Rorate Caeli

Revitalizing the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society

Below, please find the sixty-ninth posting of enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society. 

This has been an amazing past two weeks for the Society!

We have added nearly 10 new priests saying a weekly or monthly TLM for the Souls and now have 26 holy priests of the Society. We have also added nearly 1,000 new souls from across the world these past two weeks, not counting the entire families enrolled, which include countless Souls. 

What is most edifying is the number of diocesan priests that have joined the Society. Don't get us wrong -- we love our traditional order priests! That being said, while many try daily to split the traditional movement, with false "angelic" words, attempting to pit us against each other, it's incredible to get diocesan parish priests to ignore this work of the Devil and offer the Traditional Mass for the Souls. It is also so very wonderful to hear from many diocesan priests what Rorate means for them in their daily lives as they strive towards sanctity. 

Priests: The Souls still need more of you saying Mass for them! Please email me to offer your services. There's nothing special involved -- all you need to do is offer a weekly or monthly TLM with the intention: "For the Souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society."

How to enroll souls: please email me at and submit as follows: "Name, State, Country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Ohio, USA". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well. And please try to follow this formatting strictly. 

Please consider forwarding this Society to your family and friends, announcing from the pulpit during Holy Mass or listing in your church bulletin. We need to spread the word and relieve more suffering souls.

Please pray for the enrolled Souls and the 26 holy priests saying Traditional Masses for the Society:

"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...

Almighty and ever living God,
we ask Thy blessing upon the priests
who offer Masses for the Purgatorial Society.
Give them a greater awareness of the grace
that Thou dost pour out through the Sacraments,
and by their devout celebration of the Sacred Mysteries,
increase in them a love for Thee.
Give strength to Thy priests, O Shepherd of the flock;
when they are in doubt, give them the assurance of faith,
and in Thy goodness confirm them as heralds of Thy Truth
to all who seek to follow in Thy path.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Priest,
Who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity with the Holy Ghost,
God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:

