Rorate Caeli

TLM for Souls in a home chapel

Below, please find the seventy-first posting of enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society. 

The photo above is of a Traditional Latin Mass being said for the Poor Souls enrolled in the Society by one of the 29 priests saying regular Masses for the souls -- Fr. Kevin Cusick, who writes often here and here. This Mass is being said in a home chapel recently constructed from scratch by family friends of Fr. Cusick. 

Priests: The Souls still need more of you saying Mass for them! Please email me to offer your services. There's nothing special involved -- all you need to do is offer a weekly or monthly TLM with the intention: "For the Souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society."

How to enroll souls: please email me at and submit as follows: "Name, State, Country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Ohio, USA". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well. And please try to follow this formatting strictly. 
Please consider forwarding this Society to your family and friends, announcing from the pulpit during Holy Mass or listing in your church bulletin. We need to spread the word and relieve more suffering souls.

Please pray for the enrolled Souls and the 29 holy priests saying Traditional Masses for the Society:

"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...

Almighty and ever living God,
we ask Thy blessing upon the priests
who offer Masses for the Purgatorial Society.
Give them a greater awareness of the grace
that Thou dost pour out through the Sacraments,
and by their devout celebration of the Sacred Mysteries,
increase in them a love for Thee.
Give strength to Thy priests, O Shepherd of the flock;
when they are in doubt, give them the assurance of faith,
and in Thy goodness confirm them as heralds of Thy Truth
to all who seek to follow in Thy path.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Priest,
Who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity with the Holy Ghost,
God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:

NB: These are only the names from this week. The entire list is tens of thousands of souls long and cannot be reproduced week after week publicly. 

