family
Barings Family
Roches Family, Rockbarton, Bruff, Co Limerick, Ireland
Leamy Family, Co Waterford, ireland
O'Callaghan Family, O'Callaghans Mills, Co Clare, Ireland
Nihill Family, Traugh, Clonlara, Co Clare, ireland
Nicholas Sheahan, Bulgaden, Co Limerick, Ireland
John Sheahan, Bruff, Co Limerick, Ireland
Francis P. Treñas, Philippines
Jose P. Hizon, Philippines
Sylvia Fedoruk, Saskatchewan, Canada
Sr. Mary Joseph Ippolito, FDM, Ky., USA
Gregory Myers, Ky., USA
Vincente Torres, Guam
Michelle Santos, Guam
Mr. James Greer, Michigan, USA
Kay Santones, NY, USA
Father Malachi Martin, New York,   USA
Susan Gartha, Ontario, Canada
Sonia Ner, Metro Manila, Philippines
Ralph Johnston, Texas, USA
Eugene Dominic Genovese, USA
Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, USA
Andy Williams, Missouri, USA
Sybil Alice Byrne, British Columbia, Canada
Elpidio Casimiro Domingo, British Columbia, Canada
James Andrew Livingston, British Columbia, Canada
Sheila Arlene Gould, British Columbia, Canada
Yvonne Lena Rivet, British Columbia, Canada
Sandy Alexandra Laurette Saito, British Columbia, Canada
Jesse Wisnoski, TX, USA
Deborah Cosgrove, Pennsylvania, USA
Francis E., Pennsylvania, USA
Theresa B., Pennsylvania, USA
Marilyn G., Pennsylvania, USA
Patrick H., Pennsylvania, USA
Dorothy D., Pennsylvania, USA
Ida Valentina B., New Jersey, USA
Geza Katona, Ontario, Canada
 Angus Beaton of Mabou, Nova Scotia,Canada
Luke Alexander Herring, WI, USA
Dolores Jasper, ID, USA
Joyce Linton, NY, USA
Malcolm macLellan, Nova Scotia, Canada
Elizabeth MacLellan, Nova Scotia, Canada
Herbie MacLellan, Nova Scotia, Canada
Eugene MacLellan, Nova Scotia, Canada
lauchie MacEachern, Nova Scotia, Canada
John Francis Macdonald, Nova Scotia, Canada
Lester tobey, Nova Scotia, Canada
Mrs. Hawley, Nova Scotia, Canada
Brenda MacDonald, Nova Scotia, Canada
Greg macdaniel, Nova Scotia, Canada
Francis Macdaniel, Nova Scotia, Canada
Elizabeth Lambie, Nova Scotia, Canada
margaret Rose Dunn, Nova Scotia, Canada
Genevieve Tompkins, Nova Scotia, Canada
Rose Tompkins, Nova Scotia, Canada
Dr. Greg Tompkins, Nova Scotia, Canada
Mr and mrs J.B. Tompkins, Nova Scotia, Canada
Tim Murray, Ireland
John Murray, Ireland
Martin Murray, Ireland
Ronnie Murray, Ireland
Martin McDonagh, Ireland
Colman McDonagh, Ireland
Mary Ellen McDonagh, Ireland
Alfred Whitehouse, UK
Emma Whitehouse, UK
Marilyn Whitehouse, UK
Ray Toner, Ireland
Seamus Keane
Matthew Spelman
Gregory Tompkins, Nova Scotia, Canada                              
Bertha Plouffe, Nova Scotia, Canada                              
Armand Plouffe, Nova Scotia, Canada                              
George Anderer, Nova Scotia, Canada                              
Winnie Anderer, Nova Scotia, Canada                               
Mary macMillan, Nova Scotia, Canada                              
Pat Nick Tompkins, Nova Scotia, Canada                              
Mary Anne Tompkins, Nova Scotia, Canada                              
Nicholas Tompkins, Nova Scotia, Canada                              
Jennie Tompkins, Nova Scotia, Canada                              
Donathilda LeBlanc, Nova Scotia, Canada                              
