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Relevant: Archdiocese of Vaduz to celebrate Chrism Mass in the more ancient way

From the French-language website of the Confraternity of Saint Peter, the association of praying faithful attached to the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter:

Interesting and relevant news for the faithful attached to the Extraordinary Form: in a few days [Holy Thursday], Abp. Haas, Archbishop of Vaduz [Liechtenstein], will celebrate the Chrism Mass in the presence of his clergy in this same Extraordinary Form. [Editorial signed by Fr. Bizard]

It is a first for a Diocesan Ordinary since the Paul VI liturgical creations (except in the case of the Diocese of Campos, Brazil, during the tenure of Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer, and considering the special case of the Apostolic Administration of St. John Mary Vianney, in the same city, after its establishment by John Paul II).


  1. Beautiful!! An oasis of Liturgical steadfastness in the desert of harsh chaotic banality. God bless them in France.

  2. Hopefully some one will record the Mass and make it available on the internet. I would be very interested in seeing it!

  3. Benedict Carter10:14 PM

    God be praised! A piece of good news.

  4. CatholicBuckeye10:50 PM

    Vaduz is in Lichtenstein not France.

  5. Gregorian Mass11:02 PM

    I am sure this Mass will be beautiful. Wish I were close enough to attend.

  6. Wonderful news indeed, even if it is only in the smallest Archepiscopal province in the world. Hopefully more bishops will follow this pious example.

  7. Amazing news.

  8. Liturgical Commentator12:56 AM

    Very interesting news, although I note that the "traditional" Chrism Mass is only a Pius XII liturgical creation dating from 1956. Previously the holy oils were blessed during the course of the usual (Nos autem) Holy Thursday Mass celebrated in the cathedral.

  9. That took quite long, I am impressed...

  10. Ligusticus1:18 AM

    "Ipse harmonia est"...

  11. Jack O'Malley1:34 AM

    Eia, gaudeamus! Maximas gratias agamus ob tanta beneficia minima. Vigeat Missa Vera! Audivistine Sanctitas?

    Almutiam gerere non est hybris nec spernere humilitas.

    Vicarius Christi Regis Rex est. Utrum Vicarius es Christi, Papa SRE, annon? Constitue tu. Expectamus nos.

  12. A little bit about his excellency, the archbishop of Vaduz:

    Wolfgang Haas (born August 7, 1948 in Vaduz) is the first archbishop of the Archdiocese of Vaduz in Liechtenstein. He was ordained a priest as well as incardinated in Chur on April 7, 1974. At the request of the bishop of Chur Johannes Vonderach, Haas was appointed to the position of coadjutor bishop of Chur on March 25, 1988.

    On May 22, 1990, Haas then became bishop of Chur. On December 2, 1997, Pope John Paul II appointed him to archbishop of the newly created Archdiocese of Vaduz. Haas is known for his friendly relations with and his support for the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter.

  13. El Cid2:53 AM

    The cathedral in Vaduz is remarkable, and stands in a pleasantly out-of-the-way part of Europe.

    The reigning prince of Liechtenstein also lays claim to the title of Holy Roman Emperor. Would that the empire came back into being.

  14. A bright light in a dark tunnel, but a light indeed!

  15. Rosemary4:07 AM

    For the past two Confirmation ceremonies, the bishop of Tucson, AZ, Gerald Kikanas, has celebrated a TLM for the confirmandi and guests of Holy Family Parish and Saint Gianna Oratory under the administration of Canon Richard von Menshengen, I.C.K.S.P.

  16. You know the Church isn't about pomp and ceremony; it's about humility and love. But let us not forget the washing of Christ's feet, the ointment put on them (being rebuked by Judas), his ride into Jerusalem with ceremony, etc.

    Regalia isn't the issue with the Traditional Mass; it's teaching us to respect and love the King of Kings, show His Passion, and pass that on, as the Apostles did.

    Ceremony before Our Lord, as taught through the centuries teaches love and respect to our Lord, and also it teaches who He is, what He did for us, and gratefulness for his Sacrifice.

    I'm glad that is very gradually becoming more of a focus in Christ's Church!