Fr. Terry Watson, IC, Durham, England
Bezduch Family, Werbiv, Taropil,  Ukraine
Ilko Bezduch, Werbiv, Taropil,  Ukraine
Katherina Bezduch, Werbiv, Taropil,  Ukraine
Stefan Bezduch, Werbiv, Taropil,  Ukraine
Petro Bezduch, Werbiv, Taropil,  Ukraine
Myron Bezduch, Werbiv, Taropil,  Ukraine
Michael Joseph Bezduch, Werbiv, Taropil,  Ukraine
Laurn Snead Bezduch, Werbiv, Taropil,  Ukraine
Nastya Bezduch, Werbiv, Taropil,  Ukraine
Kopelakis Family, Florida,  USA
Daniel Kopelakis, Florida,  USA
Anthony Kopelakis, Florida,  USA
Bridget Kopelakis, Florida,  USA
Arlene Kopelakis, Florida,  USA
Palyswiat Family, New York, USA
Vavrov Palyswiat Family, New York, USA
Helena Palyswiat Family, New York, USA
Rysia Palyswiat New York, USA
Mariana Palyswiat New York, USA
Annelia Palyswiat New York, USA
Josef Palyswiat New York, USA
Karol Palyswiat New York, USA
Olya Palyswiat New York, USA
Krys Palyswiat New York, USA
Hilda Marina Solis, British Columbia, Canada
Father Scott R. Carroll, Ohio, USA
Carol Yeugelowitz, WI, USA
Bob Massart, PA, USA
Leo E. Lovasik, PA, USA
Reverend Lawrence G. Lovasik, PA, USA
Debbie Anglin, WI, USA
Lori Ann Bankhead, WI, USA
Betty Benda, WI, USA
Adriaan ten Cate, WI, USA
Harriet Consolo, WI, USA
Dianne Dooley, WI, USA
Lillian Eggers, WI, USA
William Fonk, WI, USA
Roy Grooms Jr., WI, USA
Dominic "Nick" Hoeper, WI, USA
William Holzschuh, WI, USA
John Kingfisher, Jr., WI, USA
William Kunath, WI, USA
Priscilla Lehman, WI, USA
John Matson, WI, USA
Eugene Maurice, WI, USA
Judith Nedweski, WI, USA
Richard Nehrling, WI, USA
Dennis Olsen, Jr., WI, USA
Bobbie Raju, WI, USA
Susan Ramlow, WI, USA
John Raschella, WI, USA
Melba Rebicek, WI, USA
J. Repka, WI, USA
WIlliam Schwuchow, WI, USA
Vincent Spallato, WI, USA
Donald Stein, WI, USA
Randy Topper, WI, USA
Maria Vannicola, WI, USA
Frank Wells, WI, USA
Jeffrey Weyrauch, WI, USA
Nancy WIdmer, WI, USA
Marasco Family CT. USA
Mazzoli Family CT  USA
Burns Family FL  USA
Bernardo Marasco CT USA
Maria Marasco CT USA
Yolanda Mancini CT USA
Mancini Family CT USA
Concetta Mancini CT USA
Anthony Mancini CT USA
Elizabeth Mazzoli CT USA
Peter Mazzoli CT USA
Mary Jordan FL USA
Lourdes Brown FL USA
Maureen Carter GA USA
Mary Lucker AZ USA
Nina Kubiak OR USA
Stanley Burns NH USA
Jack Adams FL USA
Scott Riddle FL USA
John Martino CT USA
James Mahon CT USA
Steve Mancini CT USA
Americo Mazzoli CT USA
Judith Mazzoli VA USA
Victorio Mazzoli VA USA
John Dibella CT USA
Anthony Marasco CT USA
Brandy Howard Fl USA
Robert Rainey FL USA
Donnie Paton FL USA
Theriault Family ME USA
McIlravy Family CT USA
Clarke Family CT USA
Lenoir Rojas FL USA
James Martino CT USA
Martino Family CT USA
Jose M. Cuadra, Philippines
Roberto Chabet Rodriguez, Philippines
Beatriz Tiongson Aldaba, Metro Manila, Philippines
Beatriz Tiongson Aldaba, Metro Manila, Philippines
Christine Allen, California, USA
Patricia Salwach, Phildelphia, PA
Elizabeth Dulaigh, Denver, CO
Donald Dulaigh,  Denver, CO
Ronald Nash, San Diego, CA
Kaye Nash, San Diego, CA
Clif Blasi, San Diego, CA
Christine Allen, Utah, USA
Lillian T.  Krizek Danello, Ohio, USA
Vojtech (Albert) Krizek, Ohio, USA
Anna Podojil Krizek, Ohio, USA
Jan Podojil, Ohio, USA
Josefa Podojil, Ohio, USA
Frank L. Danello, Ohio, USA
Pasquale Danello, Pennsylvania, USA
Pasqualina Danello, Pennsylvania, USA
Chester Lesinski, Ohio, USA
Frank Krizek, Ohio, USA
Dorothy Krizek, Ohio, USA
John Porubsky, Ohio, USA
Laura Porubsky, Ohio, USA
Thomas Greene Cure, North Carolina, USA
Paul Wessinger, Massachusetts, USA
Giulio Andreotti, Italy
Wally Petsch – Texas USA
Kurt Junker, Oklahoma, USA
Jane Asher Junker, Oklahoma, USA
Daniel Leen (priest), Washington, USA
Grover Fulkerson, Oklahoma, USA
Chilton Powell, Oklahoma, USA
Frederick Putnam, Oklahoma, USA
Dom Ian Riding (priest), Oklahoma, USA
Janet Wehba, Oklahoma, USA
Mary Nell Gifford, Oklahoma, USA
Maud Gifford Brown, Oklahoma, USA
John White Brown, Oklahoma, USA
John Robert Brown, Oklahoma, USA
James Monroe Singleterry, Oklahoma, USA
Elbie Singleterry, Oklahoma, USA
Anselm Broburg, Washington, USA
Dom Peter de Curzon, Isle of Wight, England
Dom Robert Gough, Isle of Wight, England
Rob Roy Rhudy, California, USA
Don Schooler, Oklahoma, USA
Ralph Lain, Oklahoma, USA
