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The Horror!
A Buenos Aires journalist describes Bergoglio

We have many friends around the world, including in the dear Argentine Republic. And we asked a cherished friend, Marcelo González, of Panorama Católico Internacional, who knows the Church of Argentina as well as the palm of his hand to send us a report on the new pope. Here it goes:

The Archbishop of Buenos Aires kneels down to receive the "blessing"
of Protestant ministers and Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa - Buenos Aires, 2006
The Horror!

Of all the unthinkable candidates, Jorge Mario Bergoglio is perhaps the worst. Not because he openly professes doctrines against the faith and morals, but because, judging from his work as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, faith and morals seem to have been irrelevant to him.

A sworn enemy of the Traditional Mass, he has only allowed imitations of it in the hands of declared enemies of the ancient liturgy. He has persecuted every single priest who made an effort to wear a cassock, preach with firmness, or that was simply interested in Summorum Pontificum.

Famous for his inconsistency (at times, for the unintelligibility of his addresses and homilies), accustomed to the use of coarse, demagogical, and ambiguous expressions, it cannot be said that his magisterium is heterodox, but rather non-existent for how confusing it is.

His entourage in the Buenos Aires Curia, with the exception of a few clerics, has not been characterized by the virtue of their actions. Several are under grave suspicion of moral misbehavior.

He has not missed any occasion for holding acts in which he lent his Cathedral to Protestants, Muslims, Jews, and even to partisan groups in the name of an impossible and unnecessary interreligious dialogue. He is famous for his meetings with Protestants in the Luna Park arena where, together with preacher of the Pontifical House, Raniero Cantalamessa, he was "blessed" by Protestant ministers, in a common act of worship in which he, in practice, accepted the validity of the "powers" of the TV-pastors.

This election is incomprehensible: he is not a polyglot, he has no Curial experience, he does not shine for his sanctity, he is loose in doctrine and liturgy, he has not fought against abortion and only very weakly against homosexual "marriage" [approved with practically no opposition from the episcopate], he has no manners to honor the Pontifical Throne. He has never fought for anything else than to remain in positions of power.

It really cannot be what Benedict wanted for the Church. And he does not seem to have any of the conditions required to continue his work.

May God help His Church. One can never dismiss, as humanly hard as it may seem, the possibility of a conversion... and, nonetheless, the future terrifies us.


  1. Ferraiuolo8:49 PM

    Mastai-Ferretti was a freemason before becoming Pope Pius IX. Point?

    All this despair is pure folly.

    In manus tuas Domine...

  2. The best (and most read) catholic blogger in the spanish speaking world Don Francisco Jose Fernandez de la Cigoña has written about him several times (the last just today) about how he has devastated the Argentinian church (no only in his diocesis) but also the rest of them. I have also read many reports over the years about how bad his tenure has been to the church in general. As a true Jesuit he is an expert in not saying overly heretic things but to say them a ambiguous manner.

    I hope and pray the office will change him but objectively speaking he was not the best suited man for the job and he is definitely not a fried of Tradition nor the Traditional mass.

  3. Yes, friends, on the one side, a traditional Catholic man who has spent his whole life in Argentina, and has followed every step of Bergoglio as Archbishop - on the other, Wikipedia. When we have people with PERSONAL experience of the Church in Argentina in this box, we will allow their comments; otherwise, please remember this is not an Arrupian blog.

  4. Experience?8:58 PM

    None of the three, nor the fourth name mentioned -- Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the Jesuit archbishop of Buenos Aires (and, if several reports are to be believed, the conclave's "runner-up") -- have any experience in the diplomatic corps of the Holy See which the Secretary of State heads.

    You say you want a revolution....

  5. Francis in Ma8:59 PM

    You guys can try to spin this all you want, Cardinal Bergoglio is a devout Vatican II modernist. He is as "traditional" and as "conservative" as Christoph Schonborn! Yeah, people change, but Bergoglio will have to be totally implanted with another ideological intellect by the Holy Ghost for him to change. I pray for that miracle, but I won't hold my breath. Bergoglio is a product of the Vatican II rot which has permeated the Church of Christ for fifty years. Remember, he was elected by twothirds of the current college of Cardinals. Scary!

  6. Well, we have Benedict XVI to thank. This is on him.

  7. Well, card. Bergoglio had no or little liturgical sense (as some have already noticed in other places), here is one promising line from the Catholic Herald:
    What is certain is that he is not loved by most of his Jesuit companions.
    Whatever the case, we will see pretty soon. For the moment we should all do just this:
    Oremus pro pontifice nostro Francisco.
    Dominus conservet eum, et vivificet eum, et beatum faciet eum in terra, et non tradat eum in animam inimicorum eus. V. Fiat manus tua super virum dexterae tuae. R. Et super filium hominis quem confirmasti tibi.
    Deus, omnium fidelium pastor et rector, famulum tuum Franciscum quem pastorem Ecclesiae tuae praeesse voluisti, propitius respice: da ei, quaesumus verbo et exemplo, quibus praeest proficere; ut ad vitam una cum grege sibi credito perveniat sempiternam. Per Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen

  8. YankeeGoHome9:04 PM

    gargantuan conservative wing of the college (voting for Ratzinger) and a valiant band of
    progressives (voting first for Martini and then Bergoglio) (Allen, 2005, pp.112-114).

  9. Anonymous9:07 PM

    I'm terrified, frankly. A flagrantly Modernist Pope again... it might as well have been Card. Schoenborn!

  10. I am intrigued that he is lax in his proclamation of moral teaching; I heard he has.
    Prayers for the Holy Father and the Church indeed.

  11. Anonymous9:09 PM

    A Modernist, a flagrant Modernist as Pope. We might as well have had Card. Graf Schoenborn - Maria Mater Ecclesiae, ora pro nobis! Sancti Pii X ora pro nobis!

  12. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Pope Celebrates Hannukah:

  13. Anonymous9:20 PM

    We should trust and pray that the Holy Office of Pope will sanctify Cardinal Bergoglio. If there is anything we can look forward to is that, at 76, Pope Francis I is old. Looking at things in more global terms, that means that he will either die or resign in eight years or so, kind of like Benedict. We should also keep in mind the structures that Benedict XVI set in place. Bergoglio cannot simply "eradicate" traditionalists or their influence. They are now set in deep in high positions of power in the Church, and can continue to have an influence in the Vatican in spite of any temporary reforms by Bergoglio. We can also criticize Bergoglio for his age and any pastoral mistakes he makes just like the liberals criticized Benedict. There is hope and we should not despair. Benedict XVI is still alive, after all. He may have had all of this planned, to let the liberalized "conservative" Church gain control, only in order to be humiliated by the sensus populum. I don't really mind having a liberal Pope. He cannot really have that much influence, and I am not going to obey him, even if he tries to force heresy into the Church.

  14. So this means that the SSPX were wrong not to sign up while they could, riiiiiggght???

  15. Johannes de Silentio9:23 PM

    Well, I said I would suspend my judgment until he acts, but boy it's harder to do than I thought it would be, especially in this case. This looks like a win for the bureaucrats and progressives. Cardinal Rode, Meisner and Pell looked downright somber. If Sandri becomes Secretary of State, that tells us everything we need to know.

  16. Back to "Shoes of the Fisherman" reality. Church imitates Hollywood.

  17. Benedict Carter9:28 PM

    Looks like the former Pope took a spin on the roulette wheel and lost.

  18. Can it get any worse than Peter the denier and a mere sinful fisherman? I for one don't like what I'm hearing about this present Pontiff. All we can do now is join our Lord (the true Head of the Church) in praying that his (Peter's/Francis') faith won't fail.

  19. Don't be bitter, John. Maybe God gives us the Church the pope we deserve.

  20. Prof. Basto9:32 PM

    This is the fruit of the Act of Abdication of Benedict XVI!