Paul Joe leBlanc, Nova Scotia, Canada                              
Mary macDaniel, Nova Scotia, Canada                              
Peter MacDaniel, Nova Scotia, Canada                              
Theresa Gillis, Nova Scotia, Canada                              
Jimmie Gillis, Nova Scotia, Canada                              
Victoria LeBlanc, Nova Scotia, Canada                              
John LeBlanc, Nova Scotia, Canada                              
Marguerite LeBlanc, Nova Scotia, Canada                              
Ambrose LeBlanc, Nova Scotia, Canada                               
Loretta LeBlanc, Nova Scotia, Canada                              
Tommy leBlanc, Nova Scotia, Canada                              
Delina Anderer, Nova Scotia, Canada                              
George Anderer, Nova Scotia, Canada                               
Janet Harte, coleraine, northern Ireland
Jackie McKinney, portstewart, northern Ireland
Maggie portstewart, northern Ireland
Geoff (surname unknown) portstewart, northern Ireland
Roisin gottschalk, portstewart, northern ireland
Trevor spiers, portstewart, northern Ireland
Patrick linden, whitehead, northern Ireland
Charlene ferris, dunloy, northern Ireland
David Leacock, portstewart, northern Ireland
Paul portstewart, northern Ireland
Christopher Hughes, portstewart, northern Ireland
Grandad Traynor, Toronto, Canada
Granny Lundy, portstewart, northern Ireland
Fr McGarry, portstewart, northern Ireland
Fr Brian Mullan, portstewart, northern Ireland
Fr McCamphill, portstewart, northern Ireland
Sean loughrey, portstewart, northern ireland
Ryan Quinn, coleraine, northern Ireland
Egan welsh, portstewart, northern Ireland
Daniel Andre, newry, northern Ireland
Mark Holmes, coleraine, northern Ireland
Norman Moffat, coleraine, northern Ireland
Carl Crawley, coleraine, northern Ireland
Josephine Petraglia, NY, USA
Larry Bauer, USA
Darlene Bauer, USA
Jay Neuenfeldt, USA
Myrtle Bauer, USA
Hubert Bauer, USA
Elsworth Cramblit, USA
Lucille Cramblit, USA
Frank Bauer, USA
Teresa Bauer, USA
Alphie Hall, USA
Hattie Hall, USA
John Kemp, USA
Agnes Kemp, USA
Grandma Kane, USA
Preston Cramblit, USA
Mamie Cramblit, USA
Donna Klueckman, USA
John Stevenson, New York, USA
James Lennon, New York, USA
Rose Stevenson, New York, USA
Mary Lennon, New York, USA
Anna Lennon, New York, USA
Theodore E. Carver and Mary Finley Carver, AZ, USA
Teresa Dillon, Yorkshire, England
William Dillon, Yorkshire, England
James Dillon, Yorkshire, England
Catherine Dillon, Yorkshire, England
Kate Dillon, Yorkshire, England
Christopher Fox, Yorkshire, England
Mary Fox, Yorkshire, England
Jane Fox, Dublin, Ireland
Violet Wing, Yorkshire, England
Len Wing, Yorkshire, England
Margaret Keogh, Yorkshire, England
Patrick Keogh, Yorkshire, England
Sandra Wing, Yorkshire, England
Reg Chittock, Yorkshire, England
Jimmy Dillon, Yorkshire, England
Cathy Dillon, Yorkshire, England
Christie Fox, Dublin, Ireland
William Fox, Dublin, Ireland
Jane Fox, Dublin, Ireland
Albert Harman, Yorkshire, England
Beatrice Harman, Yorkshire, England
Rita Harman, Yorkshire, England
Julie Harman, Yorkshire, England
Roger Barham, Yorkshire, England
Colin Armstrong, Yorkshire, England