The Caso-Rosendi family, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Joseph Forrai, Erd,  Hungary
Lita Logarta, Metro Manila, Philippines
Piero Bosso, Turin, Italy
Fabrizia Morandi, Rome, Italy
Fr. Agostino Maria Suvalov, Paris, France
Fr. Cesare Tondini, Rome, Italy
Anna Sartoris, Turin, Italy
Servant of God, Mother Maria Luigia Clarac, Turin, Italy
Servant of God, Mother Odile Chiara Serra, Turin, Italy
Servant of God, Sr. Maria Consolata Betrone, Moncalieri, Italy
Amedea Vercellone, Turin, Italy
Princess Maria Clotidle di Savoia, Turin, Italy
Sr. Anna Michelotti, Turin, Italy
Maria Vittoria dal Pozzo Cisterna, Turin, Italy
Teresa Miniotti, Turin, Italy
Caterina Savio, Canischio, Italy
Riccardo Frasca, Canischio, Italy
Giovanni Braida, Canischio, Italy
Annetta Dupuy, Canischio, Italy
Maria Donna, Canischio, Italy
Carlo Forlani, Canischio, Italy
Antonio Frasca, Canischio, Italy
Giuseppe Silotto, Canischio, Italy
Vitale Bianco, Canischio, Italy
Maria Cinotto, Canischio, Italy
Giovanni Prina, Canischio, Italy
Bianco Domenica, Canischio, Italy
Angela Braida, Canischio, Italy
Domenico Fogliasso, Canischio, Italy
Giovanni Frasca, Canischio, Italy
Carolina M. Buffo, Canischio, Italy
Domenica Pecchenino, Canischio, Italy
Giacomo Marca, Canischio, Italy
Pietro Gioannini, Canischio, Italy
Battista Frasca, Canischio, Italy
Giuseppe Donna, Canischio, Italy
Virginia Marca, Canischio, Italy
Battista Gioannini, Canischio, Italy
Vincenzo Gioannini, Canischio, Italy
Giacomo Moschero, Canischio, Italy
Giovanni Gioannini, Canischio, Italy
Domenico Frasca, Canischio, Italy
Domenico Fassino, Canischio, Italy
Domenica Fogliasso, Canischio, Italy
Domenico Bosone, Canischio, Italy
Giuseppe Gioannini, Canischio, Italy
Maria Anna Gioannini, Canischio, Italy
Andrea Bianco, Canischio, Italy
Francesco Vaira, Canischio, Italy
Pietro Ferro, Canischio, Italy
Lucia Giacoma, Canischio, Italy
Antonio Gioannini, Canischio, Italy
Giovanni Giacoma, Canischio, Italy
Domenico Cattarello, Canischio, Italy
Maria M. Gioannini, Canischio, Italy
Maria Cinotto, Canischio, Italy
Giacomo Franza, Canischio, Italy
Rosa Ferrero, Canischio, Italy
Giovanni Savio Cuino, Canischio, Italy
Stefano Ferro, Canischio, Italy
Virginia M. Ferrero, Canischio, Italy
Domenica Cattarello, Canischio, Italy
Giorgio Giovannini, Canischio, Italy
Domenica Donna, Canischio, Italy
Pietro Donna, Canischio, Italy
Carlo Fogliasso, Canischio, Italy
Giovanni Buffa, Canischio, Italy
Margaret Hilda Thatcher, United Kingdom
John A. Reich, Iowa, USA
Michael Goodwin, Pennsylvania, USA
Jim Castro, Guam
Barske family CT USA
Lawlor family Ct USA
Edna May Houd Ct USA
Joan Karagich  Tx USA
Matthew Warren, California, USA
Francis Augustine
Cruz Augustine
Agnes Augustine
Cruz Alby
Emmanuel Joseph
Fr. Martin Rubicky
Fr. Malachi Martin
Mr. Robert Stephen
Mrs. Irene Stephen
Mr. Anthony Cyril Stephen
Mr. Benedict Lourdes
Mr. and Mrs Pasquel
Ms. Hilda
Mr. and Mrs Nayagam
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Micah
Bro. Lawrence Spitzig
Charles Pegg, Pennsylvania, USA
Tony DiNunno, Pennsylvania, USA
George Perkins and the Perkins family, Pennsylvania, USA
Mrs. Hoge, Pennsylvania, USA
Fr. John Malloy, SDB, California, USA
Sr. Mary Francis Sharbel, PCPA, AL, USA
Roger Ebert, Illinois, USA
Vicente Jayme, Metro Manila, Philippines
Guy Puma, Oregon, USA
Sean Savage, Belfast, Ireland
Helen O'Brien Kessen
David Williams
Sharon Knoerzer
Linda Kessen
Patricia Sanderson
John & Mary Kessen
Henry & Marie Taake
George & Anna Van Velzer
Thomas & Ellen Tingle
George & Pauline O'Brien
Winthrop O'Brien
Ross & Eula Williams
Margaret Davis
Wendell Krizan
Sam Manarchy
Richard Williams
Juliann Nanette Kessen
Stan & Glenyce Hack
Fernando Y. Reyes -  Manila, Philippines
Caridad C. Reyes - Manila, Philippines
Fernando C. Reyes, Jr. - Manila, Philippines
Florante C. Reyes - Manila, Philippines
Yolanda Holliger, New York, USA
Lícia Santos, Bahia, Brazil