    We traditionalists will suffer greatly under this Pope.

  21. I am a Roman Rite Catholic who has attended a Byzantine Liturgy for the past 18 years, because the Roman liturgy in my diocese changes with every new breeze. I have my three youngest children enrolled in a non-denominational Christian school, because the "catholic" schools in the diocese (which I know very well) would gravely endanger their faith. Now, I am a hard-core Trad. But what is amazing is that there are many, more "moderate" Catholic parents doing exactly the same thing I am doing. And yet, our Catholic sensibilities have been so poisoned by Vatican II and the Novus Ordo that we hardly even recognize the monstrosity of this situation. Even good Catholics think of things as almost "normal" or "getting better"! And people wonder why Bishop Fellay hesitates! The only reasonable hope for the Papacy of Francis is that he will will not do considerably more damage than his predecessors. Any expectation beyond that is simply delusional. Oremus!

  22. Prof. Basto9:38 PM

    The eyes and the expression of Mons. Guido Marini (was he rebuffed near the end of the Papal Appearence?) say it all.

    Poor Mons. Marini.

  23. Pope Celebrates Hannukah:

    Big deal. I am sure the Rabbis reciprocated and went to Midnight Mass at his Cathedral

  24. Mary Jean9:42 PM

    As a member of my parish's liturgy team and a Eucharistic minister I couldn't be more happy and proud of my loving and inclusive church on this day. This is truly the work of the spirit continuing the renewal. Yahweh bless Francis the humble Bishop of Rome.

  25. Parochus Sollicitus9:43 PM

    Holding office and being adapted to the office are two different thing. With the thread of references to the Diocese of Rome and only one reference to the universality of the office, it does seem that the our new Holy Father is not inclined to seize the reins as it were and provide direction to a drifting, meandering, sagging institution.

    The last Roman Pontiff seems to have abdicated because he did not feel strong enough to hold the thing together. It seems to me that he indicated that the job was too big for a man of declining stamina.

    Time will tell if the new Supreme Pontiff is even inclined to try. From his first comment he seems to want to focus on being bishop ad urbi and less on being bishop ad orbi.

    Good man, humble man - no reason to doubt that from his first appearance as Peter. I will be, however, very suprised (however pleasantly)if this papacy does not mean in the main more uninspiring post-conciliar status quo both spiritually and institutionally. (I would add doctrinally, but we don't see too much of that anymore either way).

    For myself I think the hour too late to feign lazy slothful optimism, might as well go back to sleep. The season of cultivation is upon us - we must work for the harvest. This is assuredly the Lord's will. No more prattling on about green shoots of the new springtime. The farmer constantly "in dialogue" about the harvest will feed neither his family nor himself.

    The Lord alone can grant the increase and yet we must work to give Him His due as is the whole obligation of the holy Catholic religion.

    My Jesus more suffering! I read somewhere that St. Francis Xavier died with this prayer on his lips. Ora pro nobis.


    My two hands are very sore from scratching my head for this pick. Just the sight of Hummes, Re, Sandri in the balcony side by side with the new Pope made me cringed and said it all. The abdication of Benedict XVI was a big blow to Traditions. Perhaps this maybe the coup de grace.

    Nonetheless, we should fervently pray for Pope Francis that he will be a holy and wise instrument of God for all of us. May God bless and keep him!

  27. Ivan K9:58 PM

    If the dire predictions turn out to be true, there is still a positive side, traditionalists will not waste any energy waiting for positive change from the top. Perhaps they will even not waste any time on legalism, but charismatics and neocatethumens did: ignore the bishops and push forward with their own agendas; when an admonition comes, they may even be clever enough to feign obedience, give a jesuitical response and push on as before.

