Rorate Caeli

Oremus pro pontifice nostro Francisco

Dominus conservet eum,
et vivificet eum,
et beatum faciat eum in terra,
et non tradat eum
in animam inimicorum eius.


P.S. We are Catholic. From the moment of the Pope's election, when we did not even know his name, we renewed our profession to the Pontiff, in our prayers (sidebar: Tu es Petrus) and in our hearts. But we are not pushovers, and we will not pretend things are good, with the rose-colored glasses of neglect. In fact, just soon after his resignation - that launched the chain of events that led to this day - Benedict XVI reminded us:

The false optimism was the post-Council optimism, when convents closed, seminaries closed and they said “but... nothing, everything is fine!”.... No! Everything is not fine. There are also serious, dangerous omissions and we have to recognize with healthy realism that in this way things are not all right, it is not all right when errors are made.

We reject all false optimism, and this is the spirit we will keep here, and it does not matter if many do not like it. In the web, it is quite easy to avoid things one does not like.


  1. RogerThat9:49 PM

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  4. Good job. Being realistic is more important now than pretending all is well.

  5. A child of Our Father10:09 PM

    The time of the Apocalypse is here. "we will not pretend things are good, with the rose-colored glasses of neglect" is CORRECT.

    Alert to docile, prayerful souls. Listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as Our Lady of Fatima directed. Prayer, Penance and DO our duty of state which is the Will of God.

    Families, look to Our Eternal Father, supported by His Crucified Son, directed by the Holy Spirit. . .PREPARE the Gardens of your souls and YARDS for very difficult times are approaching.

    Fear Not - these times will usher us closer to OMNIPOTENT CHARITY!

  6. BBC News now reporting that his election is "being seen as a victory for the reformers".

  7. Dr Metuza,

    The response by Rorate is based on facts of Pope Francis past.

    Would you like them to make up "facts" in lies and false charity.

    Rorate has given itself the obligation to report reality not optimism

  8. Well, then let's pray Pope Francis is the Pius IX of liturgy. From tab collar on a bike en route to a protestant service, to offering a traditional Latin Solemn High Pontifical Mass in the Vatican!

  9. Let's just keep our heads down, both in liturgical prayer and metaphorically, for, say, a decade now.

    Pope Francis will probably not have enough time to agitate the post-Summorum Pontificum Traditionalist scene, even if he would ever be inclined to do so. He's surely going to be busy enough cleaning-up (or trying to) the mess of the Novus Ordo Church. If he turns any guns on the Trad scene any time in the next decade, he's a sitting target for accusations that he's really concentrating on the wrong areas. No, let's be realistic, the Post-Conciliar "new fruitists" are now back in the box seat. They have a last chance saloon opportunity to prove that the grand plan of 1962-65 will eventually produce the newer, vibrant, more relevant Church they crave. It won't work, though, because it can't. It will continue to shrink itself from within, chiefly because it starves itself (whether wittingly or otherwise) of the Divine graces it needs to flourish.

    By circa 2023, with the mainstream Church having finally failed in its, by then, 60-year grand plan, it will be time to call it quits. The youth will see to that. The majority of the Polyester Posse will then be in the grave. The mainstream Church will then have to enter its post-denial era.

    It will then be up to those on the local parish Summorum Pontificum scene, and the FSSP, ICKSP, and, yes, the SSPX, to present a united Traditional front and say "well, look, here's what we've been doing whilst the rest of the Church was performing its 'dead cat bounce' act. Care to join us?"

    We just have to ensure that our base is solid and fruitful. It doesn't need, even, to be spectacular. Just working, basically! I'm quite content, actually, to have a blind-eye turned towards Traditionalism for a decade or so now. I'm "pro-ghettoisation" anyway as regards the implementation of Summorum (but that's a different debate). We have the Divinely-supplied tools and liberty to make this work now. Let's keep taking the young ones to the TLM. A 10-year-old now will perhaps be 20 at the end of this pontificate. So let the trendies have their last throw of the dice: they need about 10 double sixes. In the meantime, let's sow our seeds carefully.

    As a side note, though, let's keep in mind that the centenary of Fatima is fast approaching - the Franciscan papacy is likely to coincide with it - and that it's likely, I'm convinced of it (unless a miracle occurs), to be a difficult time for us all, whether Trad or Novus Ordo inclined.

    Pray for the Holy Father.

  10. Anonymous10:47 PM

    We shall see what the Holy Spirit will do with him

  11. @ Patrick: No. Ten years in Buenos Aires is not the same as 10 days as Bishop of Rome. And choosing the name Francis implies a commitment to rebuilding the Church--which implies 1)that the Holy Father is well aware that it's not in great shape, that everything's NOT fine, and 2)that he is moved by the Holy Spirit to commit to that task. Keep him in your prayers instead of grousing.

  12. Kathleen11:02 PM

    Thank you for this and may God bless you -- it is precisely what I had hoped.

    Our Holy Mother Church has been dragged through the muck for decades now by Modernist heretics.

    We can not and must not stand by for continuation of that abuse.

    At the same time your reminder of the need for prayer is so very needed.

    We must, through Christ find the self sacrificing love of Charity and commit ourselves to prayer and penance.

  13. Michael Y.12:53 AM

    As a Catholic I was excited by the the white smoke and the anticipation of a Pope Burke or Ranjith, but such are the ways of the Holy Ghost.

