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For the record: the full text of the prayer consecrating the pontificate of Pope Francis to Our Lady of Fatima

Cardinal Policarpio, Patriarch of Lisbon, consecrating the pontificate of Pope Francis to Our Lady of Fatima. May 13, 2013. Source

The bishops of Portugal and this multitude of pilgrims are at your feet, on the 96th anniversary of your apparition to the little shepherds in Cova de Iria, to fulfill Pope Francis’ clearly expressed wish, that we consecrate to you, Virgin of Fatima, his ministry as Bishop of Rome and universal shepherd. 

Thus we consecrate to you, Lady, who are Mother of the Church, the ministry of the new Pope. Fill his heart with the tenderness of God, which you felt like no one else, so that he will be able to embrace all the men and women of this time with the love of your Son Jesus Christ. Contemporary humanity needs to feel that it is loved by God and by the Church. Only by feeling loved will it overcome the temptation to violence, materialism, forgetfulness of God, the loss of its way. And it will be led by you to a new world where love will reign. 

Give him the gift of discernment, to be able to identify the paths for the renewal of the Church. Give him the courage not to hesitate in following the paths suggested by the Holy Spirit. Shelter him in the harsh hours of suffering, to overcome in charity the trials that the renewal of the Church will bring. Be always by his side, saying with him those words you know well: “I am the Handmaid of the Lord, let it be done unto me according to Thy word.”

The paths of the renewal of the Church lead us to discover the timeliness of the message that you gave the little shepherds: the exigency of conversion to God who has been offended, because He is so forgotten. Conversion is always a return to the love of God. God forgives because He loves us. This is why His love is called mercy. The Church, protected by your maternal solicitude and guided by this shepherd, must assert herself increasingly as the place of conversion and forgiveness, because in her, truth is always expressed in charity.

You indicated prayer as the decisive path of conversion. Teach the Church of which you are a member and model, so that we will be increasingly a people at prayer, in communion with the Holy Father, the first of this people who prays, and also in silent communion with the previous Pope, His Holiness Benedict XVI, who chose the path of the silent man of prayer, taking the Church more profoundly into the paths of prayer. 

In your message to the little shepherds, here in Cova de Iria, you highlighted the Pope’s ministry, “the man dressed in white.” Three of the last Popes were pilgrims to your shrine. Only you, Lady, in your maternal love for the whole Church, can put in Pope Francis’ heart the desire to be a pilgrim to this shrine. It is not something we can ask him for other reasons. Only the silent collaboration between you and him will attract him to this pilgrimage, in the certainty that he will be supported by millions of believers, willing to hear your message again. 

Here at this altar of the world, he will be able to bless humanity, to make today’s world feel that God loves all men and women of our time, that the Church loves them and that you, Mother of the Redeemer, lead them with tenderness on the paths of salvation. 

+JOSE, cardinal patriarch

Source: ZENIT


  1. Sorry! But sounds so much like the Church of the progressives. Feel, feel, feel. Our Catholic Church is one of Faith not feelings. What a disappointment!

  2. "You have seen Hell where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world, devotion to my Immaculate Heart." -Our Lady of the Rosary at Fatima

    Our Lady has been pushed aside by Vatican II's ecumenism. I don't see much hope in this latest offering by the Holy Father.

  3. Any text of any depth risks losing something in translation.

    In Latin languages (my experience is of Spanish and French, but the same will hold true with Italian and Portuguese etc.)words deriving from the Latin sentire flow against the tide of English-based thought and present particular difficulties with translation. So whereas an English dictionary might give the sole meaning of sentire as to feel, modern Latin languages use their verbs derived from sentire in more subtle ways. It can mean to sense, to smell (hence our word scent) and ultimately, to perceive. This, in all probability, is the subtlety that the translation fails to convey.

    If you re-read the final paragraph, and see that the prayer expresses the desire that one day the Pope should make a pilgrimage to Fatima, and that he should there bless mankind, and that all men should as a consequence perceive from within, through their souls, the love of God... then perhaps the prayer should not be faulted.

  4. "Only you, Lady, in your maternal love for the whole Church, can put in Pope Francis’ heart the desire to be a pilgrim to this shrine. It is not something we can ask him for other reasons. Only the silent collaboration between you and him will attract him to this pilgrimage, in the certainty that he will be supported by millions of believers, willing to hear your message again."

    An interesting choice of words after having mentioned other Popes who have been pilgrims to Fatima.

  5. Mr. Calovich:

    Please note that this prayer is not written by the Holy Father.