    The most foolish traditionalist strategy is to fight Vatican II heresies in public. The proper response, it seems to me, is to say things like "WHat a wonderful thing Vatican II was; it was only its implementation that was problematic," and then to include under improper implementation all of the holies of the modernists. The modernists did not get to where they are by open confrontation; with a few exceptions, they chose to feign obedience while implementing their agendas. Why can't traditionalists do the same? Why do they always choose the path of the moth into the flame? It's a lovely color that one sees for a moment, but the color is gone in a flash and leaves no traces.

  28. Mary Jean said...

    As a member of my parish's liturgy team and a Eucharistic minister I couldn't be more happy and proud of my loving and inclusive church on this day. This is truly the work of the spirit continuing the renewal. Yahweh bless Francis the humble Bishop of Rome.

    This endorsement speaks volumes. The "renewal" continues. As the Eucharistic ministers proliferate, the Faith diminishes, and "inclusivity" has emptied the pews. Bravo, Mary Jean

  29. Believe it or not, This is a vote continuity. Both Benedict XVI and Francis are close to Comunione and Liberazione. The Papal Apartment under Benedict XVI was maintained by professed members of CL, who even now continue to serve him at Castel Gandolfo.

    So although Scola (Ratzinger's first choice?) wasn't elected, an advocate and supporter of Luigi Guissani's movement still sits in the Chair of Peter.

  30. Tom P.10:04 PM

    A local news station here in South Bend, IN, said he is credited with "modernizing what had been one of the most conservative churches in South America". That's not promising...

  31. Barbara10:05 PM

    Are you for real Mary Jean? Think you might have happened onto the the wrong blog ....

    I knew nothing about Cardinal Bergoglio until about 2 and half hours ago - this is a very disturbing article...

  32. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Dear brothers and sisters: don¨t worry about the Holy Father. Believe me. I am not technically speaking a "traditionalist", but Card. Bergoglio was the preference of the Abbe de Nantes back in 2005.
    Now the Holy Spirit is in a unique way with Pope Francis I. He will continue the work of Benedict XVI.
    Thanks and God bless you all.

  33. Barbara10:07 PM

    Because it would be dishonest and not Catholic Ivan K. That's why we can't do the same...

  34. I'll panic if he explicitly repeals Summorum Pontificum. Anything short of that, I expect it will be business as usual at the parish and diocesan level. Look on the bright side: if Pope Francis turns out to be as terrible as you all expect, then the bishops will rediscover the virtue of filial obedience to the Holy Father!

  35. Tom P.10:09 PM

    Dr Timothy
    I think Mary Jean was being sarcastic.

  36. God bless the Pope.

    I won't try to be more Catholic than he is. And if he prefers the NO as against the EF, OK by me: the priests in my parish celebrate the new Mass with great devotion.

    He is going to need good lieutenants,so let us pray for him.

  37. Tom P.10:13 PM

    Anonymous said "...Card. Bergoglio was the preference of the Abbe de Nantes back in 2005." Say whaaa? Source and context, please!

  38. Ferraiuolo said: "Mastai-Ferretti was a freemason before becoming Pope Pius IX.".

    This is a lie crying to Heaven for vengeance because Mastai-Ferretti (Pius IX) wasn't a freemason but only had acquaintances who were freemasons (as every Catholic has non-Catholic acquaintances) and that's it.

    And Bergoglio isn't pope because of acts of apostasy (Summa Theol., II-II, q. 12, a. 1, obj. 2; rpl. to obj. 2) and papal constitution "Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio", par. 3.; 6.; 7. .

  39. The Society will be fine. They are used to persecution. It is the status of the Fraternity that concerns me. They stand to lose the most with an unapolegtically modernist pope.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Anonymous10:23 PM

    And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that the ship was filled. [38] And he was in the hinder part of the ship, sleeping upon a pillow; and they awake him, and say to him: Master, doth it not concern thee that we perish? [39] And rising up, he rebuked the wind, and said to the sea: Peace, be still. And the wind ceased: and there was made a great calm. [40] And he said to them: Why are you fearful? have you not faith yet?

