Rorate Caeli

"The one you are looking for, He is not here"

I am here, as it has often happened recently, by my mother's sickbed as she is deeply asleep.

There is something that has struck me today, and I think it should be said.

There are two priests who, in recent months, have been in a kind of Rorate-trance. Those priests feel the need to criticize us, and attack me personally - even though I do not know them -, no matter what. It is clear that both follow the blog as great fans, since they seem to react to almost every single thing we write. If we wrote "the sky is blue", than one would try to gauge the malicious motivation behind the statement, with exclamation marks and requests "in goodness and kindness", while the other would say grayly and chivalrously, "a statement such as 'the sky is blue' proves what is wrong and evil with traditionalists". They seem even to read each comment, which even we cannot do, since we are several moderators with other activities, working freely in this small blog with hundreds of comments left for moderation each day. 

Anyway, this got me thinking. In the past few months, I took the unusual step of bringing a very personal matter to the blog and asking you for prayers for the health of my mother. Now, despite the fact that I am positive that these two priests could not have missed these requests, since they were made repeatedly, not once did they mention it in their blogs, nor once did they (like so many other priests who read us) contact me in private to give me words of comfort and offer me their prayers, putting their differences with us (we have no disagreement with them) to the side. No, they just kept their unrelenting and - in many ways - deeply and puzzlingly personal attacks.

Disconcerting, is it not? Sometimes one really does find greater faith, and charity, with pagan centurions than in all of Israel, particularly some Levites...