Rorate Caeli

Queen of May 2013
IV - "Behold, Blessed Lady, I come!"

José María Vitier
Misa Cubana a la Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre (Ave Maria)

[T]he servant of God ... called Probus, used to tell of a little sister which he had, called Musa. He said that one night our Blessed Lady appeared unto her in vision, showing her several young maids of her own years, clothed all in white, whose company she much desired, but yet not presuming to go amongst them. The Blessed Virgin asked her whether she had any mind to remain with them, and to live in her service, to which she answered that willingly she would. Then our Blessed Lady told her not to behave herself lightly, nor to live anymore like a girl, to abstain also from levity and pastime, telling her that after thirty days she should  be amongst those virgins which she then saw and be admitted to her service. 

After this vision, the young maid forsook all her former behavior, and with great gravity reformed the levity of her childish years, which thing her parents perceiving, and demanding from whence that change proceeded, she told them what the blessed Mother of God had given her in commandment, and upon what day she was to go unto her service. 

Twenty-five days after, she fell sick with a great fever; and, upon the thirtieth day, when the hour of her departure was come, she beheld our Blessed Lady, accompanied by those virgins which before in vision she saw to come unto her, and being called to come away, she answered with her eyes modestly cast downward, and very distinctly spoke in this manner: "Behold, Blessed Lady, I come, behold, Blessed Lady, I come." In speaking of which words she gave up the spirit, and her soul departed her virginal body, to dwell forever with the holy virgins in heaven. 

Saint Gregory the Great
Dialogues (Book IV)

[Note: some of the images in the video are not exactly beautiful, but they are stylized versions of the story of the national patroness of Cuba, the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre.]

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