  42. Patrick10:23 PM

    Two responses to:
    "Well, we have Benedict XVI to thank. This is on him."
    "He cannot really have that much influence, and I am not going to obey him, even if he tries to force heresy into the Church."

    I agree that Benedict XVI is to blame, not because he resigned but because he was in actuality not much different from this new Supreme Pontiff. Benedict as an old man was at most just nostalgic for Bavarian piety which traditionalists blindly mistook for common cause. People believed what they wanted to believe about him. They will do so about Bergoglio too. Benedict never made the break with the spiritual and moral rot (he's living the rest of his life ensconced in the midst of it instead of in a monastery where he logically belongs) much less did anything about it. He was no babe in the woods but a seasoned Vatican Curial insider who played the game better than most. I don't buy the popular claim that Benedict had no designs on the Petrine Throne. To the contrary. The man simply could not bring himself to accept that so much heterodoxy had been introduced into the Church expressly by Popes, "Blessed" JPII at the top of the list. Today, after watching all the starry-eyed gushing and blubbering in St. Peter's Square after the announcement and hearing all the sycophantish spin, seeing only sanctity and commonality in Pope Bergoglio, it finally struck me that Roman Catholicism has devolved into (or to an outsider certainly looks like) just another quasi-religious personality cult where the members are shockingly ignorant of the basics but have been inured to the rock star adulation of the Leader that comes with the worldly celebrity of someone who can't be really wrong no matter how contradictory his statements and actions are. All this is not surprising to me because I predicted it all along. I'm just so sad for all those devoted readers here who had expectations for something so much better. Perhaps at the "Installation Mass" the Protestant TV pastors from Argentina can be invited to place the pallium on His Holiness's shoulders and sing one of those energetic hymns of theirs. To think that I stupidly had dreams of a tiara and sedia gestatoria come back when what I should have hoped and prayed for was at least just maintaining the staus quo.

  43. Mary Jean said...

    As a member of my parish's liturgy team and a Eucharistic minister I couldn't be more happy and proud of my loving and inclusive church on this day. This is truly the work of the spirit continuing the renewal. Yahweh bless Francis the humble Bishop of Rome.

    Sorry, Mary Jean, but you are what the Novus Ordo Church properly calls an "Extraordinary Minister." There is no such thing as a "Eucharistic Minister" in the Roman Catholic Church. Your dicoese should at least teach you the proper terminology. By the way, what makes you think that you are worthy to touch the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ?

  44. To get back to the 300 page report on the homo network in the vatican waiting in the safe for Hummes, Re, Sandri, Francis, McCarrick et al... why was that article released about homoheresy in Poland? The only papabile it mentioned was Bertone:

    "It is not celibacy, then, that is to blame here, contrary to what is sometimes suggested. This has been pointed out, among others, by the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, who said that “many psychologists and psychiatrists have proved that there is no relationship between celibacy and paedophilia, while many others have shown that there is a relationship between homosexuality and paedophilia”. He also points to the fact that “80 percent of paedophiles convicted in the USA are homosexuals. Among priests convicted for paedophilia, they represent 90 percent”. These data show that “the Catholic Church has had a problem with homosexuals rather than paedophiles”.

    I wonder who was #2 at this conclave. Also I wonder if F. Jacek Prusak, SJ ("who had been trained by American Jesuits, after all. For eight years now he has taken on the role of a spokesman of the homolobby in the Church, fighting uncompromisingly to defend its interests") will be removed from Poland any time soon...

  45. Unfortunately, this article seems to support the prophetic words of Our Lord Jesus through Maria Divine the messages about the new Pope to be elected at this website: This is the most current message (posted this afternoon), review previous messages to see how this prophecy is coming true! Jesus is coming with his great act of Mercy through the Warning prophesied at Garabandal, St. Faustina and Maria Divine Mercy along with others in the past 100+ years. Prepare! God bless us in these last days.