    Eventhough, I was aware of the scripture regarding trusting in princes and men, but I had forgotten it and was forcefully reminded of it today. Yes, we must pray for the Holy Father and with charity (hard as it feels now), but we must remember not to trust in princes or men but in God and do what is our allotted task: pray, sacrifice and save our souls.

  14. Anonymous1:05 AM

    Michael: "As a Catholic I was excited by the the white smoke and the anticipation of a Pope Burke or Ranjith, but such are the ways of the Holy Ghost. "

    let's all not make the mistake of believing this was the Holy Ghost's choice for pope.

    The Holy Ghost offers His guidance to the cardinal electors -- but nowhere does the church say they always accept that guidance. We're not papists believing every pope is fantastic just because he's pope. It's clear the electors in the past have ignored God's Will. Only time will tell on this go around.


  15. I wish the new pope well. The media commentary on this is so vapid though. i had to turn it off. they like the international road show. "a latin american pope!" Yay! "this means the Church is changing!" next time the Church will need to elect an African pope. then an Australian pope. eventually maybe a pope from New York! Jesus, his mission, the salvation of souls as the primary mission of the Church, is lost in the shuffle.

  16. stefan2:03 AM

    Amen! Thank you for all you do, this website is in my prayers. Please know that there are many more people who read the words here than who comment regularly.

  17. MindOfTheWorld2:11 AM

    Worldlings won't be happy until there's a black hairlipped rastafarian hermaphroditic dwarf pope/popette. Then they'll be unhappy because s/he/it isn't hunchbacked.

  18. Prof. Basto2:29 AM

    Thank you, New Catholic.


    And thank you, Adfero.

    I think it would be great if we could have an article or something to remind people about FREE WILL, that fundamental principle.

    Men have free will. God, who made us in His image and likeness created us that way. He wishes us to have that free will.

    Free will was permitted to operate even when it resulted in the Original Sin.

    Because the Lord wants us men to love Him and obey Him of our own free will.

    In like fashion, Mary Most Holy accepted the Inacarnation of her own free will with her "Fiat", and Christ in His humanity also freely accepted His passion.


    The Holy Spirit offers inspiration and guidance, but the Cardinals have their free will, and they can do as they please, although they should do as the Holy Spirit pleases for the Church's sake.

    Some of the Cardinals, perhaps, not being in the state of grace, will have more difficult in discerning the worthy choice.

    That's why the Church was suffered popes like Paul VI, Alexander VI, etc.

    And whenever the Cardinals acting in accordance with canon law choose someone, that person accepts and is already a Bishop or is ordained a bishop, then that person is Pope, wether or not the will of the Holy Spirit prevailed.

    The choice of the Pope is a human choice, although God isinvolved in in it. That's why we pray that the Cardinals be docile to the dictates of the Holy Spirit.

    And Holy Spirit is always with the Church and with the institution of the Papacy, protecting it from dogmatic error, even when the papacy is occupied by an unworthy bishop of Rome.

    But the Divine assistance does not extend automatically to the matters of mere discipline and government, and so the lack of docility of the Pope to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit can be decisive in those fields.

    Popes can be unwise, they can make very bad decisions, and their bad decisions can have terrible consequences, as both old and new History shows. Consider the bad decisions of Paul VI.

  19. A Catholic priest2:50 AM

    True Catholics cannot love the Pope only when he is according to their likings! Either we believe that the chosen one is God's gift to us, or else we are not Catholics at all.

  20. Anonymous3:01 AM

    Father: calamities, disease and poverty can also be gifts from God. Suffering is a gift. But while we already asked people to pray for the pope we are also not papists believing whomever occupies the seat is perfect. Let's not act as children but rational adults with God-given commons sense, and eyes to see and ears to hear.

  21. bet your sorry now3:10 AM

    Bishop emeritus Benedetto, this is what you get for quitting. Wonder if you are still sleeping peacefully in castle gandalf now as you watch from your new master's summer residence as he undoes your work!

  22. Barbara6:15 AM

    That's not true James...come more regularly - this is a Catholic blog - that loves the Pope - but does not bury its head in the sand and wishful thinking.

  23. George9:19 AM

    Do you accept this comment to be published? I am surprised at you!

    bet your sorry now said...
    Bishop emeritus Benedetto, this is what you get for quitting. Wonder if you are still sleeping peacefully in castle gandalf now as you watch from your new master's summer residence as he undoes your work!

  24. Tom S.1:56 PM

    I agree that the irrational exuberance displayed by many should be avoided - as should the irrational despair shown by some.

    These pages have always been supportive of the many good things Benedict XVI did, and responded with appropriate concern to the more questionable - or even ill-advised - ones.

    I find comfort in knowing that Francis will get that same respect.

  25. >We reject all false optimism, and this is the spirit we will keep here, and it does not matter if many do not like it. In the web, it is quite easy to avoid things one does not like.

    Hear hear!

  26. We must always, in the Holy Name of Our Blessed Lord Jesus, maintain a joyful optimism through His Sacred Heart and through His Most Precious Blood no matter who the pope is and no matter what happens.

    Indeed, there is going to be change and we must be prepared for anything. However, this should not lessen our Faith but deepen it. Our Blessed Saviour is always faithful to forgive and has not left us orphans.


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