Rorate Caeli

Rorate on the road ... in Ohio

 Trinity Sunday High Mass at Queen of the Holy Rosary, FSSP, in Vienna, Ohio 
(diocese of Youngstown).


Dr. Timothy J. Williams said...

Low Mass at St. Peter's Church in Steubenville, Ohio, was likewise beautiful, awe-inspiring. I would estimate 200 - 300 attendees most Sundays now.

Morgan said...

I have a much easier time saying the new form of "and with (your spirit)" as a response when the priest is looking at the cross instead of looking at me.

It irritated me when they changed the wording -as if Peace be with you and our response was "and also with you" wasn't enough or equivalent. I felt suddenly like a 2nd class citizen. Now? as they are facing the alter? I can SEE WHY "...and with your spirit" would be ok to do. They're priests. Its changes everything.

Still having a hard time w/the latin though. That's just me and 40 years of english.

stmykearchangel said...

This is my Parish, which my wife and I love and feel blessed to be a part of. Father Bouchard our priest is a very Holy man of God, I would recommend anyone in the Cleveland, Youngstown or Pittsburgh area who has a penchant for the TLM stop by and visit our chapel.

Anonymous said...

We agree!