  17. Rosemary4:38 AM

    For the past two Confirmations, the bishop of Tucson, AZ, Gerald Kicanas, has celebrated the Confirmation Mass in the old rite at Saint Gianna Oratory under the administration of Canon Richard von Menshengen, I.C.K.S.P. The confirmandi were from both Holy Family parish and St. Gianna's.

  18. For the past two Confirmations, the bishop of Tucson, AZ, Gerald Kicanas, has celebrated the Confirmation Mass in the old rite at Saint Gianna Oratory under the administration of Canon Richard von Menshengen, I.C.K.S.P. The confirmandi were from both Holy Family parish and St. Gianna's.

  19. Vetum semper novum est7:19 AM

    Salvete amici mei in Deo! Cor meum laudat et jubilat quia hoc novum bonum est. Deo gratias pro Fraternitate Sacerdotalis Sancti Petri: Sacerdotes Fraternitatis in illo tempore spes optima et nostra sunt. Oremus igitur pro Papa nostro Franciso, pro Societate, et pro Sancta Matre Ecclesia nostra. Semper sit laus Deo, Deo nostro qui laetificat juventutem nostram! Valete.

  20. Patrick Gray7:44 AM

    Is 'jolly good' too facetious a remark?
    Excellent, God bless the Archbishop of Vaduz and Catholic Liechtenstein!

  21. GQ Rep11:36 AM

    "Beautiful!! An oasis of Liturgical steadfastness in the desert of harsh chaotic banality. God bless them in France"

    I may be wrong, but I think that Vaduz is the capitol city of the small European principality of Liechtenstein...not in France.

    Of course the Vatican is the smallest independent country in the world, followed closely by Monaco and Andorra, but Liechtenstein is also very small for a country, not much bigger than the suburban area of New York or Philadelphia.

    Nearly all the people are Catholic, and most are ethnically German with a French speaking minority.

  22. I think, per capita, Malta has the highest percentage of practicing Catholics. Why is there no regular TLM on that bi-island Country??

  23. Jerome4:05 PM

    In 1998 Msgr Haas was the only kind bishop to incardinate in his diocese Father Veuillez after he was forced to quit his parish Saint Eugene in Paris. As the curate of Saint Eugene he was only celebrating since 1989 according to the older rite (it was a personal parish, and there was another territorial curate celebrating the NO). But when the time had come for his mandate to be renewed, Father Veuillez was given the choice by cardinal Lustiger to either stay and celebrate too according the NO, or either to leave the diocese.
    Since then all the curates of Saint Eugene have been bi ritualist.

  24. When I re-read this story this morning I felt compelled to write his Excellency immediately to let him know that news of his action has travelled far and wide and also to express my gratitude. It seems to me that the next phase in the struggle for the full restoration of the Traditional Rite is going to be one where we all do what we can to propagate and encourage it under the terms of Summorum Pontificum. It is the tool that Benedict XVI left us with to forge the future regardless of who happens to be sitting upon the Papal throne (or chair as the case may be). If anyone has a free minute, I encourage you to write Msgr. Haas at his office and let him know how much you appreciate what he’s doing for us this week. A few hundred e-mails from around the globe are bound to make his Easter just a little more joyful:

  25. Please, I need an accurate adress to Castel Gandolfo, to Benedict XVI, because I want to send Him an Easter postcard. Could you tell me that adress?

  26. porys6:03 PM

    @ trusting - just write: Benedict XVI Castel Gandolfo, Włochy. Polish Post-Office makes now miracles :-)

  27. Archbishop Haas was driven out as Bishop of Chur, Switzerland by the modernists there and to save face the Vatican made up the new Archdiocese of Vaduz, Leichenstein where he is now, he is very traditional and would have made a great Pope, but i dream.

  28. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Fascinated to see comments about Arizona, France, and Malta thrown out. I'm sure they are relevant in some elliptical way that escapes me.


  29. Ora et Labora12:47 AM

    Great News!!!

    May the Good Lord Jesus Christ bless and protect the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter and ALL the Traditionalists Catholic organizations within the Catholic Church.

    We need you and we are praying for you!!!

    Mary Help of Christians pray for us!!!

    Holy Angels and Saints pray for us!!!


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