Rorate Caeli

Uh-oh, undue pressure on the Pope begins again.

Now, on the new Pope. It seems merely changing the Pope really does not solve the matter of undue pressures, now apparently coming from those close to him.

Italian gossip website Dagospia (it is a terribly classless page, but widely read in Italy because a small part of its items actually turn out to be true) mentioned yesterday that the Secretary of State, Cardinal Bertone, has already tendered his resignation to the Pope (of course), and that the Pope is being pressured to accept it immediately - mostly, Dagospia claims, by the Super-Cardinals of his advisory Council.

It seems hard to believe that much of the situation will change before people return from the August summer vacation - and Father Lombardi, Holy See spokesman, denied the rumors today: "Cardinal Bertone works peacfully, holds his audiences with the Pope, they speak often regarding work matters: we saw him today [yesterday] in the Vatican Basilica along with Pope Francis and will travel with him to Rio de Janeiro in July."(