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St. Francis Xavier deals with Paganism in a Catholic way
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It is always good to be reminded of how we are seen by many (most?) priests.

Bangkok (Agenzia Fides) – "Rejuvenate the world", relaunch hope, be a "prophetic and merciful" voice: those are the expectations that Asia holds regarding the new Pontiff. Thus tells Agenzia Fides Fr. Nithiya Sagayam, OFM Cap, Executive Secretary of the Office for Human Development of the "Federation of Asian Bishops's Conferences" (FABC). In a note sent to Fides, the Franciscan mentions the main expectations that the vast Asian continent, in its immense plurality of peoples and religions, has towards the Pope that will be elected.

... The appeal is the one contained in Gaudium et Spes: "The cry of the Pope should be the cry of the world: the Church is often identified as worried about contraception, homosexual matrimony, ordination of women, the Latin Mass. The amount of energy wasted in such questions is excessive considering that spent on the pressing problems of the world: violence, war, weapon production, discrimination, exploitation of the poor and the marginalized."

How can Fides, an official Church news agency, shamelessly spread this insult against the Traditional Mass? The "Church" does not really "waste" any "energy" on these matters: two have been irrevocably resolved (cf. Casti Connubii, Humanae Vitae, and Evangelium Vitae for the first one; and Ordinatio sacerdotalis for the third one), one is absurd (the second one), and the fourth is neither a sin (first, second, and third), nor an impossibility (second and third). And if any energy is wasted it is because the media wishes the Church to change her own being and become a mere Non-Governmental Organization - as Fr. Sagayam, OFM Cap, does as well: instead of eternal salvation, Fr. Sagayam speaks only of secular concerns. It is his ilk that exploits the poor and marginalized, wasting resources given by millions of poor Catholics for divine worship, priestly maintenance, and evangelization (i.e. the conversion of non-Catholics) to promote a secular, materialistic, and outdated worldview.

The bloody Communist dictatorships of East Asia have raised more the merely material status of the poor in the past 30 years than all Conferences of Bishops combined. But there are things that neither Communist tyrannies nor representative democracies can do: offer the Mass and Sacraments, preach conversion, repentance, and the charitable practice of works of mercy ("in conformity with the demands of the Church’s teaching"), baptize pagans and teach them the way to heaven, and away from damnation. What the Church needs, in Asia and elsewhere, is fewer Fr. Sagayams, glorified social workers, and many more Xaviers: eternal life, that is the world's "pressing problem".

[You may contact Fr. Sagayam directly and tell him your opinion of his declarations on the Latin Mass: visit the page of the Office of Human Development of the Asian Bishops's Conferences here. You may also contact the Fides news agency here.]


Anonymous said...

Exactly! If the Latin Church didn't come here, we would not have the schools and hospitals and convents to look after the poor and marginalized. The Latin Church has always been a minority wherever Xavier went, till today. But it is exactly the effects of the Church's social application of her doctrine that enabled Asia to progress to meet the larger world. Francis Xavier may have failed to convert Asia Pacific but not where our civilizing structures are concerned. These priests should know better.


CH DUPUY said...

The more I learn about the situation of the Church in the World, the more convinced I am that the nomination of "Petrus Romanus", whether he be sympathetic to Tradition or opposed and follower of modernism as the previous Popes, will inevitably cause a Schism in the Church. If he were a Traditional inclined Pope, Schism will come from the modernist Vatican Curia and the bishops conferences of Europe and the U.S.
If modernist and folllower of the toleration of homos, ordination of women, contraception, etc., I know what side I am going to take.

Jason C. said...

The bloody Communist dictatorships of East Asia have raised more the merely material status of the poor in the past 30 years than all Conferences of Bishops combined.

Great line.

Truth Seeker said...

\\ The cry of the Pope should be the cry of the world: the Church is often identified as worried about contraception, homosexual matrimony, ordination of women, the Latin Mass. The amount of energy wasted in such questions is excessive \\

Can I point out it's NOT the Church worrying about these matters or expending energy on them?

Only people who do NOT believe what the Church says or do NOT know what the church says or are unwilling to believe what the Church says on these matters who are worrying about them.

The church says YES to the Latin Mass, whether in the Ordinary, Extraordinary, or other non-Roman Western forms (such as Milanese), and NO to the rest.

Why worry?

Matt said...

One more indication of the rot pervading the present Church.

James said...

