Rorate Caeli

Heroic Parenthood: the case against the NFP mentality

The big Catholic family is dead. Sure, there's a remnant of us left, who still get the stares in the grocery stores, or the eyes rolling every time a co-worker or, even worse, a family member hears mom's expecting again. But, by and large, most Catholics have been lost to the evils of artificial contraception for decades. 

The few Catholics who do not accept all the children God has intended for them, who do not go out and multiply as He commanded, yet still have a trace of Catholic sense to them, have been led to their present situation by many in the Church, with a peculiar understanding of Natural Family Planning (NFP) and its  broad extension to seemingly any specific circumstance, from exception to norm. And the consequences for the Church -- and society at large -- have been devastating.

Read this provocative piece from Christian Order and gain a thorough understanding of where part of the hierarchy has gone astray from the perennial teachings of the past, compiled beautifully by Pius XI and Pius XII, on this most grave matter for society and for souls. Then pass it along to wayward Catholics, and Catholics of good faith, who may be failing to live life abundantly.

And, of course, always remember to seek the spiritual direction of a faithful and solidly traditional Catholic priest.