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EVENT: Ephesus versus Vatican II

The families of Coetus Fidelium of Charlotte, joining together with Rev. Timothy Reid, Pastor of Saint Ann Catholic Church are pleased to welcome an Evening of Reflection offered by Very Rev. Fr. John Berg, Superior-General Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP).

Father Berg will give a reflection on the topic “Ephesus, Vatican II, and the Year of Faith.”  This talk will compare different aspects of two ecumenical councils [Council of Ephesus and the Second Vatican Council] in light of the Year of Faith.  Fr. Berg will also discuss various issues related to the Mass and Traditions of the Church, and will accept questions following the reflection.
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The Maestro said...

Will it be recorded? :)

Anonymous said...

This would be very interesting to hear, please record it for those of us who will not be able to attend due to distance.


Chris Lauer said...

I am one of the organizers in Charlotte. I have an inquiry into the FSSP, requesting permission to record the event. If permitted we will make it generally available.

I am not Spartacus said...

As a member of Confraternitas Sancti Petri I am confident that the presentation of the parallels between the councils will all be positive.

The FSSP (which has no Bishop) wants to have its 1962 Roman Missal Eucharist and to eat it too.

I can not imagine Fr. Berg publicly criticising Vatican Two during Holy Week (or any week, for that matter) so don't get your hopes up of a Prof Roberto de Mattei type Catholic Traditionalist recapitulation of ecclesiastical history.

Jason C. said...

Fr. Berg is a very good and fine man and priest, and an able administrator of the Fraternity. For his sake and for that of the Fraternity, I hope the talk's not recorded: too many of us never turn off "Internet mode" and mistake measured, office-appropriate and dignified criticisms of the most recent Council with being milquetoast or "librul" or "neo-Catholic"; similarly, others cannot brook any criticism of The Council (TM). So it's a lose-lose for Father Berg.

Curious said...

Where do you get
"Ephesus versus Vatican II"
out of
“Ephesus, Vatican II, and the Year of Faith”

Wishful thinking perhaps?

j. andrew pressley said...

My wife and I live in My Airy, north of Charlotte and have registered to attend. I am looking very much forward to the event. We moved up here as Holy Angels parish had a TLM at the time though earlier this year our priest was relocated and now we have only a half-a**ed version of the Novus Ordo up here so anything of this nature is a wonderful opportunity for us.

Francis in Ma said...

"This talk will compare different aspects of two ecumenical councils [Council of Ephesus and the Second Vatican Council]...."

The most significant differing aspect of the two councils right off the top is the former was a dogmatic council and the latter was a pastoral council. As a member of the FSSP I'm sure Fr. Berg will give an orthodox talk.

Matthew said...

Would that be the Second Council of Ephesus, which was repudiated at Chalcedon as a "robber council"? Ephesus II meant to be an ecumenical council, but never achieved that status.