Ernestina Lopes, Bahia, Brazil
Onélia Lopes, Bahia, Brazil
Alzira Bantim, Bahia, Brazil
Almira Almeida, Bahia, Brazil
Victor Seguin, Alberta, Canada
Blanche Brink, Alberta, Canada
Jay Smith Nova Scotia Canada
Gordon Sullivan Nova Scotia Canada
George Nathanson, Mexico City, Mexico
Eloy Agiular, McAllen Texas
Nida B. Rosario, Metro Manila, Philippines
Edsel Y. Beja, Metro Manila, Philippines
Bobby Parks, Metro Manila, Philippines
Brett D. Shadle, Pennsylvania, USA
Serafin S. Ibarra, California, USA
Margaret E. Ibarra, California, USA
Stephen R. Ibarra, California, USA
Robert Ybarra, California, USA
Erika Ybarra, California, USA
Noah Ybarra, California, USA
Maria A. Ybarra, California, USA
Hazel R. Dingman, New York, USA
Mable M. Dingman, New York, USA
Morgan O. Dingman, New York, USA
Rose E. Russ, New York, USA
Lorenzo Edgerton, MI, USA
Amada Ybarra, Zacatecas, Mexico
Tiburcio Ybarra, Zacatecas, Mexico
Ricardo Ybarra, Zacatecas, Mexico
Augustina Ybarra, Zacatecas, Mexico
Ang Chiao Sing   -  Pasay City, Philippines
Ang Chaio Sing & family, Philippines and Fukian, China and USA
Bienvenido Alfonso  -  Pasay City, Philippines
Hermenegilda Benitez Banal - Paranaque, Philippines
Menas Benitez -  Paranaque, Philippines
Ambrosio Benitez - Tacloban City, Philippines
Milagros Villanueva Benitez - Tacloban City, Philippines
Crisogono Benitez - Tacloban City, Philippines
Pastora Kahano - Tacloban City, Philippines
Daniel Benitez - Tacloban City, Philippines
Estratonico Anano - Quezon City, Philippines
Antoinette Santos Cuisia - Quezon City, Philippines
John Martin Johnson - Jacksonville, Arkansas, USA
Angela Muniz Ancheta - Quezon City, Philippines
Michael H. Pedlar, British Columbia, Canada
James Brian Sweeney, British Columbia, Canada
Guide D'Angelo, British Columbia, Canada
Michele Delli Pizzi, British Columbia, Canada
Yvonne Edith Marie Doucette, British Columbia, Canada
Giuseppe Nardi, British Columbia, Canada
Florence Carmen Scoppa, British Columbia, Canada
Anne Turcic, British Columbia, Canada
Fr. Aurele J. Robichaud, Louisiana, USA
Vivienne T. Swords, Louisiana, USA
O. Wayne Swords, Louisiana, USA
Ruby G. Baggett, Louisiana, USA
Octavia B. Ayres, Louisiana, USA
Anthony Sullivan, South Carolina, USA
Maxine M. Sullivan, South Carolina, USA
William C. Sullivan, South Carolina, USA
Joshua M. Bertrand, Louisiana, USA
Alissa K. Sonnier, Louisiana, USA
Liza Hollingsworth, South Carolina, USA
Maude S. Fridge, Louisiana, USA
Mike Fridge, Louisiana, USA
Johnny Carson, Louisiana, USA
Johnny Segura, Louisian, USA
Hine Unkel, Louisiana, USA
Charles H. Unkel, Louisiana, USA
Eulalie T. Unkel, Louisiana, USA
Francis M. Tessier, Louisiana, USA
Ella B. Tessier, Louisiana, USA
Joseph Donnelly,New Jersey,USA
Anne Donnelly,New Jersey,USA
Regina Donnelly,Pennsylvania,USA
Katherine Gorman,New Jersey,USA
Maria Albano Gaeta, Italy
Giannino Albano, Gaeta, Italy
Giuseppe Dell'Anno Gaeta, Italy
Maria Dell'Anno, Gaeta, Italy
Cosmo Dell'Anno Gaeta, Italy
Paolo Dell'Anno Gaeta Italy
Luigi Dell'Anno Gaeta, Italy
Geppina Dell'Anno Gaeta, Italy
Apostolo Viola, Gaeta, Italy
Salvatore Dell'Anno Medford, Ma
Maria Luisa LaPorta, Pratola Serra, Italy
Domenico LaPorta, Pratola Serra, Italy
Domenic Musto Roslindale, MA
David Musto, Roslindale, Ma
Mr. Rainer Schmidt, Vienna, Austria
Mr. Rudolf Smaha, Vienna, Austria
Mrs. Maria Smaha, Vienna, Austria
Mr. Rudolf Schmidt, Vienna, Austria
Mrs. Karoline Schmidt, Vienna, Austria
Jacqueline Damato
Frank Abruzino
Brother Dominic Bedor
Michael Messuck
Ralph Klein, Alberta, Canada
Art Phillips, British Columbia, Canada
Ralph Klein, Alberta, Canada
Lito Alvarez, Lima Peru
Eugene Delgado, Miami Florida
Lena Delgado, Flossmoor, Illinois
Dr. Raul Delgado Family, Tinley Park, Ilinois
Oscar I. Delgado Family, Gainesville, Florida
Kent Johnstone, Flossmoor, Illinois
Dr. Thomas Flemming, Olympia Fields, Illinois
Joseph J. Betzler
Emma A. Betzler
William H. Betzler
Lillian Betzler
William F. Betzler