  6. Duly noted and understood, @Poeta. Notwithstanding, I understood the Pope approached the Bishops of Portugal in the matter of the consecration of his papacy to Our Lady of Fatima and that he desired the consecration. Hence I take the words " put in Pope Francis’ heart the desire to be a pilgrim to this shrine" a tad puzzling given the other Popes who (apparently) went as pilgrims to the Fatima shrine of their own desire.
    I don't speak Portuguese and I'm not trying to pick nits, but it seems peculiar to me.

  7. According to reports from John Venari, Cardinal Policarpo doesn't even believe in Fatima. And also this consecration was done by Policarpo alone, none of the other Portuguese bishops joined him. How ironic...

  8. Further to my earlier comment, I have just checked the original Portuguese text. In the final paragraph the verb used is indeed sentir.

    In the age of Google translate and online dictionaries the internet is full of translations devoid of any true feeling or sense (q.e.d.) for language. I can smell a bad translation a mile off.

  9. Nevertheless, things still going really bad in Portugal for the country and for the Church.

    - (The "good" fruits of a diocese ruled by one of the most progressive portuguese bishops, Bishop Ilidio Leandro of Viseu).

    - (Co-adoption of children by gay couples approved in the Portuguese Parliament with the support or the abstention of center-right wing deputies. In a country where the Church for a long time abandoned the public defense of the magisterium, this is the logical consequence of such suicidal behaviour).

  10. Take heart! Victory is already assured.

    "These shall fight with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them, because he is Lord of lords, and King of kings, and they that are with him are called, and elect, and faithful." (Rev. 17:14)

  11. Here's an idea...

    The Pope could publically declare that he intends to concecrate Russia, in unity with the Catholic bishops, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    SIMULTANEOUSLY, the Pope could invite the Russian Orthodox Patriarch to concecrate S. America or Europe to the Protection of the Theotokos.

    It would be hard to argue with that...

  12. Anonymous11:19 PM

    A Papal Call for a Rebirth of Liberation Theology? Please click on name above.

  13. Anonymous12:28 AM

    Several days have passed. I still can't reconcile this odd little prayer with Our Lady's terrifying call to repentance.

    Taken at face value, this plea for more of the contemporary tenderness that has already caused the Church to implode would appear to undermine the Pope's intention. However, I think it will bear fruit for having drawn such a strong contrast between what the Pope requested, and what he was given. Coming on the heels of the canonization of the Holy Martyrs of Otranto, the contrast could not be any clearer. Meekness is not an end in itself.

  14. Anonymous3:37 AM

    "A papal call for a rebirth of liberation theology?" No, that's absurd. How would that square with Papa Francisco's insistence on having his pontificate consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima? The Slum Pope is absolutely not a materialist.

    I'd suggest looking for continuity with the "Father of the Poor", Pope Saint Pius X:

    A Pope can live in Christian solidarity with the poor, without becoming a Sillonist or a Marxist.

  15. Anonymous3:54 PM

    elfrancoloco said..."’A papal call for a rebirth of liberation theology?’ No, that's absurd.”

    Judge Bartley: Well, possibly my question and suspicion are wrong, but they are not absurd.

    In fact, as I read his rhetoric again, I conclude that it very closely parallels the language of “Liberationist”, envy-based Marxism; and grow more fearful that he advocates government direction of the few remnant market-based economies left in the world—economies that have produced the highest standards of living in the world and elevated more people out of poverty than any state-controlled economy has ever-done or could ever do.

    And please note that all he suggests amounts to no more than platitudes: there are no specifics whatever. That seems to be a habit with him.

    There is no doubt about one thing: the only economic systems worse than capitalism are all the others.

  16. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Judge, you're here commenting on a thread about the consecration of Pope Francis' pontificate to Our Lady of Fatima, and you suspect him of Marxism because of an address in which he quoted Saint John Chrysostom on Lazarus? Non sequitur.

    In that address, he also referred to himself three times in a row as Pope. Such a small thing, and yet it made me smile when Uncle Claibourne pointed it out:

    "The Pope loves everyone, rich and poor alike, but the Pope has the duty, in Christ’s name, to remind the rich to help the poor, to respect them, to promote them. The Pope appeals for disinterested solidarity and for a return to person-centred ethics in the world of finance and economics."

    The Pope loves the rich, and reminds them to help the poor. If this is Marxism, the class warfare seems to be missing. Also, the hierarchical Church of which the Pope is the visible head is not a key feature of Liberation Theology.

    As you said, Pope Francis laid out no particulars for the ambassadors to whom he was speaking. Instead, he acknowledged that it belongs to their countries to promote the common good in light of their own particular situations.

    He was fully aware, for example, that he was addressing the ambassador of Botswana. Botswana's entry in Wikipedia would make Milton Friedman smile.

    Kyrgyzstan, less so.

  17. Anonymous12:49 AM


    Your reply was totally non-responsive. What difference does it make that the article was about Fatima? What the "Pope" says about anything is always news and overrides any other news.