Becky Lane, Oklahoma, USA
Frederick Hart, Virginia, USA
Michael Synar, Oklahoma, USA
Robert Coleman, Oklahoma, USA
Laverne Coleman, Oklahoma, USA
Kent Coleman, Oklahoma, USA
Jean Rudolpho Donielle, California, USA
Bonnie Singleterry, Oklahoma, USA
Elizabeth Sue Singleterry, Oklahoma, USA
James Singleterry, Oklahoma, USA
Joseph Singleterry, Oklahoma, USA
Edward Rawlins, Oklahoma, USA
Betty Brown Rawlins, Oklahoma, USA
Dom Augustine Morris, Berkshire, England
Dom Godfrey Stokes, Berkshire, England
Donald Garfield, Maryland, USA
Robert Wooster, California, USA
James Beasley Simpson, District of Columbia, USA
Virginia Adair, Georgia, USA
Virginia Kennedy, Georgia, USA
Robert Kettlehack, California, USA
Joseph Bass, Oklahoma, USA
Barbara Bass, Oklahoma, USA
Andrew Maguiness, Oklahoma, USA
Roxanne Lieffers, Georgia, USA
Margaret Shellhorn (née Bowes), London, UK
Blanche Collins, Carlton, UK
John P. Russell, S. Carolina, USA
Joan M. Russell, S. Carolina, USA
Mary C. Russell, S. Carolina USA
Michael Russell, New York USA
Frank Russell, N. Carolina USA
Robert F. Urban, Ohio USA
Marilyn R. Urban, Ohio USA
Scott Florian, CA USA
Rosalie Bottinelli, NY USA
Charles A. Bottinelli, NY USA
Julia Markey, NY USA
James Markey, NY USA
James Hayden, NYC USA
Don Bowling, OH USA
Andrew Breitbart, CA USA
Steve Bridges, CA, USA
Glen Doherty, CA USA
Tyrone Woods, USA
Veronica Crowley, NY, USA
Harry Crowley, NY, USA
Catherine McCabe Russell, NY USA
The Vargas and Tavora family, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Fr. Lenny Sumpaico, SJ, Metro Manila, Philippines
Don W,  AZ USA
DeAnne S,   AZ   USA
Princess Editha of Bavaria, Munich, Germany
Lorenza Iacobucci, British Columbia, Canada
Rosa Pellizzari, British Columbia, Canada
Celine Marie Beauchemin, British Columbia, Canada
Lucy Anne Bickel, British Columbia, Canada
Marco Bussanich, British Columbia, Canada
Ronald Joseph Chabot, British Columbia, Canada
Caterina Dalla Vecchia, British Columbia, Canada
Jackie Lahnert, British Columbia, Canada
Adela Mikita, British Columbia, Canada
Annie Ivka O'Donnell, British Columbia, Canada
Anthony Quayle, British Columbia, Canada
Sean Mullin, British Columbia, Canada
Imelda Lidia Paruzzolo, British Columbia, Canada
Sheila Rosario, British Columbia, Canada
Patricia Clara Ann Schmidt, British Columbia, Canada
Harvey Joseph Zelter, British Columbia, Canada
Donald Stein, WI, USA
Randy Topper, WI, USA
Draga Kozina, California, USA
Godfery Mary Igwilo Anambra State, Nigeria
Alphonsus Igwilo Anambra State, Nigeria
Solomon Okany Anambra State, Nigeria
Lyn Nagi, Ma, USA
Thomas Walter Fell, Ma, USA
Lavada Ester, Fell Ma, USA
James Fell, Ma, USA
Francis Leazes, Ma, USA
Larry Sarson, Ma, USA
John Fell, Ma, USA
Marie Fell, Ma, USA
Karen VanHouten,Ma, USA
Bill Nagi, Ma, USA
James Jandl, Ma, USA
Harry King, NY, USA
Malcolm Hill, Ma, USA
Francisco Hernandez, Almeria, Spain
Mavis Bell, Yorkshire, England
Dennis Bell, Yorkshire, England
Cleveland Lindsay DC USA
Lyles Family South Carolina USA
Jeter Family South Carolina USA
Gretel Bearstop DC USA
Fr. Wermer, MD USA
Mnsgr. Gerhardt, DC USA
Wilson Family OK, USA
Burton Family NC, and DC USA
Burton Family NY USA
The Merrick Family, Ontario, Canada
Juan Vargas Ramírez, Chile
Elba Vargas Caorsi, Chile
Laura Martínez Aros, Chile
John Frazier Sr., Alabama, USA
John Frazier Jr., Alabama, USA
Vera Frazier, Alabama, USA
Mack Everett, Alabama, USA
Alvin Hobson, Alabama, USA
Ibra Hobson, Alabama, USA
Rubye Hobson, Alabama, USA
John Farmer, Alabama, USA
Kathleen Bernadette Denton, North Carolina, USA
William Williams, North Carolina, USA
Fr Tom Marley IC, Clonmell, Ireland
Francesco Bianchini, Rome
Right Rev. Joseph P. McFadden, D.D.
Lorraine Killen, Texas, USA
Laurence Killen, Texas, USA
Kathleen Emerson, Texas, USA
Josephine St. Martin, Michigan, USA
Fr. Gary Sherman – Oklahoma USA
Fr. Edmund Idranyi – California USA
Mary Vonceil Keets – California USA
Marcia McCarry (Marie Bernadette) - Montana USA
Victor Gerber – Oklahoma USA
George Lucas – California USA
Lucille Dzugaj- California USA
Micki Gilliam – Minnesota USA
Daryl Pruner – California USA
Joshua Valasco – California USA
Jean Ford – Oklahoma USA
Rocky Walker and nephew – Oklahoma USA
Fr. Kirby’s Irish Cousin – Ireland