George Betzler
Robert Betzler
Margaret Betzler
Ethel Green
John Green
Katherine Wethern
Oliver Wethern
Louise Schaible
Mary Furey
Dan Furey
Fr. James Furey
Lillian Ostrowski
Bernard Ostrowski
George Hunt Sr.
Florence Hunt
Thomas Miles
Agnes Miles
C. Green
Dave Wethern
Lou Wethern
Marion Wethern
Willam Smith Sr.
Grace Smith
Al Smith
Ida Smith
Richard Smith
Bonnie Smith
John Genskay
Grace Genskay
William Smith Jr.
Edmund Borchart
Norma Borchart
John Miles
Leona Miles
Ray Struck
Leo Wethern
Clarence Lathrop
Louise Lathrop
Michael Kelly
Dick D. Smith
Mary Smith
Paul Bedard
Jean Bedard
Nellie Marquez, TX, USA
The Kanning Family, Plentywood, MT
Ollie Bach, Minot, ND
Darlene Walsh, Minot, ND
James Walsh, Minot, ND
Magdalena Walsh, Minot, ND
Glenn Fornes, Denver, CO
Betty Kelly, Denver, CO
Msgr. Basil Smochko, OH, USA
Father Emil Masich, PA, USA
Bernadine Rose McNamara, Tucson, Arizona
James Joseph McNamara, Tucson, Arizona
Virginia Joseph Parkhill, McAllen, Texas
Thomas Parkhill, Jr., McAllen, Texas
Kathi Higdon, McAllen, Texas
Joseph McNamara, Cleveland, Ohio
Clare McNamara, Cleveland, Ohio
Father Clarke Moore, Tucson, Arizona
Father Joseph Baker, Tucson, Arizona
Father Devine, Tucson, Arizona
Father Malachi Martin, New York
Father Malley, Tucson, Arizona
Sister Lenore, Cleveland, Ohio
Sister Nancy Fahey, Santa Maria, California
The Parkhill Families
The Joseph Families
The McNamara Families
The Scarpelli Families
The Schreiber Families
The Chapman Families
Peter Casey Dublin Ireland
James O'Malley County Mayo Ireland
Sarah Kilcoyne County Mayo Ireland
Patrick Kilcoyne County Mayo Ireland
Joseph Costello County Cork Ireland
Maurice Costello County Cork Ireland
Bea Costello County Cork Ireland
Tom Mullee Dublin Ireland
The Ingrosso Family Puglia Italy
The Ingrosso Family Padova Italy
The Scardin Family Padova Italy
Msgr. Basil Smochko, OH, USA
Father Emil Masich, PA, USA
Raul Munita (Chile)
Carmen Troup (Chile)
José Manuel Izquierdo (Chile)
Horacio Izquierdo (Chile)
Andrés Concha (Chile)
Josué Bianco, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Hercília Redivo Bianco, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Salete Savio Bianco, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Volnei Bianco, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Raulino Bianco, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Olavo Bianco, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Candido Bianco, Santa Catarina, Brazil
José Bianco, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Leontina Ascari Bianco, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Olivo Redivo, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Jacinta Vizentin Redivo, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Jacinto Dorigon, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Maria Crozetta Dorigon, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Claudete Medeiros Dorigon, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Juarez Dorigon Bianco, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Pascoal Delagiustina, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Achille G. Buscemi, California USA
David L. Hess Nevada USA
Dionisius Rudhy Haryanto Sutedjo, Indonesia
Wilhelmina Indrawati, Indonesia
Antonius Apong Sabarin, Indonesia
Wibowo Sutedjo, Indonesia
The Swan Nio, Indonesia
The Kiat Nio, Indonesia
Christopher Melky Tanujaya, Indonesia
Jan Sawicki, Poland
Josef and Janina Lapinscy, Poland
Josef and Emilia Sawiccy, Poland
Mieczyslaw and Marianna Lapinscy. Poland
Jadwiga Dembek, Poland
Eugeniusz and Halina Lapinscy, Poland
Tomasz Szklanko, Poland
Josef Lapinski, Poland
Sergio villanueva Godinez and family
Michohacan Mexico
Family D'Angona (Sepino, Italy)
Family Sanzó (Sepino, Italy)
Don Angelo Sanzó (Sepino, Italy)
Family Bergrath (Würselen, Germany)
Family Küppers (Würselen, Germany)
His Eminence Silvio Cardinal Oddi (Rome/Morfasso, Italy)
His Eminence Pietro Cardinal Palazzini (Rome, Italy)
His Excellency Bishop Marc-Antoine Berdolet (Aachen, Germany)
His Excellency  Bishop Joseph Vogt (Aachen, Germany)
His Excellency Bishop Hermann-Joseph Sträter (Aachen, Germany)
His Excellency Johannes Joseph Van der Velden (Aachen Germany)
His Excellency Johannes Pohlschneider (Aachen, Germany)
Rev. Fr. Matthias Bettendorf (Würselen, Germany)
Rev. Fr. Johannes Franziskus Bettendorf (Würselen, Germany)
Rev. Fr. Reiner Mörsheim (Würselen, Germany)
Rev. Fr. Heinrich Josef Müllejans (Würselen, Germany)
Rev. Fr. Nicolas Holzapfel (Würselen, Germany)
Rev. Fr. Wilhelm Moritz (Würselen, Germany)
Rev. Fr. Matthäus Jakob Keiser (Würselen, Germany)
Rev. Fr. Heinrich August Aloys Hubert Antwerpen (Würselen, Germany)
Rev. Fr. Wilhelm Heinrich Papst (Würselen, Germany)
Rev. Fr. Franz Michael Körfer (Würselen, Germany)
Rev. Fr. Jakob Brock (Würselen, Germany)
Rev. Fr. Engelbert Goergen (Würselen, Germany)
Rev. Fr. Paul Penczerzinsky (Würselen, Germany)
Rev. Fr. Alfons Maria Weigl (Lanquaid, Germany )
Rev. Fr. Roy de Bie (Guttecoven, Netherlands)
Arnold Strauch (Würselen, Germany)
Anna Becker (Hoengen, Germany)
Gertrud Heinen (Würselen, Germany)
Mr & Mrs Ed Shaffield Sr, AL, USA
Vincent Sweeney, WI, USA
Genevieve Sweeney, WI, USA
John Baker, WI, USA
Ella Baker, WI, USA
Heinrich Schoenfeld, WI, USA
Ida Schoenfeld, WI, USA
John J Baker, WI, USA
Anna Butz Baker, WI, USA
Christoph Baker, WI, USA
Katherine Feuerstein, WI, USA
Frank Baker, WI, USA
Mr & Mrs Frances Baker, WI, USA
Christ Baker, WI, USA
Mrs Christ Baker, CA, USA
Margureite Foy Baker, WI, USA
Butz family, WI, USA
Hugh Foy, WI, USA
Margaret Desmond Foy, WI, USA
Desmond Foy, WI, USA
Francis Mary Baker Hand, WI, USA
Dr FH Hand, WI, USA
George Butler, IL, USA
Mary Jean Butler, IL, USA
Steven Butler, IL, USA
Richard Giglio, WI, USA
Margaret Giglio, WI, USA
Edgar C Baker, WI, USA
Lester Tupper, WI, USA
Nelda Tupper, WI, USA
Lester Tupper Jr, WI, USA
Leona Tupper, WI, USA
Katherine Baker, WI, USA
Peter Baker, WI, USA
George J Baker, WI, USA
Florence Rohde, WI, USA
Mr & Mrs Walter Schoenfeld, WI, USA
Ida Schoenfeld, WI, USA
Arno Schoenfeld, WI, USA
Merle Martin, WI, USA
Delia Doherty, WI, USA
Caroline Wegener, WI, USA
Friedrich Wegener, WI, USA
William Wegener, WI, USA
Virginia Born, OH, USA
Charles Irish, IL, USA
Mr & Mrs Maurice Hall, AL, USA
Reed Green, AL, USA
BM Hogans, TN, USA
Sheridan Lindsay, WI, USA
Lucille Lindsay, WI, USA
Maxine Lindsay, IL, USA
John Holbrook, WI, USA
Ethel Holbrook, WI, USa
Betty Novotny, WI, USA
Wenzel family, WI, USA
Schultz family, WI, USA
Wm Mooney, WI, USA
James Hughes, WI, USA
Rev Carl Whelan, WI, USA
Rev Cletus Healy, WI, USA
Rev Father AJ July, WI, USA
Msgr Alphonse Popek, WI, USA
Willis Haumschild,  WI, USA
Florence Hauschild, WI, USA
Steven Haumschild, WI, USA
Sisters of St Agnes, WI, USA
Sara Schmitt, WI, USA
Rick Abler, WI, USA
Merlin Behlow, WI, USA
Pat Fifrick, WI, USA
Bob Fifrick, WI, USA
Joann Miller, WI, USA
Curt Hueppchen, WI, USA
Mark Zignego, WI, USA
Vern Zignego, WI, USA
Deicher family, WI, USA
Rev Dominic Roscioli, WI, USA
all consecrated souls
a holy soul no one prays for
a holy soul i have forgotten to pray for
holy souls I have injured or neglected
members of Our Lady of Angels, WI, USA
members of Our Lady Queen of Peace, WI, USA
members of St John the Baptist, wI, USA
members of Military Archdiocese, USA
members of St Marys and St Michaels, WI, USA
members of St Patricks and St Josephs, WI, USA
Carmelites of Holy Hill, WI, USA
Potwora Family, Illinois, USA
Junius Family, Georgia, USA
Lee Family, Illinois, USA
Junius Family, Illinois, USA
Lee Family, Florida, USA
West Family, Georgia, USA
Clark Family, Georgia, USA
Crosslin Family, Georgia, USA
Kuzmicki Family, Illinois, USA
Jensen Family, Colorado, USA
Foust Family, Georgia, USA
Podsiadly Family, Georgia, USA
Flock Family, Georgia, USA
Barnett Family, Georgia, USA
Pierce Family, Georgia, USA
