Rorate Caeli

Building the Church of E.T.

An ongoing exhibit in Rome (running from May 2 to June 2) is presenting 21 project proposals for the construction of three new parish complexes in Italy. These proposals had been submitted as part of a national competition organized and announced by the Italian Episcopal Conference in 2011, in line with the Italian hierarchy's goal of  "promoting the quality of sacred architecture". 

The 21 project proposals relate to the construction of three churches, one each in the north (St. James the Apostle, Ferrara), center (St. Ignatius of Laconi, Olbia) and south (St. Maria Goretti, Mormanno) of Italy, or 7 proposals per church. 

And the winners of the competition  are:

For the Parish of St. James the Apostle in Ferrara: 

For the Parish of St. Ignatius of Laconi in Olbia:

For the Parish of St. Maria Goretti in Mormanno:

H/t to Francesco Colafemmina of Fides et Forma for the links and pictures.

Unfortunately, as the brave little blog Fides et Forma has demonstrated in the past several years in numerous posts, these church designs are but the latest manifestations of the craze for ultra-modern "sacred art and architecture" being promoted by the Church in Italy.