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Restoration will not come from the old, the clergy or the episcopate ... but from the young


Pentecost Pilgrimage:
Young adult Catholics to walk and pray for Christian Culture

On Pentecost Sunday and Pentecost Monday, May 19th and 20th, Catholic young adults from across the state will walk from Lowell (in the Diocese of Grand Rapids) to Westphalia (in the Diocese of Lansing), camping in Ionia along the way.

A map of the 33 mile route can be found on the pilgrimage website and on the Facebook page.

A pilgrimage is a journey made to a holy place or shrine for the sanctification of the pilgrim; with the purpose of venerating a saint or martyr associated with the site; to pray to God; to ask for supernatural aid; to give thanks for favors received; or to discharge a religious obligation. The arduous journey, offered joyfully to God, represents our spiritual pilgrimage to the Heavenly City.

The focus of this pilgrimage is Christian Culture – pilgrims will both make concrete efforts towards Christian Culture in our liturgies and celebrations en route and will pray that God would inspire each of them as to how he or she might best win the culture for Christ when the pilgrimage has been completed.


Paul S. said...

As we say on our website - a big Thank You to the Marie Reine pilgrimage, which both helped inspire our pilgrimage and provided the picture, above!

This is our fifth year of working on young adult pilgrimages in Michigan, and the first time that two pastors have committed to celebrating Traditional Latin Masses for us. Onward and upward!

A particular invitation to Rorate Caeli readers : Send us flag ideas. Better, yet - send us flags!

As a pilgrim on the 2012 edition of the Marie Reine pilgrimage I carried and observed flags of the FSSP, of the Vatican, of the shrine destination, and of some of the parishes that sent pilgrims. We also carried several flags that developed historic French symbols in a way appropriate for a French Canadian pilgrimage.

We invite readers' suggestions of flags and banners which develop traditional pilgrimage symbols in American / Michiganian / midwestern ways. Please feel free to write-up descriptions or to send along links to pictures of existing or conceptual pilgrimage banners.
email to
or post a comment here.

Christian LeBlanc said...

I must say I think the years I'm spending catechizing children will bear more fruit over time than the years I catechized adults.

Et Expecto said...

We have something similar coming up in England in August. A walk from the ancient cathedral city of Ely to Walsingham, a distance of 55 miles, taken over two and a half days.

P.J.David said...

From a corner of India,Chennai,I as Traditional minded Catholic 71 years young,rejoice and send my Heartiest greetings to every one of the Pilgrims, the youth.
God has chosen every one of you for this wonderful event.May God Bless every one of you for you are the Christ's Light of the world.
Looking forward to share in your joy after the eveny through this Blog.
Mary,Our Mother, Bless every parent of these youth in a special way who raised them as good and devouted Catholics.

Beefy Levinson said...

Shameless plug alert: the young adult group Catholic Veritas is doing great things in the Diocese of Sacramento. They have activities every week such as Eucharistic Adoration and a new series where we go through the Summa question by question. I'm one of the grand old men at 32. They give me a lot of hope for the future of the Church in California.

Francisco said...


Saturday May 18, 2013

8:30 am – Gathering at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Loreto, located at Ladeira da Freguesia 375, Freguesia, Jacarepaguá, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

10:00 am – Outdoor Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, Church of Our Lady of Penna, sung by the Choir of the Infant Jesus from the Parish of our Lady of Perpetual Help and Saint Judas Thaddeus.

Celebrant: Rev. Fr. José Edilson de Lima, Personal Apostolic Administration of Saint John Mary Vianney

With the assistance of:
Rev. Mons. Jan Kaleta, Episcopal Vicar of the Vicariate of Jacarepaguá
Rev. Mons. José de Matos, Vicar General of the Personal Apostolic Administration of Saint John Mary Vianney
Rev. Fr. Henrique, Rector of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Penna
Rev. Fr. João Jefferson Chagas, Parish Priest of the Parish of Our Lady of Fatima of Olaria
Rev. Fr. Rafael Lugão, Personal Apostolic Administration of Saint John Mary Vianney

We welcome all to attend.

