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Michael Davies in Italian

Good Christmas gift ideas for our many readers in Rome and in all of Italy.

The Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate, in Perugia (Umbria), Italy, have translated into Italian two works of the late great Michael Davies “devout son of the Church, who dared, out of love, to stand and resist those who attacked her from within” (preface to L'Altare Cattolico) .

L’Altare Cattolico” (The Catholic Sanctuary) was published in 2011 and considers the Modernist deformation of the Catholic Altar and Sanctuary and consequently the unsanctioned changes that have been imposed on the faithful since Vatican II.

The second work was published in July 2012 by the good Sisters: “L’Eterno Sacrificio della Santa Messa” (The Eternal Sacrifice), and was a lecture that Mr. Davies gave in India at the “All India Laity Congress” on October 31, 1986.

From the introduction of “L’Eterno Sacrificio” :

“Michael Davies (1936 – 2004), who needs no introduction in the English-speaking Catholic world, is not so well-known in Italian Catholic circles. A scholarly, erudite, prolific writer, and eloquent speaker, he was the international President of Una Voce from 1992 to 2004. This outstanding layman, friend and great admirer of the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, over the past decades provided a valid contribution to the cause of Catholic Tradition and orthodoxy in the Church. His writings have helped to dissipate the clouds of incomprehension and ignorance on the numerous ambiguous questions which came up in liturgical matters following the decisions of Vatican II.”

The translation by the Sisters is excellent and very precise.

[Contributor Francesca Romana]


OKC Catholic said...

Oh wow! Thanks for this post! I cannot champion Michael Davies enough. I truly credit him for setting me straight in regards to Tradition, most especially the SSPX and Archbishop Lefebvre.

Also, many thanks to the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate for their efforts in getting this great man's work known to the Italian world! Deo gratias!

backtothefuture said...

I'm gonna buy them for mom.

Gratias said...

Michael Davies was a schoolteacher and wrote his books after returning home dorm his day job. He was a great president of Fœderatio Una Voce Internationalis. UV helped save our mass. Good that he will be read in Italian now. Many of his writings can be accessed at the FUVI website, under Michael Davies dossier.

Eriugena said...

Meraviglioso, ma dove si può comprare?

Father Ignotus said...

Eriugena, ho cercato su,,, e, e non c'è nulla. Mi unisco a Lei chiedendo: dove li si può comprare?

New Catholic said...

Those who wish to know where they may buy these books may contact the this e-mail address: