Rorate Caeli

You Report: Triduum in Australia

Summorum Pontificum Wangaratta hosted the Sacred Triduum at the Glenrowan Catholic Church this past holy week. Attracting people from all over the country, the Mass was beautifully sung by members of the Sacred music Choir, Prima Luce and other local singers with the serving provided also by young men from across Australia. 

'SPWang' president, Ignatius Corboy, 22, was overjoyed with the smoothness in which the Triduum was conducted and hoped that SPWang's example could lead to similar organisations being formed in the often depleted and spiritually starved regions of Australia. Mr. Corboy also thanked all those who made an effort, both big and small and a special recognition to the parents of the many children who were especially taken in by the splendor of the liturgy. "It's so important to expose even the youngest of children to this incredible gift that the Church provides for us at this time of year. I hope we have had a positive impact on them. 

Founded in 2006, Summorum Pontificum Wangaratta is a lay-led organisation operating with the blessing of St. Patrick's Catholic Parish, Wangaratta and the Sandhurst Diocese. SPWang aims to provide the classical liturgy of the Catholic Church to all those living in the North East of Victoria who desire it and actively embrace the Motu Propio of Benedict XVI, Summorum Pontificum, and the instructional document of Ecclesia Dei, Universae Ecclesiae.