John Doyle, Midlands, England
Richard Woodcock, Midlands, England
Alan Reid, Midlands, England
Arthur Todd, Yorkshire, England
Lily Todd, Yorkshire, England
Matilda Cole, Yorkshire, England
Arthur Pinion, Yorkshire, England
Hernando Dimaano, Los Banos Laguna, Philippines
Con Gaffney, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Lee Teng, Metro Manila, Philippines
Kin Ang, Metro Manila, Philippines
Lily Teng, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tyrone Woods, California, USA
Glen Doherty, California, USA
Rafael Camou Sonora Mexico
Maria Dolores Monge Camou Sonora Mexico
Aglae Camou Lane California USA
W. Ramsey Lane California USA
Elizabeth Ramsey Lane California USA
John Daly Lane California USA
Juanita Lane California USA
Estelle Lane Finehout California USA
Matthew Elisha Finehout California USA
Patricia Dolores Lane Arizona USA
Rafael Camou, Jr. Sonora, Mexico
Amalia  Camou Sonora Mexico
Zarina Camou Sonora Mexico
Ruben Camou Sonora Mexico
Rosa Alicia Camou Sonora Mexico
Ruben Camou, Jr. Sonora Mexico
Maria Dolores Moreno Sonora Mexico
Arnoldo Moreno Sonora Mexico
Antonio Scheleske Sonora Mexico
Rosa Moreno Sonora Mexico
Aida Moreno Sonora Mexico
Raul Camou Jalisco Mexico
Lizette Camou Jalisco Mexico
Graciela C. Robinson Bours Sonora Mexico
Ignacio Robinson Bours Sonora Mexico
Rene Camou Sonora Mexico
Martha Camou Sonora Mexico
Jorge Martin Camou Sonora Mexico
Luis Camou San Luis Potosi Mexico
Rita Brabenec Schmaltz Illlinois USA
Rosario Velasco Arizona USA
Fr. Bud Weisler Arizona USA
Fr. Clarke Moore Arizona USA
Bishop Juan Navarrete Sonora Mexico
Fr. Bernard Healy Arizona USA
Cardinal Fortunato Baldelli, Italy
Domingo M. Matammu, Philippines
Antonio V. Maloles, Philippines
Cesar R. Singzon, Philippines
Pearl Palma Litan, Philippines
Leo Goeke, Massachusetts, USA
David Francis Torres Pangilinan, Guam
Frank Engels, WI, USA
Nick Lupia, WI, USA
Oliver Whetstone, WI, USA
Cardinal Fortunato Baldelli
Juan Pujol, PA, USA
Joanne Petitta, PA, USA
Cory Palazzi, PA, USA
Mr and Mrs Francesco, PA, USA
Frank Petitta, PA, USA
Rose and Luis Petitta, PA, USA
Mr and Mrs Frank Pessalono, PA, USA
The Pujol Family, Cuba and PA, USA
The Petitta Family, Italy and PA, USA
Monsignor Nicola Fusca, PA, USA
Kathy Pujol, PA, USA
John Cugini, Connecticut, USA
Jesse Castro, Guam
Vivaldo Moreira Oliveira, Bahia, Brazil
Tertuliana Cruz Oliveira, Bahia, Brazil
Epifania Dagoc Dando, Surigao, Philippines
Maria Simma, Sonntag, Austria
Rev. Fr. Manuel Pinon, OP, Sulu, Philippines
Bishop Salvador Lazo, Quezon City, Philippines
Mr. and Mrs. Callahan, Bridgeport, Connecticut USA
Patty Smith, Connecticut USA
Carmen Morales, Connecticut USA
Mrs. Mossbarger, Connecticut USA
Larry Dever, Arizona, USA
Fr. Murray Abraham, SJ, India
Gino Ambrogio Bosa, British Columbia, Canada
Gerardo DiTrocchio, British Columbia, Canada
Dino Angelo Sacilotto, British Columbia, Canada
Robert Rios, Wisconsin, USA
John Connelly, New York, USA
Mary Connelly, New York, USA
C. Richard Perry, New York, USA
Louise Miller, New York, USA
Jack Black, New York, USA
Dulce Sario, Metro Manila, Philippines
Maria de los Angeles de la Cerda Zavala, Mexico
Baldomero Carmona Lopez, Mexico
Elvira Zavala Rodriguez, Mexico
Dionisio Antonio de la Cerda, Mexico
Barbara Lopez, Mexico
Camilo Carmona, Mexico
Roberto Carmona Lopez, Mexico
Esther Quintana, Mexico
Jesus Carmona, Mexico
Carlota Carmona, Mexico
Rita Carmona, Mexico
Carlos Perez, Mexico
Tomas Sokey, Mexico
Raul Estrada, Mexico
Ignacia de la Cerda, Mexico
Maria de Jesus Velazquez, Mexico
Maria de Jesus Navarro, Mexico
Federico Ruiz Fernandez, Mexico
Rosa Maria Ruiz Jauregui, Mexico
Miguel Angel Ruiz Jauregui, Mexico
Salverino Farina, NY USA
Mary Farina, NY USA
Kate Farina, NY USA
Anthony Farina, NY USA
Mario Federici, NY USA
Carmel Federici, NY USA
Ron and Pearl Berg, Minnesota, USA
Ronald and Marie McCoy family, Minnesota, USA
Jason Rishel, California, USA
Pearl Palma, Metro Manila, Philippines 
Olive Allen, Michigan, USA
Jesus Banaag Quitan, Tuguegarao City, Philippines
Curt De Leon, California, USA
Phyllis Cleveland, FL, USA
David Andrew, Ky., USA
Fr. Hector Bolduc, USA
Hui, Tsui,  Hou, and Wong Families, New York, USA
Father Gerald Hoenig, Iowa, USA
Sister Marie (Corina) Canfield, BVM, Iowa, USA
Sister Alice (Cyrilina) Connell, BVM, Iowa, USA
Sister Mary Sheila (Mary Katherine O'Keefe), CSC, Indiana, USA
Thomas Culkin, North Carolina, USA
 James and Martha McManus, Newbrunswick Ca
Philip and Madeline Downie, Niagara Falls. Ca   
  John Slate Hamiltont Ca
Msg, George Bernier, Grand Falls, Ca
Rev Anthony McDevitt,  Moncton, Ca
Bishop John Anedec, Kingston, Ca                          
Fr. Burton Burgess, Grand Falls, Ca
Msf Peter Mcgarity, Germantown, USA
Mcmanus family, Grand Falls,. Ca
Dionne family, Arthurette,  Ca
Fr. Raymond Finnerty, Tallmadge, USA
Madeline Lesko, london, Ca
Therese Pearson, London, Ca
The Retzlav  family Ont, Ca
Lassner family, toronto, Ca
Fr. john Haley, Ninamo, Ca
The Coupe Family, New Zealand
The Sheppard Family , New Zealand
John Moran, New Zealand
Cardinal Delargey , New Zealand
Sister Rose, Upper Hutt, New Zealand
Angela Costello, New Zealand
Brownyn Pawson, New Zealand
Mrs Pinkney, New Zealand
The Schultz Family, New Zealand
Nora F. Hunt
Archie Lemuel Hunt
Olgie Farrah
Griffen Farrah
Mary Agnus Kindig
Howard Kindig
Jim Kindig
Lydia Street
Charlie Street
Russell Street
Ruth Street
Marion Street
Johanna Street
Jack Street
WD Street
Ula Street
Betty Jo Cochran
Laura Cochran
Ethyl Cochran
Welzie Wellington Vandeveer
The Vandeveer Family
The Gwaltney Family
The Kramer Family
The Swanson Family
The Nguyen Family
Bill Cochran
Knuckles Family
Robert McCullough
Elsie Buffington
Paul Martin
George Buffington
Homer Vinger
Zeb Vinger
Hazel Allen
Frank Pepper Buffington
Fred Buffington
 Louis Bennett
James Bennett
John Bennett
John Bennett Sr.
Charles Louis Roth
Ocie Vandeveer
 Stephen Louis Roth
 Linda Kay Roth
 Mark Allen Roth
Earl Wayne Roth
Sharon Roth
Carolyn Roth
Gregory Roth
Gary Roth
Carl Roth
 James Van Roth
Janie Roth
 Joan Roth
 Joey Roth
Emma Jean Vandeveer
James Cox
Jerry Cox
Jacke Cox
Joyce Ann Vandeveer
Richard Ambrose
 Linda Ambrose
Tracy Ambrose
 Gary Ambrose
Louis Belle Vandeveer
 Roger Stanley
Michael Stanley
Teri Stanley
Van Stanley
Richard Vandeveer Kimball
Gladys Buffington
Gladys Theodosia Vandeveer
 Lewis Vandeveer
Tandy Vandeveer
John Vandeveer
 John V. Sr.