Qualkenbush Family, California, USA
Polubinski Family, Illinois, USA
Hurst Family, California, USA
Swider Family, Illinois, USA
Ostrowski Family, Illinois, USA
Romanowski Family, Illinois, USA
Roche Family, Georgia, USA
Knight Family, Georgia, USA
Stricker Family, Illinois, USA
William S. Guentner, Virginia, USA
Clifford Critchley
Hilda and James McCusker
The McCusker family (Consett, England)
Sidney Kern Sr., Louisiana, US
Mary Kern, LA, US
Sidney Kern, LA US
Albert Kern LA US
George Kern LA, US
Althea Lee, LA, US
Robert Lee, LA US
Bobby Sutera LA US
Jimmy Sutera LA US
Erma Kern LA US
Eunice Looney LA US
Gerald Kern LA US
Marion Kern LA US
Louise Kern LA US
Frances Nunemacher LA US
Louis Nunemacher LA US
Patricia Marhoffer MA US    
William Marhoffer MA LA
Amy Marhoffer MA US
Helen Ballinger LA US
Vernon Ballinger LA US
Vilma LA US
Georgiana McKevitt LA US
Penrod Mortee LA US
John Rooney LA US
Walter "Bud" Kern  TX, USA
Edward Compeau, Edward Earl Compeau and Edward Compeau, Jr.
Marian Pope Compeau, MI, USA
Donna Southlea, MI, USA                                                                 
Carol Ann Josephson, MI, USA
Frederick Pope, MI, USA                                                                            
Sophia Pope, MI, USA                                                                              
Agnes Pope, MI, USA                                                                                
James Pope, MI, USA
Charles Pope, MI, USA                                              
Catherine Pope Bromhead, MI, USA
Victoria Mayville Compeau, MI, USA
Sophie Kokoshikwe, MI, USA
Charles Miron, MI, USA
William Miron, MI, USA
Archange Miron, MI, USA
George Lee Barnes, MI, USA
Phillip Menaugh, MI, USA
Anthony DiLisio, MI, USA
Byron Fouty, MI, USA
Fr. Armand Mayville, MI, USA
Fr. John Hardon, MI, USA
Fr. Raymond Clancy, MI, USA
John Currie, MI, USA
Ben Carlos Burge, MI, USA
Jeremiah Riordan, MI, USA
Bridget Riordan, MI, USA
Dennis Nash, MI, USA
Andrew Bechard, MI, USA
Alice Bechard, MI, USA
Edmund Bechard, MI, USA
Patrick Caldwell, Louisiana, USA
Katherine Wilcheski, Pennsylvania, USA
Joseph F. Wilcheski, Pennsylvania, USA
Peter Wilcinski, Pennsylvania, USA
Anna Chronozy, Pennsylvania, USA
Alvisse, Saleh & Langton Families, Australia
Thomas William Bischoff, Oregon, USA
Alphonse Aloysius Schacher, Oregon, USA
Helen Schacher, Oregon, USA
Gladys Marie Holweger, Oregon, USA
David Holweger, Oregon, USA
Herman Bischoff, Minnesota, USA
Jerome Bischoff, Oregon, USA
William Francis Lemen, Minnesota, USA
Gertrude Moeller, Minnesota, USA
Roman Wolfe, Oregon, USA
Lenore Wolfe, Oregon, USA
John Lemen, Ohio, USA
George Lemen, Minnesota, USA
Alfred Carregal, North End, Boston, Ma USA
Joseph Zalewski, PA, United States
Kathleen Walker, MD, United States
Fred Walker, MD, United States
Rose Zalewski, PA, United States
Walter Zalewski, PA, United States
Richard Hobbs, MD, United States
Borio Mauro
Ragusa Family, Illinois USA
Reichstadt & Seliga & Fritz Family, Minnesota USA
John Greenhall, New York, New York
Jean Chang, Salt Lake City, Utah
John Metos, Salt Lake City, Utah
Argie Kounalis, Salt Lake City, Utah
Richard Jones, Salt Lake City, Utah
Chris Jones, Salt Lake City, Utah
Harry Reems, Park City, Utah
John Hawkins, Salt Lake City, Utah
Debra Nevinski, Hamtramck, Michigan
Linda Wojtowicz, Troy, Michigan
Linda Pando, Roseville, Michigan
Lorraine Conner, Sandy, Utah
Gil Conner, Kearns, Utah
Virginia Czoykowski, Hamtramck, Michigan
Raymond Jurkiewicz, Hamtramck, Michigan
Daniel Jurkiewicz, Hamtramck, Michigan
Sam Morabito, Clinton Township, Michigan
Loretta Morabito, Clinton Township, Michigan
Edward Drzewiecki, Roseville, Michigan
Katherine Wojowicz, Hamtramck, Michigan
Fred Wojtowicz, Hamtramck, Michigan
Genevieve Czajkowski, Center Line, Michigan
John Czajkowski, Center Line, Michigan
Phillip Nevinski, Detroit, Michigan
Mark Sawa, Detroit, Michigan
Adam Majewski, Detroit, Michigan
