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Cardinal Danneels not opposed to sodomitical "marriage"

"Next Tuesday Cardinal  Godfried Danneels will turn 80. In the interview he granted us, he expressed himself notably about homosexual marriage which has been  making headlines across France in recent days.

"He says to obey the law and not oppose gay marriage. 'We need to understand: The Church has never objected to the fact that there is a sort of 'marriage' between homosexuals – however  we're talking about a sort of marriage. This is not the same as the true marriage between a man and a woman, so we need to find another word for the dictionary. However, insofar as it is legal - that it has been rendered legitimate by law - the Church has nothing to say about it. (...) If a state opens civil marriage to homosexuals, then it is the problem of that state.'

"This is the first cardinal to express himself so candidly about gay marriage."

May 31, 2013


  1. Wait: he's still not in jail?

  2. His comments are incoherent and do not even make sense. Hopelessly muddled!

    And how sad that a Cardinal of Holy Mother Church should make such comments which can only sow confusion and error.

  3. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Here is more cause for great concern.

    Are we going to be militant opponents of these defalcations? Or are we just going to complain and then let them ride?

    If the former,I should like to be excused. If the latter, I could help with the follow through needed to combat the anti-catholicism that gives rise to these internal apostacies.--Judge Bartley

  4. Insane; the law in France that equates two sodomites with a man and a woman is morally speaking 'null and void' and no Catholic has any obligation to adhere to it.

    His eminence should have said that Catholics have both a Religious and Civil duty to overturn this law and work for the conversion of their countries.

  5. Senility, demonic possession, or maybe he is referring to another church--surely not the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Thankfully we now know exactly what he thinks, so can someone in the Vatican please defend the Faith??

  6. I am not the least bit surprised that this Cardinal supports this because the recently deceased Fr Andrew Greeley supported him as a Candidate for Pope in the 2005 Conclave because he was liberal. I do not know if Greeley knew about the abuse scandal surrounding Cardinal Daneels. Anyway he is now no longer able to vote in a future Papal Conclave.

  7. When I read comments like this, the first thing I wonder is how can someone like this have become a Cardinal? It boggles my mind. And to think, this man voted in two conclaves.

  8. Anonymous11:57 PM

    This "Cardinal" ought be questioned on whether he cleared his remarks with the Vatican, and if so, with whom?


  9. "What? Slavery is allowed by law? That is of no concern to the Church." Ridiculous.

    He's worse than incoherent; he's a solider in the factions that want to "wall out" God from everyday life.

  10. Please, no one ask this nutcase his thoughts on polygamy, abortion, cannibalism, bestiality, vomitoria, infanticide, slavery... Thank goodness this type of modern, compromising prelate did not exist when the early Christians lived in the Roman Empire.

  11. Lets hope, that the justice will catch up with him in this world before he exits into the next one.

  12. "And to think, this man voted in two conclaves."


  13. What contradicts Divine Law is not law.

  14. @Michael Ortiz—You took the words write out of my mouth.

  15. Robbie said:

    "When I read comments like this, the first thing I wonder is how can someone like this have become a Cardinal?"

    The answer is simple... John Paul II the 'great'. He is, in my opinion, one of the worst popes in history. The real question is.. how can a pope like him be considered "blessed" or "saint"? Likewise, Paul VI, who appointed this man a bishop, is now also on the fast track for beatification/canonization.

  16. And we are to understand that the Cardinals who have spoken negatively about the subject did not "express themselves so candidly"?

  17. There's really nothing one can add to the comments already made, except to echo the shock that any faithful Catholic must feel to hear this man who has been at the epicentre of institutionalised child abuse scandals making such proposals on sexual morality, and against the sexual teachings of the Church.

  18. "However, insofar as it is legal - that it has been rendered legitimate by law - the Church has nothing to say about it. (...) If a state opens civil marriage to homosexuals, then it is the problem of that state."

    Any churchman who says a thing like this has lost the faith and certainly needs to be punished.

    What do you have in mind Judge Bartley? I'm tired of complaints and complaining too about such disgusting churchleaders who are, abandoning the flock, leaving us to our own devices as the world is being burnt up by so much vice - especially the present one...

    So what can be done? Who will listen to us? For I have, recently, reluctantly, come to the conclusion that the institutional Church is's all band-aid stuff now - our Catholic identity has been lost and the institutional Church and most of its men have become a laughing is the passion of the Church....The Mystical Body of Our Most Blessed Lord Jesus... shame on them - dirty traitors!

    Only Our Lady can help us now...

  19. The late, great John Senior once said "If every bishop on earth was put on trial for the Faith, most of them would be acquitted."

  20. may he be rewarded as he deserves.

  21. The Caridinal is confused by the separation of Church and Stare. Although not Catholic a State is still expected by the Church to follow the rules of Christ the great King. Yes, in the time of Christndom, when all states were Catholic all hell would have broken loose and the Cardinal in deep water, however when Governments are not Catholic there must still be condemnation from the Church on the Government for not following the laws of the Church. There is no complete seartion of Church and State.

  22. A wolf in sheeps' clothing.
    He has no clue what the Church teaches.

    He needs to read Church REQUIRED teaching:
    CCC: 2357, 2358, 2359 & 2396.

    CCC: " 2396 Among the sins gravely contrary to chastity are masturbation, fornication, pornography, and homosexual practices."

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  24. His words make me sad and confused. Maybe it's time for him to retire?

  25. This poor cardinal ought to be asked if he talked the issue with Pope Francis and if he had got the pope's OK to say such a nonsense.
    Ageing may look as a wreckage for some prelates.

  26. Cardinal Danneels apparently believes in the separation of Church and Brain.

  27. Anonymous10:13 PM

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