Rorate Caeli

Prince, or politician?

If the cardinal wasn't located in New York, this would be a case of classic Washington, D.C. politics: say something vague that seems strong at first blush, then send your spokesman to correct the record with the reporter, creating confusion among the voters. Only here, it's the Faithful that are rightly confused (and scandalized), and not just voters:

ALBANY — New York’s Timothy Cardinal Dolan warned Gov. Cuomo to be ready for a holy battle if he tries to strengthen state abortion-rights laws.

In an interview on an Albany radio station Tuesday, Dolan said Catholic bishops would be “as vociferous and rigorous as possible in our opposition” to the governor’s efforts.

Although Cuomo has yet to release an abortion bill, he’s announced plans to write into New York law protections now provided by federal court decisions like Roe vs. Wade.

The governor’s efforts are aimed at keeping abortion safe and legal in New York even if Roe vs. Wade is overturned or weakened.

Archbishop Dolan said the conviction Monday of Philadelphia abortion provider Dr. Kermit Gosnell on murder charges calls for laws that go the other way instead.

“I am in a bit of consternation as to why in a time when there seems to be kind of a sobering up about these horrors of the unfettered access to abortion, why in New York we are talking about even expanding it further,” Dolan said.

When asked how Cuomo could still consider himself a Catholic in good standing while also promoting abortion legislation, Dolan responded: “That’s something that I talk turkey with him about.”

Dolan spokesman Joseph Zwilling later said the cardinal did not mean to suggest that Cuomo would not be a Catholic in good standing if he went forward with the bill.