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Credit Where Credit is Due

You will remember back in May we brought you the story of Fr. William Holtzinger, A.K.A. the "Poodle Priest," of St. Anne's Parish in the Archdiocese of Portland. We make no apologies for rightly criticizing a novelty that turned the Sacrifice on Calvary into Barnum and Bailey's. 

Whether Fr. Holtzinger has had a full conversion to orthodoxy or not we cannot say. We must, in charity however, give him credit for at least beginning to adhere to the words of our Holy Father and starting to implement Summorum Pontificum. 

From Father's personal website:

Mass in the Extraordinary Form 
Several months ago I was asked if we could offer a special Mass in what is called the "Extraordinary Form," previously called, the Tridentine Mass or Latin Mass. After supportive consultation with various people and groups including our Archbishop, Chancellor, and the vicariate area priests, I decided to support and accommodate a quarterly Mass in the Extraordinary Form at Our Lady of the River. The first of these Masses will be on February 10th at 6 PM. Questions you might have likely deal with what, how, and why. 

Read more here. 


  1. CatholicBuckeye10:30 PM

    By their fruits, you will recognize them.
    Matt 7:16

    The fruits of SP are good!

  2. Pax Vobiscum10:49 PM

    Quarterly Mass? Does that mean one per quarter, or one every three months?

  3. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Pax, a quarter is three months. What are you asking?

  4. Common Sense11:18 PM

    After all we all are the one lost sheep, since 99 just men simply don't exist. "You will all likewise perish unless you do penance," Our Divine Lord reminds us. All of us need God's mercy and grace to make it to heaven.

  5. Gravitas11:30 PM

    Let's hope he doesn't use a glass chalice in the TLM as he apparently does in the N.O.:

    Let's pray his saying the Traditional Mass actually helps make his N.O. more reverent and follow basic rubrics.

  6. Judith2:16 AM

    Did you notice that this is going on at a First Communion?

  7. It appears from his letter (follow the link) that the parish priest pictured will not be offering the TLM. He will simply allow another a priest to offer the TLM at his parish once every three months.

  8. What a beautiful post demonstrating such balance, charity and generosity of spirit written at the hand of Fr. William Holtzinger. Would that all orthodox clergy and laymen have this gift.

  9. This is a positive development. I think this parish priest is broadminded. Indeed lets do away with the rhetoric and polemics. Both the Ordinary and Extraordinary form are valid and true. So the word "true" mass is superflous and an unnecessary adjective as the Novus Ordo is a true Mass.

  10. I just took 40 seconds to write the man a small word of thanks. I don't think it will hurt ourcause if others did the same:

  11. Arthur7:12 AM

    The good readership here sure can use a dose of insightful doggerel from Long-Skirts to help us better to understand this delightful turn of events!

  12. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Arthur you remind me of that famous Fr. Faber quote.

  13. While I am grateful the Gregorian rite will be offered on a quarterly basis why so infrequently? It's almost as if one is being allowed to visit a leper colony but not too frequently lest one contract some sort of disease. I think people who desire this Mass do so because they want it, at the very least, to fulfill their Sunday obligation and not as a mere addendum to the Novus Ordo.

  14. hahahahahaha. this is ironic!

  15. Barbara11:33 AM

    Dear Island Gypsy,

    Have you read about how the New Mass was invented? There is lots of well- documented material around nowadays that explains how it departed from Traditional organic growth. Maybe you don't know that it was invented to appease the Protestants and promote ecumenism? Maybe you don't know that there were Protestant advisors involved in its development? Maybe you don't know that it was formed in such a way as to focus on the people and therefore lessening the focus of true worship which only Our Lord deserves?

    The New Mass is valid of course if it is offered correctly - but if the Mass is the heart of Catholicism and the source of our identity (which it is) you don't need 300 degrees in theology to see which form of the Mass manifests the truth of the Catholic Faith unambiguously.

    Regarding the post - give credit where credit is due is absolutely right. Good for Fr. Holtzinger! This is most encouraging - and a brick by brick moment as good Fr. Zulsdorf has often said. Hopeully Fr. Holtzinger will one day desire to offer the Traditional Latin Mass himself.

    Prayers for all priests! How we need you!


  16. Pax Vobiscum12:15 PM


    Not to put a damper on the enthusiasm, but it strikes me as odd that a priest just learning the old Mass would only say it once every three months. I've seen a number of Novus Ordo priests learn the mass, and even saying it weekly (and sometimes during the week), it took them a while to get comfortable with the rubrics. Unless he is planning on practicing during the week, I don't know how he will ever learn the mass.

    On a related note, I have a Traditional Priest friend who was teaching a group of Novus Ordo priests how to say the old Mass. He was explaining to me the difficulties he was experience. He explained that their mindset was completely wrong (due to a malformation). He was having a difficult time helping them to think of the Mass as a sacrificial action they were performing.

    Again, not to be negative, but how would a priest who says the true Mass once every three months ever rid himself of the Novus Ordo mindset?

    Anyway, that is the reason I asked if "quarterly" meant what I thought it did.

  17. Pax Vobiscum12:35 PM

    OK, I just noticed that they will be bringing in another priest to say the Mass.

  18. Benedict Carter2:32 PM

    The Extraordinary Form? He'll need a Doberman or Rottweiler for that.

  19. Oliver6:06 PM

    So this clown of a priest is going to make a dog's dinner out of the Latin Mass? No thanks. It will be just another novelty; artifice without any substance.

  20. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Pax, the TLM isn't a cure all. I know plenty of priests who say a weekly or daily TLM and he NO who never lost the V2 mindset. However, the gravitational pull B16 talks about has great merit and could work. He needs our prayers.

