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New Traditional Personal Parish - a first for the Netherlands

The Traditional Catholic community that has worshipped in the church of Saint Agnes (Agneskerk), in Amsterdam, since 2006, under the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP), will be granted a full-fledged Personal Parish (as provided by the Code of Canon Law and by Summorum Pontificum, art. 10) by the Bishop of Haarlem-Amsterdam. 

The new Personal Parish will be dedicated to Blessed Charles of Austria.

[Source: Mysterium Fidei]


  1. Lets not forget about the Traditional Latin Mass community that has met each Sunday for the past 15 years at the Mission of San Beunaventura in California is getting the boot.

  2. NIANTIC7:44 PM

    Kudo's to the Bishop of Haarlem (my old hometown)-Amsterdam. Now anyone attached to Tradition and the Traditional Latin Mass is free to become a full parishioner of the Parish regardless of residence.

  3. And there is more joyful news to be added!

    Coming Sunday, January 20th, Mgr. van Burgsteden S.S.S., emeritus auxiliary Bishop of the diocese of Haarlem-Amsterdam, will confer the Sacrament of Confirmation to about a dozen people, after which H.E. will offer a Solemn Pontifical Mass at the Throne in honour of St. Agnes, patron saint of the church (the feast of whom is celebrated on January 21st).

    In the afternoon, Solemn Vespers will be chanted in the presence of the Prelate.

    The ceremonies will start at 11 a.m. (local time). For the address, see the link in the original article.

  4. I look forward to reading the back story of why any congregation in The Netherlands is put under the patronage of the late and Blessed Emperor Carl.

  5. This is great news for a land much in need of it - Deo gratias!

  6. Common Sense2:35 AM

    Deo gratias for that. Though I am a staunch supporter of the SSPX and I wouldn't go for Mass anywhere else, I still applaud the fact that Our Divine Master is going to be worshipped as his majesty deems fit.

  7. Truth Seeker4:08 AM

    off2 is wondering the same thing I am. I have noting against Bl. Karl, but why was the parish not put under the patronage of a Dutch saint, such as St. Bavo, St. Willibrod, or St. Frederick?

  8. Gratias5:50 AM

    Dedicated personal parishes for the EF seem to be a good solution at the present time. There should be one per diocese, certainly in all of those in which a bishop is to be promoted further. I have been against the ghettoizarion of the EF form and thought it would be better if every OF parish has a EF. But in the final analysis, FSSP and ICK provide a base from which priests can offer mass in nearby parishes. For a country like Holland this is wonderful news indeed. Pray it would happen here in Los Angeles. The FSSP in San Diego and Sacramento and ICK in Oakland have greatly improved the outlook of Catholicism in California.

  9. Ora et Labora10:30 AM

    Wonderful news!!!

    Praise be to God!!!

    Mary Help of Christians pray for us!!!

  10. I really have no idea - but it's not as if the Low Countries and the Habsburgs haven't had a long relationship together...

  11. Gratias said:
    "Dedicated personal parishes for the EF seem to be a good solution at the present time. There should be one per diocese"

    I agree.

    Great news for Haarlem. God bless the FSSP!

  12. porys3:36 PM

    And who is pastor and assistant priest?

  13. St. Christopher8:50 PM

    Too bad most bishops scorn the Pope regarding Tradition. The Hermenutics of Rupture is real within the Church. Vatican II brought in a true revolution, and one that will last for another generation or two. Even where you have grudging acceptance of a few masses by the local ordinary, there is no real commitment to bring Tradition back into the Diocesan community. Just take a look at how poorly Bishops Loverde (Arlington, VA) has implemented Summorum Pontificum. Even with more traditional looking churches, no one can add altar rails. Complete disobedience. /s/St. Christopher

  14. ReligiousLibertyHuh12:45 AM

    Truth seeker (and many others) - you miss the point. It is the CATHOLIC church that is defending (and spreading) a murderous, sodomite son of satan state. No one is even asking them to do it; they are simply doing it on their own, i.e. promoting evil. You will witness this in France (as well as the U.S.). It is the Catholic bishops coming out for gay unions in SUPPORT of the government over the PROTEST of the people. [Lifesite News has just spiked this article]

    Every time gay marriage passes in the U.S., the bishop gets made a cardinal (vide Dolan & O'Brien).

  15. This is great news for those in the open-sewer nation of Holland.

    Well, keep those personal parishes coming because this is on the heels of a greatly rumored possibility: an ordinariate for the Lutherans.

    "Oh but those SSPXers..." The absurdity of our Church is pretty much endless!

  16. Jacob said, Lets not forget about the Traditional Latin Mass community that has met each Sunday for the past 15 years at the Mission of San Beunaventura in California is getting the boot.

    I can't get anymore info on that one. I've known about them for years. Just all of a sudden the local LMS gets it in the shorts. Not sure whether the pastor is newly assigned there or like Chief Justice Roberts, he suddenly became worried about his supply of goatsmilk!

  17. I did want to mention this earlier, that insofar as *dialoguing,* the Lutherans have been the most consistent in their talks with the Church, not like the obtuse and countermanding Anglicans.

  18. ReligiousLibertyHuh said, Every time gay marriage passes in the U.S., the bishop gets made a cardinal (vide Dolan & O'Brien).

    Yes, one thinks they protesteth NOT too much!

  19. Gratias9:29 AM

    Yes Matt and Jacob, the Latin Mass has been expelled from Mission San Juan Buenaventura. We got it in the shorts, despite a stable group of 100-150 faithful that congregated at the Mission devoutly for 15 years. Four previous pastors were fine with it, but then a year and a half ago a new pastor comes in and poof, we are out. The letter from Fr. Tom Elewaut was sent on December 8, the expulsion confirmed at a public meeting on January 6, and the EF mass suspended as of the Triduum and Easter Sunday. Happy Easter everyone.

    Under Summorum Pontificum the pastor actually has the authority to expel the EF mass unless Archbishop José Gomez orders otherwise. Pray for us. If you live in Los Angeles write the Archbishop to stop this injustice.

    It is this type of disdain for the laws promulgated by Pope Benedict XVI that makes personal parishes or chapels so attractive at the present time. Congratulations to the Dutch.


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