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Storm in the Vatican

While some dismiss the words of Pope Francis to his dear and close friends of the CLAR on June 6, as reported by those present, as "nothing", no subject has been more explosive than this within the Vatican walls since the beginning of the Bergoglian pontificate.

Carlo Marroni, the religious correspondent for Il Sole-24Ore, the main national business newspaper  and most sober daily in the country, owned by the Italian industrial confederation Confindustria, reports on how the revelation of the Pope's words was received by some in the Vatican.

Storm in the Sacred Palaces after the words on the "gay lobby" attributed to the Pope
analysis by Carlo Marroni 
June 12, 2013 
The words attributed to the Pope on the 'gay lobby' in the Vatican and on the 'stream of corruption' - not denied neither by the Holy See not by Bergoglio's interlocutors, the South American religious welcomed a few days ago - generated an underground storm in the Sacred Palaces, that is coming out shily at the moment. ...[Pope Francis], however, does not seem to be disturbed by the incident. Quite the opposite.
The doubt remains if he wished in some way that the words expressed in private on the "lobby" (a theme that would have been treated, as far as it is said, also in the voluminous dossier on Vatileaks) come out in the open - even if perhaps not in this way - in order to signal clearly within the Curia that it is a theme that he wants to tackle. "Bergoglio certainly does not have behind him a career as a Curia prelate dedicated solely to the management of political matters - a monsignore from beyond the Tiber affirms - but he remains always a Jesuit, and as all his confreres used to administer skillfully delicate matters."  Francis's upcoming moves will have to be studied with great attention.

And from Matteo Mattuzzi in Il Foglio today:

But, if Bergoglio's words have raised some embarrassment beyond the Tiber - the "no comment" of Father Lombardi indicated it -, in the episcopate there are also those who applaud the papal remark: "Finally, he has said it," says an Italian bishop who prefers to remain anonymous.


  1. Malachi Martin, S.J., called this about 20 years ago. "Windswept House." We should pray a lot for him, as long as we don't count the prayers..

  2. At least the Holy Father was not quoted as qualifying his statement with "no homo".

  3. Pope Francis probably meant what he said. This was conversation among friends in one's own language. We will have to work with this V2 Pope. He is the monarch now and there is no appeal. So we will have to suck it up and just make sure that Summorum Pontificum does not get cancelled. We had a great eight years with Benedict XVI. Deo Gratias.

  4. It's OK to be gay, as long as you're not gay!

  5. Here in Mahony's reformed Los Angeles we paid 640,000,000 for sodomy. Gays are the lobby of the moment, Communists, Freemasons and Humanists were their predecessors.

  6. Great comments. Now what will He do about this gay lobby? Also something has to be done with Vatican radio praising that lesbian film that won at Cannes. How that was not condemned by the Pope and the Vatican is beyond me. God help us!

  7. Now let's pray the pope does something about this "gay lobby". Also how does the Pope(unless he has no control or doesn't know about it) allow Vatican radio to praise the lesbian porno film that won at Cannes?
    God help us.

  8. I would very much like to know if Pope Francis did say those snarky things about the gift of Rosaries offered him when he became archbishop. I cannot believe that any pious Catholic would be so uncharitable and narrow and chillingly 'doctrinaire' with anyone. I really, really hope he didn't say that.

  9. I bet the scandal will calm down somewhat and it'll be business as usual. Bishop of Rome Francis will do NOTHIHNG

  10. Today came information that seminary of Polish diocese Sosnowiec was dissolved due to homosexual meters inside.


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