Patricia Ann McCormick
 Clark McCormick Kimball
 Stephen Patrick Kimball
William Vandeveer Ryan
Nora Alma Pollock
Harriet Ann Vandeveer
Norma Liening
 Kenneth Ryan
Thomas Ryan
Marjorie Marie Henderson
 Blanche Amanda Pollock
 Matthew Creed
 Elton Boers
 Carolyn Creed
Norman Applebee
 Michael Peter Applebee
 Clara Rose Van Hooser
 Dwight Cicero Van Hooser
 Susannah Caroline Vandeveer
 John Schoeps
Rosemary Schoeps
 Lawrence Van Hooser Schoeps
 Ruth Ann Schoeps
 Jacqualine Schoeps
 John Schoeps
Caroline Marie Van Hooser
 Lucien Goulet
Philippi Goulet
 Clara Goulet
Clara Rose Goulet
Carol Irene Goulet
Mary Lou Goulet
 Susanne Goulet
Lucien Joseph Goulet
 Annette Vandeveer
 Orrel Louis
Orrel Suggett
Dorylanne Whitmore
 Michael Vandeveer Ferrari
 Effie Eloise Vandeveer
 Mary Margaret Jones
Clarence Jones
Olive Grundy
Julie Ann Ferrari
 Georgia Pauline Vandever
 Charles Speers
William Cyrus
Aaron Speers
Wilbur Rabon Beesley
 charles Vandever Beesley
 Mary Susan Beesley
Martha Elenor Vandever
 Martha Jane Hieronymus
Weldon Maurice Hadaway
 Elva Leora Vandever
Marie Hartman
Mauime Adell Hadaway
 Dorothy Elaine Hadaway
Glen Arthur Hadaway
Sara Lee Vandever
Voris Vincent
Thomas H. Trower
Teresa Lee Trower
 Margaret Patrice Trower
 Sara Lynn Trower
Suzanne Lizzette Trower
 Voris Vincent Vandever Jr.
Mary Nell Fowler
 Victoria Ann Vandever
 Mary Yolanda Vandever
 Patricia May Vandever
Balie Peyton Waggener III
 Candice Vandever Waggener
 Leslee Vandever Waggener 
Betty Lou Vandever
Gary York
Daniel Fletcher Duden
 Huber Crockett Hughes Jr.
 Daniel Fletcher Duden Jr
Allene Vandever Hughes
William Gary Vandever
Madeline Erickson
John E. Erickson
Madeline Ensel
Gary York Vandever II
William Gary Vandever
Garalene Vandever
 William Haden Haworth Jr.
 William Haden Haworth II
Leisha Vandever Haworth
Eleanor Marie Vandever
Vern Neville
Beryl Leon Clark
Robert Lee Imler Jr.
 Beryl Lee Clark
Carol Louise Clark
Amy Marie Clark
Lottie Louise Vandever
 William Vandever Martin
WIlliam McFadden Martin
Linda Louise Martin
 Katherine Ann Martin
Salley Suzanne Martin
Elizabeth Ann Vandever
Richard Gillis Wells
Richard Gillis Wells Jr.