The primary concern of the Church is the worship of God and the salvation of souls. When faithful Christian souls are beaten, robbed, shot and live constantly in poverty, and they do this with a great love of Christ, and they endure it all for the sake of his sorrowful passion, they find a place under the mantle of the Glorious Queen of Heaven. When people live comfortably in mortal sin, they find a place under the three-headed dragon's tail in hell, next to any clerics who betrayed their souls into such wicked sins.

I'm not so much upset with the potshot at the Holy Latin Mass as I am with the blatant disregard for the eternal welfare of souls expressed in this risible statement.

Augustinus said...

One of the common cliches in much of Catholic writing is that the Church is "growing" and "flourishing" in Asia and Africa.

It is true that a "Catholicism" of sorts is growing in these continents -- but in a largely watered-down and often dogma-averse kind that is growing only because the alternatives are much worse (a variety of forms of paganism or unbelief). Now that secularism is rapidly spreading in Asia and even in some parts of Africa it is only a matter of time before Catholicism there begins to decay as well.

Jonathan said...

The good father is just repeating the word's of Jesus at the last supper: "don't waste any energy doing this in memory of me."

Simon Platt said...

Happen we should pray for an Asian Pope ;-)

LeonG said...

"How can Fides, an official Church news agency, shamelessly spread this insult against the Traditional Mass?"

The answer is all too simple - because it is no longer Roman Catholic but yet another liberal modernist instrument for disseminating liberation theology and secular humanism.

Dolan's jolly tummy said...

what a dolt

Patrick said...

I think Rorate should inaugurate a section of the website called:

Heretics in "Full Communion"

I am not Spartacus said...

Tsk, tsk tsk: I am flummoxed at all of the negativity being displayed here. Fr. Sagayam (an anagram of whose name forms the unfortunate, Gay Mass) is walking directly in the foot steps of a Pope whom, we are being assured, will be raised to the Altars.

Here is Pope Paul VI at the UN in 1965:

...Our message is meant to be, first of all, a moral and solemn ratification of this lofty institution. This message comes from Our historical experience. It is as an "expert in humanity" that We bring to this Organization the suffrage of Our recent Predecessors, that of the entire Catholic Episcopate, and Our own, convinced as We are that this Organization represents the obligatory path of modern civilization and of world peace.

..And We also make Our own, the voice of the poor, the disinherited, the suffering; of those who long for justice for the dignity of life, for freedom, for well being and for progress. The peoples of the earth turn to the United Nations as the last hope of concord and peace. We presume to present here, together with Our own, their tribute to honour and of hope. That is why this moment is a great one for you also. We know that you are fully aware of this. Now for thecontinuation of Our message. It looks entirely towards the future. The edifice which you have constructed must never collapse; it must be continually perfected and adapted to the needs which the history of the world will present. You mark a stage in the development of mankind; from now on retreat is impossible; you must go forward.

.....Such is Our praise and Our wish, and, as you see, We do not attribute them as from outside your institution. We derive them from within it, from its very spirit.


... Who does not see the necessity of arriving thus progressively at the establishment of the a world authority, able to act effectively on the juridical and political levels? Here again We repeat Our wish: Go forward. We will say further: strive to bring back among you those who have left you, and study the means of bringing into your convent of brotherhood, in honour and with loyalty, those who do not yet participate in it. Act so that those still outside will desire and merit the confidence of all; and then be generous in granting such confidence. You who have the good fortune and the honour to sit in this Assembly of peaceful community, hear Us. Never let the reciprocal trust which here unites you and enables you to do good and great things be undermined or betrayed. The logic of this wish, which, it may be said, pertains to the structure of your Organization, prompts Us to complete it with other formulas. Thus, let no one, as a Member of your union, be superior to the others: Never one above other. This is the formula of equality. We are well aware that there are other factors to consider besides simple membership in your Organization. But equality, too, is a part of its constitution: not that you are equal, but here you make yourselves equal. For several among you, this may be an act of high virtue: allow Us to say this to you, as the representative of a religion which effects salvation through the humility of its divine Founder...

Cant y'all see that we must change so as to be more like the UN and/or The Salvation Army; all of this talk about Salvation is so off-putting to the peoples of this planet.

As a sign on a lentil over a fireplace I once saw read, There may be Heaven, there must be Heaven; Meanwhile, there is our life here..Well?

I am not Spartacus said...

There may be Heaven, there must be Hell, meanwhile, there is our life here...well?