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Di Noia sends letter to SSPX priests - via Menzingen

This is the main part of the information shared by Riposte Catholique (in French):

Each priest of the Society of Saint Pius X [FSSPX / SSPX] has received a very long letter by Abp. Di Noia, Vice-President of the Ecclesia Dei Commission. The Pope's delegate takes note of the standing disagreement between the Holy See and the SSPX: the Holy See believes that it is necessary to interpret the texts in the light of Tradition; the SSPX considers that certain teachings of Vatican II are erroneous. The entire matter, itself unchanged, is [then] to render this disagreement bearable.

With the aid of texts by Saint Paul, Saint Augustine, Saint Thomas, Abp. Di Noia therefore proposes a new, spiritual, approach. He asks both parties to move forward, each one for their part, to an examination of conscience focused on humility, docility, patience, charity. The SSPX considers that this cannot exclude, considering the doctrinal questions at stake, the strict confession of faith. Especially considering that the dismantlement of faith, catechesis, sacramental practices adds weight to their considerations. Conversely, it is true, one could say that the continued degradation of the situation of the Catholic faith is a pressing invitation [to the SSPX] to leave their splendid isolation, and join the official rescue corps in the very spot of the accident.

An outline of the concrete solution is left, surely on purpose, somewhat uncertain by Abp. Di Noia. He recalls en passant that Rome expects from Bp. Fellay a response to the document that was given to him last June 14. But, besides that, he proposes to the SSPX a process that could be qualified as transactional:

- On the one hand, the SSPX would find anew the positive charism of the first years at Fribourg and Écône (it would try to reform what can be [reformed], first through the formation of traditional priests and by preparing them for a teaching in conformity with their formation).

- On the other, the SSPX still considering that certain passages of the teaching of Vatican II cannot be reconciled with the preceding Magisterium, it could discuss it, as long as it:
- abstains as a matter of principle from [discussing them in] the mass media;

- does not establish itself as a parallel magisterium;

- always presents the objections in a positive and constructive manner

- bases all its analyses on deep and wide theological bases.

... A reference is made to the instruction Donum veritatis on the ecclesial vocation of the theologian (May 24, 1990).

Rorate can add the following: we can confirm that the letter was not sent by the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei directly to each SSPX priest, but to General House, in Menzingen, Switzerland, that forwarded it. We cannot confirm that it was forwarded to every single priest or priory of the SSPX. We can add that it is not exactly a new/urgent letter, but that it was sent in early December 2012. And we cannot confirm all contents presented by Riposte Catholique, since, while accurate, they seem to be interpolated with some interpretation of what they could mean (that is, the content is not presented verbatim).