Dot – California USA
Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet – Montana USA
Susan Krister – California USA
Marcie Corcoran – California USA
Marilyn Barrack – Montana USA
Victoria Grenier – Montana USA
Stephanie Wood and her husband and child – Idaho USA
Vanessa Wood – Montana USA
Anise Booth – Montana USA
Frank and Florence Landon – California USA
Robert Campbell – California USA
Jack and Grace Hendricks – New Jersey USA
Corinne Knutson, Langley BC Canada
Roberta Abadie Badeaux, Louisiana, USA
Ronald Blutcher, Jr., LA.,USA
E.T.Campbell, LA., USA
Everest Ceruti, LA., USA
Patricia Chaisson, LA.,USA
Michael Chapman, LA., USA
Alden A. Clement, LA., USA
Joan Barry Cook, LA., USA
Honore Joseph Daigle,LA.,USA
James E. Waller, LA., USA
Gertie Slater Walls,LA.,USA
Colonel Ray White,LA.,USA
Maude G. White, LA.,USA
Willie Mae Williams, LA.,USA
Mercedes F.Winston, LA.,USA
John Matran, Sr.,LA.,USA
Michael Culver, LA.,USA
M.Virginia Kennedy,LA.,USA
James Meiners, LA.,USA
Sarah Glover,LA.,USA
Sandra Pelligrin,LA.,USA
Frank Shows, LA.,USA
Wildon LeBlanc,LA.,USA
Andre Paille Jr., LA.,USA
Alice Holden, LA.,USA
Melanie Peperone,LA.,USA
Pepilla Kathryn Clark,LA.,USA
Norma Lee, LA.,USA
Mamie McGinnis, LA.,USA
Richard Weber, LA.,USA
Seth Bryant Mangrum, LA., USA
Margaret O'Neill, Northumberland, UK
Martha O'Neill, Northumberland, UK
Samuel O'Neill, Northumberland, UK
Bridget O'Neill, Northumberland, UK
David Bonner, Northumberland, UK
Isabella Bonner, Northumberland, UK
Alfreda Bonner, Northumberland, UK
Helen Bonner, Northumberland, UK
John Bonman, Idaho, USA
Gay Rutledge, Idaho, USA
Marilyn Stanger, Idaho, USA
Robert Brindle, Co Durham, UK
Doreen Caruana, Co. Durham, UK
Michael Cullen, Northumberland, UK
Sister Mary Agnes OSC, Co Durham, UK
Fr Felix Daley, Co Durham, UK
Fr Anthony Daley, Co Durham, UK
Geoffrey Hill, Avon, UK
Barbara Larson, Idaho, USA
Brian Mallen, Northumberland, UK
Anthony McGovern, Northumberland, UK
Robert Tully, Northumberland, UK
James Pinchen, Northumberland, UK
Ronald Smith, Northumberland, UK
George Steel, Northumberland, UK
Raymond Davidson, Northumberland, UK
Karl Vollkammer, Leipzig, Germany
Walter Webster, Co Durham, UK
Patrick Woods, Co Durham, UK
Marion Taylor, Northumberland, UK
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Goutal, France
Jamie Brokaw, MI, USA
Rinku Summan, MI, USA
Gary Stockdale, MI, USA
Michael Sheets, MI, USA
Brad Hasler, MI, USA
Jeremy Lipka, MI, USA
Timothy Garrett, KY, USA
Dolores Alfredson, WI, USA
Donna Becwar, WI, USA
Peter Campagna, WI, USA
David Danielson, WI, USA
Melvin Deschler, WI, USA
Scott Diener, WI, USA
Kathleen Dodge, WI, USA
George Fortino, WI, USA
Gary Fortner, WI, USA
Frank Foster Jr., WI, USA
Helen Friedrich, WI, USA
Louis Grasseschi Jr., WI, USA
Elizabeth Hernandez, WI, USA
Shirley Herzog, WI, USA
Clarence Hultner, WI, USA
Mary Kerr, WI, USA
Bernice Kirkpatrick, WI, USA
Kevin Kruse, WI, USA
Robert Lough, WI, USA
Donna Mlodzik, WI, USA
Dustin Moats, WI, USA
Janet Obuchowski, WI, USA
Darlyne ORth, WI, USA
Brian Pacetti, WI, USA
Gerald PRice, WI, USA
Orland Redo, WI, USA
Paul Richards Sr., WI, USA
Brenda Ruhland, WI, USA
Darlene Shiffra, WI, USA
Susan Sovich, WI, USA
Alfred Stella, WI, USA
Mary Stetka, WI, USA
Robert Tenuta, WI, USA
Shirley Thompson, WI, USA
Kenneth Tomaszewski, WI, USA
Thomas Turek, WI, USA
Marven Wirtz, WI, USA
Janese Woods, WI, USA


Angelo said...

I will be seeking this great opportunity for the Holy Souls. I have a question for Rorate Coeli, I would like to give a small monthly contribution to this site, How do I go about doing this? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

No need for a donation. All the work of the contributors here is done gratis. And the priests are saying these Masses for the reward they will get after they pass from this life.

Marko Ivančičević said...

Are they saying regular Masses and including the faithful departed in Canon, or are they saying requiems all the time?

And i must say. What a beautiful chapel. Are there any more pics?

Anonymous said...

This altar is very quaint and beautiful. I have an arched nave in my home too, which would be a great place for an altar!

Osusanna said...

What a lovely little chapel.