Patrice Berlin, Hamtramck, Michigan
ames "Coach" Murray, Ohio, USA.
Mark Hussein of Sydney, Australia
Sybil Maslen of Sydney, Australi
Tony Olivarez, CA, USA
Juan Miranda, CA, USA
Ramon Miranda, CA, USA
Maria Barajas Miranda, Mexico
Maria Ellena Mirana, CA, USA
Tony Miranda, CA, USA
Jose Miranda, CA, USA
Arturo Miranda, CA, USA
Lela Miranda, CA, USA
Giovanni Tarabocchia, New Jersey, USA
Matteo Tarabocchia, Susak, Croatia
Domenico Hroncich, New Jersey, USA
Rosalind L. Siy, Metro Manila, Philippines
Mrs. Joan Dika, Alberta, Canada
Muriel and Melville Walters, & family, British Columbia Canada
Stephen and Teresa Band & family, British Columbia Canada
Martin Walters & family, Alberta Canada
Todd and Lisette Holt & family, Ontario Canada
The Camparmo Family, British Columbia Canada
The Tallarico Family, British Columbia Canada
Cathy Holt, British Columbia Canada
Adelino Machado, Lordelo Guimarães, Portugal
Mr.Louis Volino
Mrs. Rose Volin0
 Mr. Antonio J.Benemia
Mrs. Maria Benemia
Mr. Anthony Volino
Dorothy Florack
Fr. James P. Collins,
Fr. Joseph Egan
Fr. Henry Adamski
Fr. Thomas Florack
Juan Pastor Hurtado Ubeda
José Gomez
Carol Madden, NH, USA
Pauline Madden, NH, USA
Josephine Madden, NH, USA
J. Clement Madden, NH, USA
Alfred Tris , NH , USA
Katherine Tris , NH , USA
Lorraine Haskell , NH , USA
Miriam Fujimaki, ME, USA
The McKellick Family , ME , USA
The Smith Family , NH , USA
Raymond Van De Moortell
Rose May Van De Moortell
Rev. John A. Kelly, S.J.
Rev. Francis X. Ryan, S.J.
Rev. Peter J. Fleming, S.J.
Arthur Blenski, Sr., Wisconsin, USA
Roy Estell Ezell, Michigan. USA
Martin Luther Pierce, Missouri. USA
Patrick Clougherty Pennsylvania USA
Margaret O'Rourke Clougherty, Pennsylvania. USA
Christopher Michael Clougherty. Pennsylvania. USA
Mrs Margaret Dunne, Laoise, Ireland
James "Jimmy" Fassino, Wisconsin, USA
Rose Catani, Minnesota, USA
Adrian Catani, Minnesota, USA
Helene Baird, Minnesota, USA
Heather Mulcrone, Minnesota, USA
The Schwartz Family, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
The Suermann Family, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Kevin Rocks, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Raymond A. Waite, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Jerome Dubeck, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Ignatius Quinn, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Mary Solecki, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Veronica Schwartz, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
P. Fitzgerald, NJ USA
John A. Murza Ontario, Canada
Anna Murza  Ontario, Canada
Mary Biales Ontario, Canada
Florence Altadonna Florida, USA
Barbara Cuva Florida , USA
Patricia Lamonica Florida, USA
Silvana Alcivar New York, USA
Beatrice Jones Ontario, Canada
The family of Rafael Rivera
The family of Guillermo Luna
Mrs. Soledad Camus, Chile
Mr. Gustavo Olivares Goldsworthy, Chile
Mr. Gustavo Olivares Cosulich, Chile
Miss Marjorie Hunter, Chile
Mr. Andrew Hunter, Chile
Mr. Carlos Camus, Chile
Mss. Inés Correa, Chile
Mss. Lucy Goldsworthy, Chile
Thomas Hennessey, Ohio, USA
Helen Hennessey, Ohio, USA
Richard Thieman, Ohio, USA
Thieman Family, Ohio, USA
Hennessey Family, Ohio, USA
Wittman Family, USA
Rose Broering, Ohio, USA
Joseph Gordon Krug, Pennsylvania, USA
Christopher Catt, NY, USA
Barbara Robotham, NE, USA
Ruth Robotham, NE, USA
William Robotham, NE, USA
Lela Robotham, NE, USA
Charles Wise, KS, USA
Elizabeth Wise, KS, USA
Rita A. Lantz, Maryland, USA
Roy M. Lantz, Sr., Maryland, USA
Father FrancisXavier,  llinois   USA
Sister Mary Eudes, Pennsylvania USA
Sister Marie de Sales,  Pennsylvania USA
Sister Mary Anselma, Pennsylvania USA
J. T Clougherty, Pennsylvania            USA
Alberta Clougherty, Pennsylvania USA
Paul Clougherty, Pennsylvania USA
Regis Clougherty, Wisconsin  USA
Mary Clougherty, Wisconsin  USA
Dennis Clougherty, Pennsylvania USA
Mary Clougherty, Pennsylvania USA
