Rorate Caeli

A post about something truly important:
A beautiful portable Altar for the Most Holy Sacrifice

After so many weeks of matters that will pass and will not last (merely "itch for novelties", cf. 2Tm iv, 3), something that joins all those things we love about Tradition, always ancient and new: simplicity, austerity, beauty, functionality, durability, and the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Reader Rick Murphey sends us the report:

Our FSSP Parish Pastor asked me to build him a portable altar, after he saw and blessed a “wayside shrine” I built for one of my relatives. He said he had been given an antique altar stone some years ago and he wanted to have a portable altar built that would hold the stone, and that he could use in his travels.

I ultimately came up with this model that has two drawers – that hold his complete Mass kit. The extending arms of the altar rest on the drawers as support when open and also act as protection of the altar stone when closed. The lid has a small “inlay” area into which his crucifix fits. When closed up, it is “carry-on size and weight” the dimensions being 22” (56 cm) x 14” (35.5 cm) x 9” (23 cm).

The wood used was “select grade” hemlock – a bit heavier than pine, but when fully loaded with the Mass kit it comes to 35 lbs (16 kg). It was a great honor to build this for him.