    I was trying to present news that is nowhere else yet found on this site. Why don't you want to deal with the substance I presented? Instead of diverting to a minor point made by St John Chrysotem? Instead of accusing me of non-sequiters? Say Yea Yea, or No No and explain why without diversion to a merely technical point of order?

    A Cruce Salus

  18. Anonymous4:42 AM

    Judge, the difference it makes is that liberation theologians and Marxists don't ask to have their pontificates consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima.

    Liberation theologians are radical levelers. A liberation theologian would not speak favorably of the hierarchical nature of the Church, as the Pope has repeatedly done. Therefore the Pope must be something other than a liberation theologian.

    The Marxist critique of capitalism proceeds by way of historical materialism. A historical materialist would not elevate 800 15th century martyrs to the glory of the altars. Therefore the Pope must be something other than a Marxist.

    The categories into which you would fit Pope Francis are so at odds with his words and actions as Pope that they are absurd. That's a descriptive term, not an insult. What you allege does not make sense.

    Do I want a state-run economy? No. Economic freedom is a good thing. But freedom is made for serving God, and a capitalist democracy without a virtuous people will not remain capitalist or a democracy for long. A wicked people chooses ruin in this life, and Hell in the next. So the Pope was right to remind us that there are ethical limits to economic freedom, and to cite Chrysostom on precisely that point.

  19. As long as those who profess to be Catholic, but have left Christ's Church spiritually, are allowed to remain within His Church physically, causing chaos and confusion, while leading a multitude away, The Great Apostasy will continue. The Charitable Anathema exists for the sake of Christ, His Church, all who will come to believe, and those prodigal sons and daughters, who, hopefully, will return to The Fold.

  20. Anonymous4:45 PM


    The difference between us is that you hang your hat on immaterial things Francis has done that suggest that he couldn't be a liberation theologist. By contrast, I take his words on the specific subject as the best evidence of his intentions and beliefs.

    I will say that he is adept at confusing people with revolutionary rhetoric only to soften the impact with a protean embrace of some aspect of tradition. He is rather like a Neologist who introduces “new doctrine, contrary to the Church's teaching but [disguised] in traditional terms or phrases.” (Quote from Father Hardin’s Dictionary)

  21. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Judge, let's reason together. The facts that you claim to have sifted are as follows:

    On May 16, the Pope addressed the new non-resident ambassadors of Kyrgyzstan, Antigua and Barbuda, Luxembourg, and Botswana. He enumerated various evils, and then expressed a desire for markets to be regulated for the common good. The implementation of the proposed financial reforms was left to the prudential judgment of political leaders, "taking account, naturally, of their particular situations". Given the countries whose ambassadors were present, the particular situations are worlds apart, and leave wide latitude for those to whom the civil power has been entrusted by God.

    From these facts, you conclude that the Pope has introduced new doctrines contrary to the teaching of the Church. Doubling down on this claim, you now assert that he's a shape-shifting heretic.

    Since you have not said anything whatsoever from which such rash judgments would follow, I say again: non sequitur. The only thing from which these judgments follow are the fears that you mentioned above. Having enough fears of my own, I respectfully decline to invite yours into my head and heart.

  22. Anonymous11:12 PM

    May 19, 2013: “Francis urged his church to be more welcoming and avoid closing in on itself. But he warned that faithful should avoid ‘dangerous parallel paths’ outside of doctrine.”

    The statement reflects the usual doublespeak of Francis; and reminds me of the Dolanism I spoke of @ Pope Benedict, we hardly knew ye.

    Quite to the contrary, we must first purge those whose modernism, liberalism, and relativism have tried to bring Holy Mother Church into Protestantism or worse; and the purge ought include not only clericals but also laity (like abortionist politicians and others who reject the absolute truths she stands for).Perhaps it’s time for a new Inquistion. There are too many rotten apples in the barrel. Hardly anyone, it is widely reported, goes to confession anymore. The number of “Catholics” who use birth control, it is also widely reported, is immense. As Bishop Sheen once said, [paraphrasing] those who support or use birth control believe neither in birth, nor control.

    The Church, as Wm. F. Buckley once said of conservatism, should be “standing athwart history, yelling stop!”

    Torquemada, please call your office.

  23. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Angelo, I spammed your comment. Remember, the seal of the confessional goes both ways, and I don't want you to put your own soul in any danger.

    My advice would be to go to an FSSP or other order priest and seek his advice. You need a priest in good standing yet understands what it means to be traditional and have those feelings.

  24. Adfero, Thank you for your concern for my own soul. It was good that you spammed my comment. In the future I will be more discrete on what I comment and also more cautious on where to go for confession. God Bless!


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