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Pocket-sized Diurnale Romanum

A truly useful liturgical publication  has recently come our way - not exactly a new book, but a new version of an old acquaintance: the Diurnale Romanum (the day hours of the Breviarium Romanum). Its original version, in perfect accordance with the 1960 rubrics, is well known, and loved by many in Traditional communities - see reviews for it here and here, for instance. This large original version is 4 1/2 x 7 1/2 in, and, as it is quite bulky, it seems to defeat one of the main purposes of a Diurnale.

Now, a new version of this Diurnale is available in 3 1/4 x 5 1/4 in, or 8.5 x 13.5 cm, slightly smaller than a 32mo and about an inch thick, a truly pocket-sized version. While the original version has a hard cloth cover and clumsy square corners (in the cover), the new pocket-size comes in a flexible leatherette cover, with rounded corners. The typesetting is (or seems to be) exactly the same as in the larger version, in the appropriate red and black printing. The only drawbacks in our opinion are that, differently from the larger version, the first pages with repeated prayers are not in heavier/thicker paper, and that it still comes with only four ribbons - one or two more would be welcome . Some kind of cover or slip would also be much appreciated. In any event, this little book is a great gift for a traditional priest, or for any layman who prays the hours, as long as they have reasonable eyesight (the printing is excellent and wonderfully readable, but naturally the letters are smaller than what many prefer). 

We have no idea if a bilingual Latin-English version, similar to the Latin-German one mentioned by us here in the past, is being planned by any publishing house.

[The small Diurnale is available online, as far as we are aware, only in the bookstore/boutique of the Abbey of Sainte-Madeleine du Barroux - as Diurnale Romanum (format poche), but the image does not exactly match the actual book. The larger version is widely available. As usual, this is a disinterested post, and the book was bought.]


  1. FYI - Angelus Press also sells a Latin-only Diurnale with a USA proper feasts insert:

  2. Elmer1:26 AM

    Yes, but make sure that you order the correct one because they also sell a Diurnal Monastique which isn't the same thing (but would be fine if that's what you wanted I guess). When you get to the webpage type "Diurnal format poche" in the search engine on the top right and you'll find it. Looks worthy of purchase.

  3. True enough. We added the specific link, just in case, though it may eventually become a dead link.

  4. sekman6:53 PM

    I am stunned this has garnered no more interest than it has. I would love a little volume like this to add to my breviary rotation, I go between the Baronius and Nova et Vetera. This seems superb for travel.

  5. I'd be more interested if I saw photos. I have the original DR, and love it....except for the portability aspect.

    Are there any photos the OP can post?


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