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The trend is Trad

It has always been this way in the Church, since Tradition is by its very nature permanent (stat Crux dum volvitur orbis...) - but The Economist is right to particularly identify Traditionalist Catholics as the avant-garde of our age, while everyone else still seems to be in the rearguard, or surrendering, or joining the enemy in the wars of the 1960s and their consequences...

Rorate: trendy avant-garde since December 2005

"Some swings of pendulums may be inevitable. But for a church hierarchy in Western countries beset by scandal and decline, the rise of a traditionalist avant-garde is unsettling. Is it merely an outcrop of eccentricity, or a sign that the church took a wrong turn 50 years ago?"

We will check the second option: a dreadful, dreadful wrong turn.

(See also: Fr. Finigan.)


I am not Spartacus said...

Which member of The Magisterium will be light-hearted and wise enough to steal Oliver Smith's line - Retreat, hell! We're not retreating, we're just advancing in a different direction. - in an attempt to rush to the front of this Parade?

Paul S. said...

Regarding the International Juventutem Federation. Make sure to familiar yourself with:
Juventutem Boston
Juventutem Michigan
We also know of groups seeking to get Juventutem affiliates off the ground in Arlington, VA, and NY/NJ. Be in touch, if you'd like them to know of your interest.

On Friday, January 25, 2013 - the day of the 40th March for Life - Juventutem Michigan has organized a 6:00 p.m. Sung Pontifical Traditional Latin Mass at Old St. Mary, Chinatown. Following Mass, there will be a dinner and social for young adults from across the nation. You can learn more about this Mass on JM's website or on Facebook.

Anyone who can help out - particular one who is in the DC area - is asked to please complete the volunteer survey.

Malta said...

I have written to two Archbishops, and received actually two very nice replays signed by them personally regarding my Traditionalist stance. I'm ex-FBI counterintelligence, which my wife loved to joke I don't have intelligence!

But the Church is in horrible shape. And it's not solely the Banal Liturgy to blame--that's where many Traditionalists get it wrong--the problem is systemic modernism.

I don't know the solution; I won't propose one.

I feel most comfortable at a FSSPX Mass, that's all I can say!

PEH said...

Malta said:

"But the Church is in horrible shape. And it's not solely the Banal Liturgy to blame--that's where many Traditionalists get it wrong--the problem is systemic modernism."

I agree 100%. It started long before the banal substitute was manufactured. It started when Pope Pius X was summarily disregarded re: the dangers of Modernism and the pride of Man took over in the halls and walls of Holy Mother Church. It persists today in the refusal to give canonical status to FSSPX and other traditional enclaves. Who do they think they are kidding with one rite and two forms? Not us.

Sancrucensis said...

A similar point is made by this (highly amusing) German TV documentary on the 50th anniversary of Vatican II:

NIANTIC said...

It really is rather perplexing that the powers that be in the Vatican/Rome, as well as in the local dioceses world wide, are so blind and deaf regarding the destruction they have caused, and continue to cause, to the Catholic Faith and her Sacraments. They have eyes and refuse to see, they have ears and refuse to listen. They are like the Jews who refuse to acknowledge the Messiah, Jesus the Christ. It is unbelievable that their pride has so corrupted all of them, and yet it is so. There is no reasoning with those kind of people. They will go to their graves worshiping Modernism. Whatever Rome has to say about Traditionalists, and especially the SSPX, should be taken with a grain of salt and ignored. Period.

And no, I am no sedevacantist. The pope is the pope, but he too can be wrong.

Malta said...

PEH, five years ago, in SF NM, at 35 years of age, a priest put a serious hit on me--during confession! (gays still put hits on me at 40!)

I don't like most of the Church anymore! I have a priest-friend, though, who is straight as an arrow. But he was a chaplain in Afghanistan.

And you know what? Both the Military and his Bishop screwed him. He went through pancreatic cancer, and said he just wants to die now.

Kenneth J. Wolfe said...

Nice job to everyone involved in this article! This is a magazine read by millions of the elite center-left, among others. My guess is that many cardinals and bishops will be spitting out their coffee as they flip through their print editions tomorrow and stumble upon this. Making tradition mainstream -- without simply compromising to create hybrids -- is a LOT of work. This is a major victory in the media.

Anonymous said...