Mark Clougherty, Pennsylvania USA
Agnes Budinski, Pennsylvania           USA
Grace Broscoe, Ohio   USA
Norman Broscoe, Ohio USA
Karen Clougherty, Wisconsin USA
Harold Armfield, California USA
Macella Armfield, California USA
Irene Ennis, California            USA
Katherine Ennis, California USA
Robert Armfield, California USA
Katherine Armfield, California USA
Mary Novitski,            California USA
Monica Novitski, California USA
Margaret Novitski, Wisconsin            USA
Hila Poe, Missouri USA
Martin Luther Poe, Missouri USA
Jean Clougherty, Mighigan USA
Leo Clougherty, Michigan USA
Michael Judge, Michigan USA
Charles Garbonm, Ohio USA
Edna Garbon,  Ohio USA
Bernice Ezell,  Michigan USA
Roy Ezell, Michigan USA
Ted Ezell, Michigan USA
Bernard Berding, Ohio USA
Rita Berding, Ohio USA
Fredrick Cappel, Jr. Ohio USA
Louise Cappel,            Ohio USA
Marty McClelland, Ohio USA
Edmund Rossi,           Pennsylvania USA
Emma Rossi, Pennsylvania USA
Helen Bort, Ohio USA
Francis Bort, Ohio USA
Paul Kieffer, New York USA
Thomas Schaub, New York USA
Bill Neu, Ohio USA
Bishop Johnson Akio Mutek, South Sudan
William Greene, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Magdalena Koep, Rottgen, Germany
Brigid Fiddimore, Armagh, Ireland
Rose Burns, Co. Cavan, Ireland
John A. Reich, Iowa, USA
Henrietta B. Schmadeke, Iowa, USA
Louis J Schmadeke, Iowa, USA
Fr. James M. Daley, New York, USA
Mr. Donald McCollister, New York, USA
Mrs. Florine McCollister, New York, USA
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Evans, New York, USA
Mr. David Campbell, New York, USA
Samuel, Georgia, USA
Floyce, Alabama, USA
Soledad Seaone Voss.  Carmichael CA, USA
Neil Phillips Jr, California, USA
David Watson Jeffords, Texas, USA
John Allen, WI, USA
Howard Anderson, WI, USA
WIlla Christianson, WI, USA
Theodore Covelli, WI, USA
Gerardo DeFranco, WI, USA
Lori Ehredt, WI, USA
Doris Eisenhauer, WI, USA
Joseph Gabron Sr., WI, USA
Robert Gagnon, WI, USA
William Gerber, WI, USA
Tom Gruszynski, WI, USA
Sara Haley, WI, USA
Elaine Hall, WI, USA
Dale Hansen Sr., WI, USA
Sharon Herr, WI, USA
Edward Koslowski, WI, USA
Francis Kramer, WI, USA
Arthur Kull, WI, USA
Joseph Lang, WI, USA
Lisa Leach, WI, USA
Marian Ledanski, WI, USA
Chester Lorenz, WI, USA
Alvin Morotz, WI, USA
Calvin Martin Sr., WI, USA
Carol McCarver, WI, USA
Robert Metcalf, WI, USA
Stella Norton, WI, USA
Roberta Grove Osborn, WI, USA
Ruth Price, WI, USA
Rochelle Reinke, WI, USA
Sharon Schnell, WI, USA
Steven Sluga,WI, USA
Edna Townsend, WI, USA
Kay Trentadue, WI, USA
Lillian VanLiere, WI, USA
Everett Vaux, WI, USA
Donald Webb, WI, USA
Elizabeth Hicks England
Jeremiah Holland England
Mary Holland England
Mr. Robert E. Reavis of Miami, Oklahoma USA


Lynda said...

Is this for the souls of both the living and the dead?

Adfero said...

Lynda, this is only for the dead. Thanks.

D. Harold said...

What is wrong in offerring the Ordinary Rite of Mass as lawfully promulgated by Pope Paul VI- both legitmate and licit. After all it is the Ordinary for of MASS of the Roman Catholic Church. If it's good enough for Pope Francis to say it should be good enough for You too! And why didn't your blogg condemn the heretical statement made by Fellay inwhich he publicly said the Rite of Mass of Paul VI was both illicit and Evil! Clear heresy! But hiopefully, Pope Francis will give them more to 'condemn' LOL's.

Adfero said...

D. Harold, I totally get this is humor. But I am asked this time to time and from priests as well.

While there is no question the Novus Ordo, done according to rubrics, is efficacious to the Souls, our Society has a special charism and it involves the use of the TLM exclusively.

Now, I know there are priests saying Novus Ordo Masses for these souls, and we would never discourage that. We will not, however, count them in the official priest count. It would be like a Dominican order listing the Ambrosian Rite Masses being said as their own!