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Coming up: European Ordination Season
ICRSS, FSSP, and Transalpine Redemptorists

June 22:

Three priestly Ordinations will take place in Trinità dei Pellegrini, the Rome Parish of the FSSP, on June 22. Along with the Rev. Deacon Massimo Botta (FSSP), two Deacons of the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer will be ordained in the same ceremony: Br. Yousef Marie and Br. Magdala Maria. These will be the first priestly ordinations for the "Transalpine Redemptorists" since their regularization under their new name. The ordaining prelate is Achbishop Guido Pozzo, Almoner of His Holiness.

June 29:

For the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, 5 priestly ordinations will take place in Wigratzbad (Bavaria). On June 29, Bp. Vitus Huonder, of Coire (Switzerland), will ordain the Rev. Deacons Hubert Coeurderoy, Charles Gauthey, André Hahn, Bertrand Lacroix, and Juan Tomás to the Holy Priesthood.

July 4:

For the Institute of Christ the King (ICRSS): on July 4, closing a week of conferrals of minor orders and the diaconate, Cardinal Burke will ordain 5 French Deacons of the Institute to the Holy Priesthood. On that same day, a closing Te Deum will be presided by the local ordinary, the Archbishop of Florence, Cardinal Betori. Both events will take place in the Institute seminary in Gricigliano.


  1. Note, obviously, that the traditional orders are getting vocations.

    God bless all these young men and I pray for more vocations

  2. Anonymous12:53 PM

    What about the SSPX? I believe they have 11 priests being ordained this month at their US seminary alone.

  3. And as regular Rorate readers will know, this is just half of the FSSP's ordinations this year - the European half. On June 1, the FSSP ordained five more men to the priesthood in Nebraska.

    The Fraternity has been averaging about 11-12 new priests per year for some time now, so this represents a continuation of their established ordination rate.

  4. Who shall be ordaining the clerics in Rome?

  5. Great to hear that Cardinal Raymond Burke is still with us. He knows the Traditional Catholics true intentions. He at least will not abandon those who are following the Holy Ghost and not trying to tame him. I pray God give him health and strength to continue to battle for Christ's Church.

  6. I am an immense admirer of "the sons". They had a very hard time from both directions when they reconciled but they stuck to their decision with patience and humility and they achieved their reward and will I am sure be a force for immense good in the Church in the years to come

  7. I'm overjoyed that the Sons of the Holy Redeemer will finally have two of their men ordained! They have truly persevered in humility and extraordinary patience. God bless all of the new priests!

  8. Caution.....I say.....


    No need to disable arithmetical comments......count the first three fingers on your left hand.....if you get that far....

    Double the caution.

  9. Hopefully we will see a move by the Old Rite groups to hold their ordinations on Ember Saturdays, as the Church has done for time immemorial. Obviously, they are at the mercy of the schedules of Bishops, among other concerns. This would lessen the need for getting many different Bishops on different days for the conferral of different Orders, too, since the Ember Saturday Masses have a specific spot for every Order, from Tonsure to the Priesthood.

  10. I dare say a number of potential candidates for trad seminaries went to diocesan ones under BXVI when things were looking up for trads. I think it's safe to assume that at least some of these types currently dicerning will now be looking to FSSP/Red Suns/ICRSS etc. I think we can expect their enrollment to increase


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