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After 40 years, Woodstock's show is over

The Reverend Father Thomas Reese, S.J., is a mainstream reporter's delight, as he is seemingly always available to speak to the press from a liberal priest's perspective on whatever the Catholic news of the day may be. As a result, he is quoted in nearly every major article on Catholic issues and appears on several TV news programs.

In 2005, Father Reese resigned as editor of the Jesuit's magazine, America, after years of verbal warfare with Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger.  The spokesman for the Jesuits explained at the time: "With Cardinal Ratzinger elected pope, I think (Father Reese) thought it would be very difficult to continue his line of openness, without creating more problems."

Now, Father Reese's current office announced it is closing up shop after 40 years.  Catholic News Service reports:

The Jesuit-run Woodstock Theological Center, on the campus of Georgetown University in Washington — another Jesuit-run institution — will close at the end of June, a victim of the shrinking number of Jesuits available to staff it.

Far out, man.


  1. Buh-bye!!

  2. Put down the Bong, unplug the Lava Lamp, gather up your Peter, Pau,l and Mary albums and hit the bricks, boys.

    It's all over now, Baby Blue.

  3. Anonymous9:40 PM

    "I'm afraid this is just going to continue to happen as time goes on," Father Reese told CNS. "Across the country we've seen parishes closing, schools closing. That's the new church. And frankly, it's going to get a lot worse. I'm probably among the generation of the last big classes in the seminaries. And when we go, there's going to be very few people behind us."

    Says it all!

  4. Hey Man Bad Acid9:49 PM

    Was this Reese dude in the 'Nam?

  5. Groovy. You've turned on, tuned in, and now it's time drop out.


  6. The real issue is: Why hasn't this man been excommunicated?

    1. Grey Bear3:02 AM

      Exactly ! Everyone one of their Colleges are anti-Catholic septic-tanks ! Clinton, the 'great fornicator' went to Georgetown !

  7. Brian210:08 PM

    But don't give up on the Jesuits yet. Check out the New Jesuit Review. As with the church in general, a new generation of Jesuits is coming to replace the old hippies, and they are a much better lot. Give em 20 years, and if the Jesuits are still around, they will be in a much better place, theologically and spiritually speaking (but yes, a lot smaller)

  8. Sorry, but I have never met a Jesuit who was not like Fr. Reese.

    And that's not a compliment.


  9. Sadly the damage is done.
    See ya! wound not want to be ya.
    To bad Father Malachi Martin was not around to see it.

  10. Bill Phelan10:51 PM

    The day after Cdl. O'Connor of N.Y. died, National Public Radio invited Fr. Reese on an afternoon program with a female host (Fresh Air?) to discuss the tenor of the Cdl's tenure. After ten minutes, the host posited some scenarios for Reese's opinions. One scenario was a single mother expecting her four child. Reese felt that an abortion should be recommended as the child would have a very difficult life otherwise. When the host said this flew in the face of what the Cdl would have recommended, Reese tried to defend his position and immediately the radio signal went "dead", with the program resuming shortly but with an entirely new subject. I sent to NPR for a tape which I had for years in my office and it was somehow misplaced. I played it for visitors so there is no question it happened.

  11. Francis11:37 PM

    I mean like totally groovy. Tye dye T-shirts, drugs, free love, religious relativism, indifferentism and syncretism, Vatican II, Yeah totally rad man. Good riddance to these 1960's Jesuits, they can't disappear fast enough for me.

  12. You've got to love one of the comments at Catholic Culture:
    "That the center is closing is more proof that God exits!"

  13. This is like a total bummer man...I mean, you dudes show no charity man...very un-dude.

    Where's my bong?

  14. Donnacha12:55 AM

    I remember being at a formal benefit with a couple of Jesuits. Neither appreciated my comment, when I saw them both in clericals: "I did not know the Society of Jesus had more than one black suit!"

  15. If Vatican II accomplishes one thing that in retrospect will be deemed a benefit to the church, it will be that it has suppressed the Society of Jesus. NOT quite what it intended, but their treachery, if not their sins, will come down upon their heads in the end. Isn't that just so "gear"?

    1. Grey Bear2:56 AM

      Vatican II is what created that crud !

  16. The Institutional Biological Solution at its best.

  17. Hilltop2:57 AM

    Gloating is fun and even funny (see above!)
    After the chortling, I imagine these aging Fools, S.J. confronting the terrible, pitch-black abyss of their own making and imagine the terror they should (I hope) still be able to recognize therein. And then I can only hope and pray that they are able to collapse in sorrow and shame for their many denials of the same Christ Jesus for which their society is named. Collapse in the same profound shame as did Peter at the cock's crow.
    Good bye and good riddance, indeed. And...
    Pray for those most in need of Christ's mercy.

  18. Reminds me of one of my Aunt's lines: "Something's gone, but nothing's missing".

  19. Louis E.7:26 PM

    Elsewhere in the Jesuit Order,it has been announced that Cardinal Darmaatmadja,S.J. will be staying home from the conclave citing deteriorating health and eyesight.

    He was the one who announced in 2007 that his solution to the issues raised by Summorum Pontificum was to prohibit the TLM in his archdiocese.(He was retired in 2010).

    1. Anonymous5:38 PM

      Now that is following the spirit of the Motu

  20. CatholicBuckeye10:01 PM

    The Biological Solution. I guess as they say...brick, by brick!


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