History of the Church of Our Lady of Penna, Frequesia, Jacarepaguá, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Church of Our Lady of Penna is one of the oldest in Rio de Janeiro. Those who visit find not only grace, but a beautiful panorama of Jacarepaguá viewed from a hilltop 170 meters high. The varied terrain and landscapes of the neighborhood flourish under the protection of the Virgin. The views extend across the granite outcroppings and forested hills of Tijuca, Gávea and Guaratiba; the ocean is visible in the distance.

The church was established on September 8, 1661, when a young black slave lost a cow belonging to his master and was threatened with a beating if he did not find it. In his desperation he asked the Virgin to protect him. To his surprise, on gazing at this hill where the church now stands, he saw an apparition of the Virgin pointing to where the cow could be found. The miracle was acknowledged by the land-owner who built a chapel to honor the event and freed the slave: it was the first recorded freeing of a slave in colonial Brazil. In 1664 Father Manuel de Araujo built the current church: “a fortified building, with walls of thick timbers, to resist the force of storms, pirates and Indian arrows. A house of prayer and defense for Christians.” Today, renovated to protect and maintain its original design, the church stands under the protection of the Patrimônia Histórico Nacional, a government organization that protects the nation's architectural heritage.

The walls of this church, said Brother Agostinho, “are testimony to her marvels, in the memorials, shrouds, paintings and wax stains that they keep.” Each miracle of Our Lady, each witnessed grace, is noted on the walls of this church. Here is the shroud of one who came back to life; here the crutches of one who was formerly crippled; legs, abdomens, arms, wax heads of people who were sick and then cured. There are locks of hair, photos, cards, a child's shoe – all the signs of things people asked of and were granted by the Virgin. In one niche is the skull of José Rodrigues de Aragão, a pious man who received a grace and donated a large swath of land to the church in 1771.

Our Lady of Penna has had another important influence, besides the many miracles attested to: when the church was being worked on in 1770 water had to be brought up the high hill with much labor. One old slave, exhausted, asked the help of Our Lady of Penna, and water flowed from a stone at the top; the water still runs today, and people call it the Spring of Miraculous Water.

Our Lady of Penna is the protector of the arts, sciences and publishing.

Unknown said...

We recently had our 1st Traditional Pilgrimage, too! It's just a 12-Km sacred walk, but through next time surely we will extend it!

Please check here!

Barbara said...

Our hope is in the young for sure but it is hard to give them exposure to Real Catholicism(at least where I live) because of all the usual impediments: prejudice, modernist Catholicism and too many priests and hierarchy who suffer from these maladies and who obstruct the traditional Catholic Restoration mainly by their indifference - by simply ignoring it. Besides the minds of the young have been sullied by "the softness" of the Mass of Paul VI. (of course -I don't mean to say that one cannot encounter Our Lord at the New Rite - before someone jumps down my throat - but the formation in thinking is different - in a negative way)

That is why we cannot shut up ever. I think The Future of our Church is in the Past.... but it will be mainly up to God this restoration it would seem ...we are too far gone and most of the powers that be are not budging from their modernisty mind-set....

I should certainly pray more intensely for all of this...we need priests who love Tradition to catechize the young - who are holy men - who love only God and souls - who are convincing because they are convinced. I don't think the lay can do this in the same way as we do not have the authority or the grace - we have other ways of operating for the restoration though - which seems more distant than ever as I write these few words.

But I beleive that holy priests are the answer and the future of Holy Church is in the past with the young leading the way!

Just my 2cents...

LeonG said...

This is what has authennticated the restoration movement to a great extent; the number of young involved gives the lie to the post-conciliar insinuation in the 1980s that it was only sentimentalism of the older generations which yearned for The Latin Mass. Every Society Mass I went to had at least 50% under the age of 30. This has continued. I was at an Istitute Mass today and tyhere were vastly more poung people than elderly.