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Priest Needed in Florida

UPDATE: There was an error in the email address, please use new one, below:

From a reader:
The Latin Mass Society of the Palm Beaches (Florida, USA) is in need of an active or retired priest who can say Mass this summer. In the summer months, the Sunday Mass in the Extraordinary Form is suspended until the first of October. We are in need a priest for just a few Sundays during this time period. He must be able to get faculties in the Dioceses of Palm Beach. If you are -- or you know of -- a priest that is willing to help, please contact William McVeigh at 


Restoration said...

What a crime that the lay faithful have to put out a plea on a global Catholic website to beg for a priest in the Diocese of Palm Beach. This is not mission country, but a fabulously wealthy area of Florida. Why has the diocese not made arrangements for a priest to minister to the traditional Catholics there?

I am not Spartacus said...

A Dead Diocese can not produce fruit; lemons, grapefruits and oranges, yes - but not the fruit about which you speak.

During the dark days of the Indult, I asked my Pastor is he'd seek permission for an Indult; "There are only two Indults available for the Diocese and they are spoken for but I love the old Mass and if I could, I'[d offer it ever week."

And so, after S.P. I asked him to offer the Mass; "I am not interested."

Cest la vie in the New Order where promises bear fruit like Mules bear offspring.