Rorate Caeli

Papal request: three Aves for him

At the end of his visit to Saint Mary Major today, the Pope greeted the crowd outside and asked them, "I pray for you, but I ask you to pray for me, because I have need of it. Three 'Aves' for me."

Ogni vostra richiesta è un ordine, Santità.


David Werling said...

It has always been my family's practice to pray a single Ave for the Holy Father after each of our prayers before meals, so we have been praying three Aves for him daily.

I hope he realizes that we hard-head traditionalists are almost always the first to give him our prayers.

JWDT said...

@David, your probably considered outside the Church and Schismatic as well...:)

D. Harold said...

So what! What's the big deal in this!

D. Harold said...

By the way, a rainy day in Rome,
Holy Communion was given by the priests,directly on the tongue and in the hand to those who extended their hand. Of course nothing new in this! Hardly worth mentioning!