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Of justice ... and hope

Our readers know that, from our very first days, Rorate has always been careful to identify original sources, when available, and also those who have have directed us to them, when applicable, from other websites to readers who wish to remain anonymous. It is a simple matter of common courtesy, a basis of civilized behavior, but also a matter of justice, which allows readers to make up their own informed opinion based on the original source.

Since we do not receive any income from this work, we at least expect, as a matter of justiceto receive the same treatment from others. So please, when we are the original source, or when we have directed you to a specific source, please be kind -- and just -- enough to identify us. The contrary discourteous, uncivilized and unjust (with all consequences of this word) behavior is getting tiresome.

On another note, after posting the original picture of Fr. Johnson saying at TLM for the Souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society in Afghanistan, we were blessed with two new priests saying regular traditional Masses for the Souls of the Society -- a Jesuit and a Dominican! 

Let this give us all hope for the future.  


Anonymous said...

Let's not "out" anyone here, as that would be detraction. He knows who he is and will answer to a Higher Power than us one day.

Angelo said...

I don't know what this is about, but I recently discovered this site and at this point it is the best source of information on what is happening in the Church today. If someone is causing problems here, it may only be a modernist who believes that their heresy has been justified with the election of Pope Francis. They only need to read what the Pope is saying and not what he is doing. Traditional Catholicism will prevail. With our prayers we may just soon see the Pope being carried on the Seda Gestatoria. Perhaps even donning the Papal triple crown Tiara.

New Catholic said...

Yes, "Dominus Vobiscum", we have indeed noticed it, for many years... Sorry for not being able to allow your comment through.