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For the record: Msgr. Pozzo, formerly of PCED, appointed Papal Almoner

An appointment widely expected in Vaticanisti circles came to pass today with the appointment of Msgr. Guido Pozzo, Secretary of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, to the position of Almoner of His Holiness and Titular Archbishop of Bagnoregio. 


Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, this is a good thing to clear Pozzo out of the PCED because he was not exactly a proponent of Catholic tradition and the Tridentine Latin Mass...but merely a functionary doing his job he was assigned to (but with hardly disguised distate for Catholic tradition)

The guy from Malta who was sacked recently and sent back to Malta was also openly hostile to Catholic tradition, as was the fired Archbishop Joseph Tobin, formerly the Sec. of the Congregation for Religious and sent back to be Archbishop of the once prestigeous but now post-Vatican II minor position as Archbishop of Indianopolis.

That's 3 anti-Catholic tradition people gone from the corridors of Vatican power...and all three were influential.

I should add a 4th....Cardinal designate from the USA who served as the Master of the Pontifical Household for nearly 16 years. Now to be Archpriest of San Paul Outside the Walls.....hardly a promotion.
But he also was actively against the Tridentine Latin Mass and Catholic tradition...and he was one of the last members in the Vatican of the John Paul II crew.

Maybe something is up....a housecleaning of the obstructionists to the Papal agenda? Next to go.....BERTONE!!?

Too good to be true if true!

GQ Rep said...

Let's see.....
Pozzo of the PCED (but actually against Catholic tradition and the TLM), likewise the USA Archbishop Joseph Tobin, C.SS.R.-formerly the ultra-liberal Sec. of Congregation for Religious,likewise Bishop Sciurra of Malta sent back to the island as an auxiliary, likewise the USA Cardinal designate Harvey, for 17 years Master of the Pontifical Household and now booted out and relegated to the insignificant post of Archpriest of the Roman Basilica of St. Paul outside the Walls. LOL.

It looks as if Pope Benedict might be cleaning house of the obstructionists who opposed his agenda of a semi-return to a more traditional expression of Roman Catholicism and openness to Catholic tradition and the TLM.

Whose next up for exile....hopefully BERTONE nearly 78 and long overdue!!?

j hughes dunphy said...

Remember Fr. John Hardon's words on humility, the greatest of the virtues:
"Only two kinds of people will reach heaven, the very humble and the very chaste; nobody else, nobody else, nobody else!

Remember also the Mass of the Ages in its beautiful offertory: "Lord give me a contrite and humble heart that my sacrifice may be acceptable to Thee!"

j hughes dunphy

Augustinus said...

GQ Rep:

If Bertone is removed, no one will see it as an exile in the first place. He is 78, after all.

Jean Francois said...

I personally had a good response from Msgr. Pozzo regarding a certain issue dealing with a Bishop and the Extraordinary Form. No complaints on his supposed attitude toward the Usus Antiquor from me.

Laurent said...

Anonymous, "the guy from Malta", as you irrevereciously call him, is Msgr Charles Scicluna (not "Bp Sicurra", GQ Rep). I do not know about his attitude towards things pre-Vatican II but what is well-known is that he headed the CDF's section "de gravioribus delictis". In that capacity, he demonstrated a geat energy in strenghthening the rules against paedophilia in the clergy. He even personally investigated a number of cases. Your assumption that he may have been fired because of his opposition to the Pope's policies is highly questionable, as Msgr Scicluna was the Pope's strongest and staunchest ally in the fight against sexual deviations in the clergy.