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FSSP en México

Pues, amigos, sinceras felicitaciones a los responsables por la página web de la  Fraternidad San Pedro en México - ¡rica en belleza y contenido! Realmente nos ha gustado muchísimo, y se la recomendamos.

Get to know the webpage of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter in the beautiful land of New Spain, lovely Mexico. It is hard to believe how much the FSSP has accomplished in Mexico in so relatively short a time. Congratulations also to Fr. Fryar and Fr. Romanoski, of course, under the firm leadership of H.E. Cardinal Sandoval Íñigüez, now emeritus, who invited the FSSP into his Archdiocese of Guadalajara, Jalisco, and his successor, H.E. Cardinal Robles Ortega.


Tejano said...

Muy bien!!

Gratias said...

Latin America is where the Extraordinary Form Mass is least available on a per capita basis. This is by design of liberation theologians. So bravo FSSP!

Fr. Fryar of Guadalajara is the brother of Fr. James Fryar of Sarasota Florida, the famous inventor of the free iMass app that allows one to follow the TLM on your iPad or iPhone. Thank you Mrs. Fryar for giving the Church these two outstanding priests from down under (Australia).

The Guadalajaran FSSP apostles offered a mass some time ago at a tiny beachfront chapel in Playa del Carmen, Yucatan, which I visited. It was wonderful for me to realize that we are evangelizing in places Tourists such as me are aware of.

I do pray that our Pope keeps Summorum Pontificum as the law of the Church. It would be sad to be forced to return to the catacombs.

donben said...

maria santisma sin pecado concebida ruega para nosotoros

Edgar said...

Thanks New Catholic!!

Hats off to my dear friend Mr. Israel Aguilar who designed and created the new FSSP Mexico website. We are blessed to have two excellent priests that work tirelessly to make the traditional mass available and teach us the unadulterated faith with their example and words. We will continue to add content to it both about the apostolate here in Mexico and also material to help other spanish language Traditional groups. Make sure also to stop by the Youtube channel and our social media sites with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Edgar Fernandez
Una Voce Mexico

Ora et Labora said...

Excelente trabajo!!!

Feliciaciones para todos los que estuvieron envueltos en tan valiosa misión.

Es mi humilde opinion, que México es un lugar estratégico donde la Fraternidad de San Pedro con la ayuda de Dios y de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe puede crecer y extenderse a mas paises Iberoamericanos y Latinoamericanos.

Que Dios bendiga a la Fraternidad de San Pedro, a los hermanos mexicanos, y a todo el continente Latinoamericano.

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe ruega por nosotros!!!

Hank Igitur said...

The Frs Fryar are from Campbelltown, Sydney Australia, educated at St Gregory's. Australia's loss is the gain of the FSSP in Florida and Mexico. I hope one day they can visit their homeland and work there.

Don Quixote said...

The Church of the 1570's was at the apex of doctrinal and liturgical power. The crisis that threatened to destroy Western Civilization back then was the expansion of Islam. It took all of Christendom praying the Rosary at the behest of a Saintly Pope to win the day.

Rafael Cresci said...

In fact Fr. Fryar was born in Texas and moved to Australia as a kid :-)

But yes they are tireless priests caring of souls giving all their available time. I had the pleasure to have a vocational experience with them last year for some weeks and the rythm of work is hallucinating.

Fr. Fryar is up at 4:30AM everyday to open the church early and only returns home after 10PM (after closing the church - there is mass at 8PM then sometimes communion/confirmation/marriage preparation classes after that). No single day off. Plus twice a month a trip to Mexico City to say mass there. And inside the church he's never bored or idle, always doing something all day long. Whomever meets him first sight or impression thinks he's a robot because he never gets tired :-)

Fr. Romanoski takes care of the doctrinal apostolate as you can see on his recordings to YouTube and MariaVision TV and is equally busy, always finding something extra to do like extra classes besides the almost daily classes and meetings with the different sodalities that meet in the parish or in the parochial house.

Two heros. Two examples.

porys said...

Tell me - where apart of Guadalajara, and Mexico City FSSP celebrates masses on regular basis? I have to update wikkimissa.

Edgar said...

Porys, Here is the updated list of all Traditional masses (not FSSPX or Sede) in Mexico

+ Guadalajara: (FSSP)
Capilla de Nuestra Señora del Pilar (Madero y Enrique Gzlez Mtz):
Lunes 8:00 am y 7:00 pm
Martes a Sabado 7:30 am y 7:00 pm
Domingo: 12:00 pm y 7:00 pm
Parroquia de San Javier de las Colinas (Av. Acueducto)
Martes 7:00 y Domingo 10:00 am

+ Monterrey: (Diocesan)
Parroquia de la Asunción de nuestra Señora en la Colonia Moderna
Martes: 7:30 pm Domingo: 1:30 pm

+ Ciudad de Mexico: (FSSP)
Capilla de las Animas, Catedral Metropolitana
1er y 3er Domingo de cada mes 12:00 pm

+ Gomez Palacio Durango (FSSP)
Parroquia de San José,
Viernes primeros de mes a las 7:00 p.m.
Sábados primeros de mes a las 8:00 a.m.

+ Morelia: (Diocesan)
Templo de la Columna
Domingo: 12:00 pm

+ Aguascalientes (FSSP)
Templo de San Juan Nepomuceno
1er Jueves de cada mes 6:00 pm
3er Sabado de cada mes 6:00 pm

+ Cuernavaca (
Monasterio Benedictino Nuestra Señora de los Angeles de Ahuatepec
Carretera Cuernavaca Tepoztlan, a 20 minutos de Cuernavaca.
Domingo ultimo de cada mes 4:00 pm
Responsable: Pbro. Evagrio Póntico O.S.B.
Contacto: Arturo Gamarra

+ Mexicali (Diocesan)
Templo Expiatorio
Sábados 10:00 am (llegar 15 min antes porque cierran puertas)

porys said...

!Gracias Edgar por ayudo tuyo!

?Y Missa Traditional en Tijuana no es aún celebrada?

(Perdona me que mi espańol es muy fatal)

Edward said...

Two Great Priests!!!