  46. Parochus Sollicitus10:30 PM

    I should add to my comment that the first public homily will be the tell. The last two popes (I don't know about previous popes), really set out the program in their inaugural homilies.

    First appearance on the loggia was underwhelming to me due to the truncated vision, looking toward the City, but not the world. Pope Francis might very well present an encompassing and Catholic faith with convincing authority in his first public homily. We shall see....

    The Lord will provide.

  47. Watcher10:33 PM

    A sample of the new Pope's Mass (from 2011):

  48. HABEMUS PAPAM! Many of the posters on here should be rejoicing! Voltaire is dead! Napoleon is dead! Josephism is dead! Febronianism is dead! Bismarck is dead! Nietzsche is dead! Darwin is dead! Bentham is dead! Marx is dead! Chavez is dead! Liberation Theology is dead! The Sexual Revolution has exhausted itself in such vigor that it too has met its timely demise! Many of the periti of Vatican II will also pass away...

    Yet, Saint Peter still reigns in Rome. Our Lord still conquers, triumphs and reigns! The Blessed Virgin Mary reigns as Queen and Empress of the Universe! 2,000 years and the gates of hell have not prevailed against Holy Mother Church.

    Let us not be like Modernists and so-called Reformers and view the One True Faith through the prism of politics. Remember how many polemicists decried the election of Papa Ratzinger? Did they not warn us that he was plunging the Church into the Middle Ages, better known to us as the Age of Faith?
    We should all take immense pride on this day that the Lord has made...Christ has not abandoned to all the woes at the immensely Italian institution at its there any surprise to its repeated failings? A divine institution governed by the falsely political and pseudo-intellectual descendants of Garibaldi and the fashionable House of Savoy?
    If we want to help Papa Ratzinger clean the filth that plagues the priesthood...then we have to all declare that it is not the Church that has to be open to the world..but the World has to be brought closer to respect for holy sacrifice..all things which the Devil despises...As many of you point out so eloquently..the Modernists have opened wide the doors of the Church..and everyone left the Church...Then these same Liberals closed the Church Doors behind them..and tried to make everyone still left..look, taste and feel like the people who left...I say..if the spirit of Vatican II prevails and we look more like the Episcopal Church Welcomes not think for a moment that the world will be welcoming us!!!
    So, let us embrace the spirit of Prophetic Catholicism..inviting us to a future of married priests, womyn priests, unchaste clergy, communion for all, selling the Vatican to feed the hungry and poor of the third world...and let us invite the Church to let go of the give up the obscurantism and superstition of the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s...the triumphalism of neo-pagans and modernists with their spectacular circus liturgies...the effeminate vestments of rayon and polyester...the boring music inspired by the now dead idiom of the abandon its adherence to the dead dogmas of 4th Century let go of the false ideologies of failed political systems that were worse than anything Philip II could unleash on the Dutch, Burgundians and Flemish during those "dark days." Tradition will prevail in the end..because that is the worship of the martyrs and saints..their faith was inspired and their blood was shed for rituals, ceremonials, dead languages, old fashioned ideas, rich liturgies, and old, white man in Rome...and, most importantly, their blind allegiance to the memory of a broken, battered man..hanging from a cross...abandoned by all his friends..despised by his enemies..condemned by the world...crushed by the weight of his dying and lifeless body...the Sacrifice of Calvary so lovingly and carefully commemorated at every Holy Mass...

  49. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Regarding the preference of Abbe de Nantes for card. Bergoglio, I guess you would have to go to

    and get to the archives, to 2004 or 2005, or 2003... if they still have it.

  50. Common Sense10:45 PM

    Well, time'll tell.Keep in mind, that while combating revolution on the outside,we also have to do it on the inside, particular within the families.Many times I witnessed unruly, disrespectfull conduct of some trad youth and their parents.Credit to those traditional catholics, who are living examples of the saints. Sinse respect must be earned, let's show to the others thorough our own conduct,haw to achieve it.In the meantime we fervently pray for our new Pontiff.