You need to start losing your hair like I did, and then gays will leave you alone. I remember attending the Catholic Charities dinner in Portland, OR in 2003. I was a long-time agnostic but was working at a diocese affiliate in property development. I walked into the dining hall in my tux, and three priests who were talking together saw me, and practically ran over to introduce themselves. They were "fishing", and it was clear to me that they all knew the other priests were also active homosexuals. Fortunately my Jewish girlfriend quickly showed up. Afterwards she laughed and said, "I told you all priests are gay." It is literally a miracle that I am now a Catholic.
Scott Wo

Long-Skirts said...


"recalcitrant liberal dioceses and church administrators, who have long seen the Latinists as a self-indulgent, anachronistic and affected minority... Timothy Radcliffe, once head of Britain’s Dominicans, sees in it “a sort of ‘Brideshead Revisited’ nostalgia”."


For neurotic-psychotic
“Attached” to the old,
We'll allow a few hirelings
To take care your fold.

No need for the shepherds
Who seem so much keener
They’ll tempt you with dreams
Of pastures much greener

And say not to mimic
Past, tolerant-barters
So heads were cut off
Who could dialogue with martyrs?

The shepherds tell fables
‘Bout a man, hated, hailed,
Like you just “attached”...
Don’t believe He was nailed!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for this. I went over to The Economist and read the whole thing. Really quite good and positive, although I wish they had taken the time to ask questions of a traditionalist priest, rather than Fr. Z. Oh well, I guess he is "famous"!

JLM said...

Fr. Z may not be a "traditionalist" due to his lack of exclusive adherence to the TLM and his lukewarm treatment of the Social Kingship of Christ. However, he is definitely on our side and a powerful ally in the battle against liberalism/modernism in the Church. I very much value his support for our cause.


Steve Calovich said...

Father Z is the rather well known inhabitant of a multi-media Ponderosa with a gourmet kitchen and very intelligent to boot. Even with his resources, Father Z is unable to grasp a Vatican and a papacy without the specific help of the Holy Ghost, a first in the history of the Church. God wishes to chastise His Church in this manner and there's nothing we can do other than what Catholics have always done, stand fast and hold to tradition. Don't expect any help from the upper Hierarchy, it will not be forthcoming!

Libera Me said...

I have been listening to the biography of St Catherine of Sienna by Sigrid Undset--highly recommend!!! There was so much sin, disobedience and corruption in the Church during her lifetime.

In response to the corruption she stated that the bad members of the Church have no POWER because they are DEAD Branches that have been cut off. There is no life in dead branches and they should not be followed.

Recall Christ's words: "Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abide in the vine, so neither can you, unless you abide in me. I am the vine; you the branches: he that abideth in me, and I in him, the same beareth much fruit: for without me you can do nothing. If any one abide not in me, he shall be cast forth as a branch, and shall wither, and they shall gather him up, and cast him into the fire, and he burneth. If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, you shall ask whatever you will, and it shall be done unto you. In this is my Father glorified; that you bring forth very much fruit, and become my disciples. As the Father hath loved me, I also have loved you. Abide in my love." John 15: 4-9

Modern prelates who have lost the faith cannot communicate the Faith and most likely cannot even confect the sacraments.

As Malta said "I feel most comfortable at FSSPX masses." It has become necessary for the sake of my childrens' souls to follow the fruit which lies in the FSSPX...and the fruit is so very evident in their little souls...praise God.

And please do not give me the neocon nonsense that the SSPX is outside of the Church... these corrupt clergy have not fed their flocks instead they have "lorded it over" the holy priests of the SSPX as 1 Peter 2-3 states:

"Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking care of it, not by constraint, but willingly, according to God: not for filthy lucre's sake, but voluntarily: Neither as lording it over the clergy, but being made a pattern of the flock from the heart."

Elizabeth said...

@JLM: I agree. Sorry if I sounded snarky about Fr. Z. He is an ally against liberalism/modernism, as you say.

Tom said...

From the article in question:

"But it is not a fogeys’ hangout: the congregation is young and international.

"Like evangelical Christianity, traditional Catholicism is attracting people who were not even born when the Second Vatican Council tried to rejuvenate the church.

"Juventutem, a movement for young Catholics who like the old ways, boasts scores of activists in a dozen countries."

Another report has taken note that the Traditional Movement within the (Latin) Church is fueled by young people.