Bruce Vandever Wells
Bruce Aaron Vandever
Lester Keys
Aaron Keys
Josephine Cimbalista
Jean Keys Vandever
Clinton Barnett
 Ella Bandy
Virginia Lee Barnett
Bessie Ward
Bee Masoner
 Sarah Francis Barnett
Dwight Barnett
John Barnett
 George Newton
 Francis Newton
Helen Barnett
Samuel Barnett
Charlotte Barnett
Samuel Morehead
Earl Morehead
Betty Jean Morehead
Hester Ann Morehead
Jacqueline Morehead
Ruth Bandy
Welcome Bandy
Sally Frumkin
Joe Frumkin
Thyra Carriker
Charles Otis Carriker
 Charles Donald Lee
Donald Lee Leroy
George Vandeveer
Fred Leroy
Isabel Prime Waterworth
Thomas Edward Waterworth
Florence Prime Wilkinson
Cornelia Vandeveer
Lindsay Vandeveer
Rudolph Ethelburt Vandeveer
George Alexander
Myron Ellwood Wilson
 Eleanora Wilson
 Lauren John Vandeveer
 James Fredrick Vandeveer
 Peter Wilson Vandeveer
Vesta Ethelwyn Vandeveer
John Wilson Hood
 John David O'Sullivan
Steven Leroy O'Sullivan
 Ethelwyn Marie O'Sullivan
Donald Edwin Lounsbury
Clarel Allium O'Sullivan
 Vestan John O'Sullivan
Norleen O'Sullivan
Rosalind Marjorie Vandeveer
Gordon Lyndesay Waterworth
Thomas E. Waterworth
Florence P. Wilkinson
 Isabel Prime Waterworth
Gordon Lyndesay Waterworth Jr.
 Theodore Vandeveer Waterworth
Marilyn Ann Morris
Aljean Ann Catherine Scherzinger
 Marjorie Jean Waterworth
Morris Wayne Trinkle
Elizabeth McCoy Finley
Minnie McCoy
 Morris Trinkle
Donna Trinkle
Margaret Elizabeth Trinkle
Shawn Ree Carter
 Carolyn Creed
Marjorie Marie Henderson
Juan Jean Applebee
Norman Applebee
Donald Eugene Applebee
Daniel Applebee
Patricia Applebee
Kim Ann Lounsbury
Donald Edwin Lounsbury Jr.
 Leandra Hardy Waterworth
Thomas Edward Waterworth
John Vandeveer Waterworth
Timothy Waterworth
 William Harris Vandeveer Jr.
 William Harris Sr.
 William Harris Vandeveer III
Debra Ann Vandeveer
Mark Bennett Vandeveer
Kim Ann Vandeveer
David Alva Vandeveer
Ruth Vandeveer
Arthur Vandeveer Basham
Annett Ruth Basham
 Arthur Basham
 Victoria Vandeveer
 Cynthia Vandeveer
James Wellington Vandeveer
 Alpha Durnell
 Cynthia English
Mary Jane Hawley
Carl Carriker
Laura Letitia Vandever
Aaron Speers
 Ruby Lyerla
Virginia Carriker
 Walter Bright
Laura Ellen Carriker
Clifford Youngdale
Eugene Carriker
Thyra Carriker
 Donald Lee
Jack Winn
Dorothy Winn
 Vera Carriker
Alta Carriker
Jennie Carriker
Lulu Cale Thorp
Gwendolyn Carriker
 Idola Carriker
Lucy Meeks
Ray Carriker
Ruth Bandy
Roy Bandy
Hazel Bandy
Keith Bandy
 Donald Bandy
Vera Jones
Homer Barnett
 Ester Barnett
Charlotte Barnett
Earl Morehead
Alvin Barnett
 Hester Barnett
O.P. Miller
Helen Barnett
John Barnett
Dwight Barnett
Maude Engleburgher
Clinton Barnett
Bessie Ward
 Bee Masoner
Ella Bandy
 Lester Keys Vandever
Edmund Bond Vandever
Elizabeth Ann  Vandever
Lottie Louise Vandeveer
Elenor Marie Vandeveer
Beryl Leon clark
 Doris Francis Hadaway
Marie Hartmann
Saraetta Hadaway
Eugene Ground
Weldon Maurice Hadaway
Elva Leora Vandeveer
Martha Elenor Vandever
Edgar Damon Hieronymus
Georgia Pauline Vandever
Vida Vandeveer
 Eugene Vandeveer
 Horatio Vandever
Yolande Vandeveer
Paul Joseph Vandeveer


Malta said...

Regarding purgatory, please read Hungry Souls, published by TAN (which is a very Traditional Catholic publisher).

Adfero said...

Thanks Malta, we have publicized that book here a few months ago. I would say it's mandated reading for anyone either interested in the Poor Souls or those who question purgatory.