Rorate Caeli

The real St. Francis

From the Catholic Encyclopedia: 

Francis's lightsomeness had its source in that entire surrender of everything present and passing, in which he had found the interior liberty of the children of God; it drew its strength from his intimate union with Jesus in the Holy Communion. 

The mystery of the Holy Eucharist, being an extension of the Passion, held a preponderant place in the life of Francis, and he had nothing more at heart than all that concerned the cultus of the Blessed Sacrament. 

Hence we not only hear of Francis conjuring the clergy to show befitting respect for everything connected with the Sacrifice of the Mass, but we also see him sweeping out poor churches, questing sacred vessels for them, and providing them with altar-breads made by himself. 

So great, indeed, was Francis's reverence for the priesthood, because of its relation to the Adorable Sacrament, that in his humility he never dared to aspire to that dignity.


Pio Kolby said...

From the real St. Frances to the real Pope Frances. Actions speak louder than words. Watch from 8:00 to 8:20
Please pray for Pope Frances.

Marko Ivančičević said...

Make some like button available so i can like this a thousand times. :)

backtothefuture said...

The real St.Francis indeed. Francis was no hippie. Having the stigmata is not for the faint of heart.

Barbara said...

One day up, the next day down, with Pope Francis. Or at least a little up and a little down with a faint trepidation underneath. I watched that video Pio Kolby - depressing and disturbing.

I hope as Pope he has now had a radical change and would never ever handle the Sacred Host in such a way anymore.

Who knows what to make of it all?

St Francis, pray for Pope Francis and all the people under his care.

alfred caulkin said...

i reckon the other way to read pio kolby's video is to see how hungry people are for the Eucharist and how eager to encounter Christ they are.

perhaps what we see is crude and vulgar. yet the longing of the crowd is genuine. with respect, i find it strange that people so devoted to Christ in Eucharist are willing dismiss the impulse toward holiness found in the crowd when much of the world is content to ignore Christ.

susan said...

Alfred...did you see the sacred Host consumed? Neither did the Bishop.

Aaron said...

please friend post this link in comments for the inerrant Word of GOD does not evolve. It is numerous Church fathers quotes against evolution.

alfred caulkin said...

susan, excellent point.