The Novus Ordo is, if you will, the domain of older Catholics, beginning with His Holiness, who has refused to offer the Traditional Roman Mass publicly.

It is a mystery as to why our Churchmen do not promote the TLM to the hilt as said Mass attracts and forms Catholic youth in a manner that gives great hope to Holy Mother Church's future — a future that the Novus Ordo will not generate.


Athelstane said...

Hello Elizabeth,

Considering who usually is stuck on those rolodexes - I mean, it could have been Thomas Reese - I think it's a measure of progress that they actually got the lead quote from Fr. Z.

In five years, who knows? Perhaps they'd move up to Fr. Berg.

Athelstane said...

This is a magazine read by millions of the elite center-left, among others.

It really is astonishing a) to see this story run at all in the Economist, and b) to see it actually approximating a knowledgeable and sympathetic stance.

Athelstane said...

P.S. "In Colombia 500 people wanting a traditional mass had to use a community hall (they later found a church)."

Can anyone here cast some light on where in Colombia this took place?

It's always remarkable and encouraging to hear of the TLM's growth in Latin America, a region where it has struggled more than in North America or Europe.

Barbara said...

Yes! Catholic Tradition will triumph - because it is is inevitable...all in good time ...Tradition is on the move and whether it's trendy or not in the world's most certainly is my trend ...I have never been happier and more secure in my faith since that day I discovered that the Traditional Latin Mass had never been abrogated...

Sorry Malta and Scott Wo - but I wonder whether your personal detailed horrific accounts are really necessary on a public forum...they made me feel quite sick at heart...most disturbing .. as these testimonies can 'colour' the reputation of really good priests - who, despite everything, are many I'm sure - or we would all be long gone...

Mercy Lord,


Gratias said...

Rorate Cæli has been part of the vanguard since 2005. Thank you for your service to the Church. We finally get a positive article in the mainstream media and the discussion is about SSPX and gay priests? Enjoy the brief moment in the limelight for they will keep coming after us. Interesting to learn that there are 400 weekly TLMs in the US and that a British Oratory has double the attendance in Latin compared to English.

Matt said...

Very interesting article praising being Traditionalist but this "trendiness" I hope is due to people acutally wanting to be Traditionalists and not just to band-wagon.

To that, sad this comment box turned into comments about gay priests? Disappointing--and gross!

Well, a good Tradition-minded priest told me Saint Thomas Aquinas wrote most priests go to Hell because they don't live their priesthood as Our Blessed Lord expects them to. Scary thought. This is why we have to pray for priests.

I am not Spartacus said...

Those of us pleasantly surprised by this article are being justly vindicated for trying to follow Tradition and this article puts on the defensive the Prefect of the Everything is Different, Nothing has Changed Commission.

I love the smell of incense in the morning.

Misericordia said...

This article is the most heartwarming item that I have read this year. That it should feature in such a well-regarded magazine as the Economist, which has no religious affiliation of any kind,renders it even more credible.

As someone who attends the Traditional Mass exclusively, I am over the moon to discover that I am considered "trendy". A pariah no longer!

This well written and totally unbiased article has tuly uplifted me. What a wonderful end to the year!

Tom said...

"Very interesting article praising being Traditionalist but this "trendiness" I hope is due to people acutally wanting to be Traditionalists and not just to band-wagon."

For the most part throughout the (Latin) Church, to assist at Traditional Roman Masses is, if you will, an out-of-the-way process.

That is, the availability of relatively few TLMs often requires extended travel time for people to assist at said Masses.

Traditional Masses when offered at, if you will, Novus Ordo parishes, are usually scheduled at "inconvenient" times.

TLM-only parishes are the domain of Catholics who are obviously attached unwaveringly to the TLM.

I don't believe that "band-wagon" interest in the Traditional Movement exists.

Prior to Matt's post, I don't recall as to having ever encountered any mention or concern that band-wagon types are part of the Traditional Movement.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your response, and I agree that my story is not needed on a site like Rorate since the readers here are already aware of the condition of many of the clergy. On the other hand, such stories ARE needed when trying to wake up well-meaning but naive Catholics who have a online apostolate. I'm thinking of Fr. Barron, Brandon Vogt, some of the Patheos crowd, etc.
Scott Wo

langobard said...

They'll kill it with the canonizations.

Impious ones, how can you denigrate the Liturgy of Saint Paul VI?