Rorate Caeli

The next pope and the Latin Mass

Out of the 118 (117 on February 28, date of the vacant see) cardinal-electors (cardinals under 80), 12 of these men have offered the traditional Latin Mass following the introduction of the novus ordo.  This group ranges from cardinals who offered one or two traditional Latin Masses before being named cardinal to Cardinal Burke offering more Pontifical High Masses than we can even keep track of.  Several other cardinals have assisted in some way at traditional Latin Masses without publicly offering one themselves, and several cardinals over 80 have offered traditional Latin Masses.

The following is our current list (after much research, but open to corrections) of the cardinal electors who have offered at least one public traditional Latin Mass as a cardinal or bishop in the past four decades. The list does NOT include those who merely attended a traditional Latin Mass, Vespers, Benediction, Te Deum, etc: 

Philippe Cardinal Barbarin
Raymond Cardinal Burke
Carlo Cardinal Caffarra
Antonio Cardinal Cañizares Llovera
Velasio Cardinal De Paolis
George Cardinal Pell
Albert Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith
Jean-Pierre Cardinal Ricard
Franc Cardinal Rodé
Juan Cardinal Sandoval Íñiguez
John Cardinal Tong Hon
André Cardinal Vingt-Trois

Pope Benedict XVI, as Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, was in this category during the 2005 conclave.  Perhaps Benedict XVII, or even Pius XIII, is one of the above 12 to continue the liturgical restoration.

Note (NC): This is not a list of "trad Cardinals", nor a list of "trad-friendly" Cardinals, as it was mistakenly presented in some venues, as Le Forum Catholique. It is simply a list of the current electors who have, to the author's knowledge, publicly celebrated the Traditional Mass following the introduction of the Novus Ordo (or ever, for those ordained after it). This is why Cardinals Betori - who celebrated a Te Deum in Gricigliano, but no Mass - and Antonelli are not part of the list, for instance.