  21. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Oliver it's not him offering it he's allowing another priest to. Let's hold the criticism unless and until there's something to criticize. Time will tell.

  22. Anthony6:43 PM

    Once every three months at 6 PM? How many people are going to show up to the Mass? I wonder if he is trying to get low attendance, so he can say he tried, but no one was interested.

  23. It's actually Fr. Adam Kotus from Crescent City, CA who is driving up to say the Mass (about 5 hours round trip). He says the Latin Mass weekly at his own parish. We are thankful to Fr. Bill's for his openness to bringing it to Southern Oregon and it's an answer to many years of prayer for us.

    We also just started an Una Voce chapter to help promote the Latin Mass here. We will post pictures from the first Mass.

  24. Dear Father,

    Thank you for implementing the traditional rite of Mass at your parish. It means a lot to those of us in the Western Church who practice that rite.

    In Christo,


    Dear Mornac,

    You are welcome. I hope that this addition to our Mass schedule will help people in their faith and help us all appreciate the two forms of Mass of our Roman Rite.

    Fr. Bill
    St. Anne Catholic Church
    1131 NE 10th St.
    Grants Pass, OR 97526,

  25. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Anthony, I understand your skepticism. 6pm on a weekday is almost impossible for families with young children. But don't presume the pastor understands that. I'm sure he's reading this and will consider a different time on a Sunday at some point to truly allow the Mass to grow and be seen by all.

  26. If you go to our blog you will see the Church where the Mass will be celebrated. This was a baptism Mass last year being celebrated by an FSSP priest who is the brother of one of our local parishioners.

  27. Ora et Labora9:18 PM


    In regards to your comment

    20 January, 2013 19:01

    I want to say that I agree with you.

  28. Southern Oregon Una Voce said..."It's actually Fr. Adam Kotus from Crescent City, CA who is driving up to say the Mass (about 5 hours round trip)."

    In the Dallas Diocese, we have, thankfully, a FSSP parish (Mater Dei in Irving, Texas).

    When priests of other parishes in the Dallas Diocese have been asked whether they would offer the TLM, they have replied that the Dallas Chancery is determined to keep the TLM isolated at Mater Dei parish.

    The priests have said that one reason for that decision is that the Dallas Chancery does not wish to "burden" priests to offer the TLM.

    But here we have a situation that will require a five hour round trip from Crescent City, California, to southern Oregon to offer the TLM.

    I guess that when bishops, priests and Chanceries are will to obey Summorum Pontificum, the idea that the TLM is a "burden" doesn't enter into the discussion.

    I plan to email the above information to the Dallas Chancery.

    Perhaps they will have a change of heart in regard to their determination to keep the TLM isolated on one...jusy one...Dallas parish.

    Only 17 percent of Catholics in the Dallas Diocese assist regularly at Sunnday Mass.

    Conversely, there are Catholics in Dallas who beg to go to Mass — the Traditional Roman Mass — only to be informed that requests to worship God via said Mass constitutes a "burden" to priests.

    No wonder the Church is in crisis.

    We live during a time when a massive percentage of Catholics do not wish to assist at Mass.

    But Catholics who desire to assist at Mass (TLM) are turned away by Churchmen.



  29. "In the Dallas Diocese, we have, thankfully, a FSSP parish (Mater Dei in Irving, Texas).

    "When priests of other parishes in the Dallas Diocese have been asked whether they would offer the TLM, they have replied that the Dallas Chancery is determined to keep the TLM isolated at Mater Dei parish."

    I got the same thing recently from a Dallas priest when I asked if he would offer the TLM. He said, "you're asking the wrong man."

    He said I could contact the chancery, but they've said the Extraordinary Form will be limited only to Mater Dei in Irving.

    He said the same thing that trying to offer the TLM is consider a burden by officials.

  30. Patrick3:45 AM

    The Romans had no problem with Christianity if it just added another god to the Pantheon. The TLM is fine along with clown masses and liturgical dancers, anything to relieve the boredom for those who enjoy diversions. I just hope that the poodle doesn't wear a lace surplice.

  31. Ioannes6:22 AM


    The Truth will prevail in the end. Not even the Emperors, from Nero to Julian could topple Him.

    What is a bunch of aging hippies and the Novus Ordo Mass, which are products of their age?

  32. Adfero & Anthony, I think you have your dates wrong as all the scheduled masses are on sundays not weekdays and I think 6:00 pm on sundays are OK for families with childern (at least here in Mexico they would be).

  33. The fact that this priest allowed the TLM once every 3 months is very encouraging. Like Fr. Z says.."brick by brick."

  34. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Edgar, we have a 5pm option at our church and none of us with large families or young children go. That's dinner time and the witching our for most kids. If that was our only option of course we'd go since I'd never allow my children to attend the Novus Ordo. But it isn't a true measure of the TLM's potential for attendance.

  35. Bill M4:46 PM

    With all due respect to the good Father and to give him compliments for pursuing the TLM. The Portland Archdiocese has at least two priests that are very proficient in the Traditional Latin Mass not far from his parish church. I do not think he looked very far. Perhaps a visit to St.Birgitta down on the river would reveal that Fr. Luan Tran has been celebrating the TLM for a number of years and is a very good latinist. He also has trained Altar boys and some men that serve.
    Also, just north (Seattle Archdiocese) there are at least two more priests that can properly celebrate the TLM. Also, Portland has a very fine Dominican parish, Holy Rosary, where a couple of their priests can celebrate OF, EF and Dominican

  36. 6PM on a weekday isn't so bad. I've seen suburban parents faithfully get their kids to ballet and soccer so why not a Mass?


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