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Statistics: Top 10 cities for May.
Plus: Top 10 cities from countries where English is not a native language

Thank you all for your numerous visits in the month of May! Our top 10 cities in number of visitors for the month were the following:

1. London
2. New York
3. Rome
4. Sydney
5. Washington
6. Chicago
7. Dublin
8. Melbourne
9. Toronto
10. Los Angeles

We were also curious to find out which cities in regions in which English is not a native language or at least an official language send us the largest number of visitors. In the month of May, they were the following:

1. Rome
2. Sao Paulo
3. Buenos Aires
4. Warsaw
5. Zagreb
6. Lisbon
7. Paris
8. Madrid
9. Milan
10. Stockholm


SemperIdem said...

Greetings from Vienna, Austria.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Sweden!

Jonathan Liem said...

From Singapore!

Mj said...

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ben ingledew said...

Greetings from

BONIFACE said...

It is wonderful to see how truly international this community is.

Pax et gratia

Dan Hunter said...

Really,"Rorate" is the best site, objectively speaking, on the internet along with "Church Militant", to get accurate news on current relevant news in and of the Catholic Church

Et Expecto said...

I am a little surprised that London comes at the top of the list. Perhaps this is because of the poor provision of traditional Masses that there has been up to now in the Westminster Archdiocese. Fortunately, matters will soon be improving there.

Also of interest is the very high position of Rome. Partly this will be due to the number of seminarians in Rome, but I suspect that Vatican officials are also regular visitors.

majella said...

Greetings from Qatar!

Marie-Jacqueline said...

Stockholm! I guess there's hope for Scandinavia after all.

Anonymous said...

Is no one yet overly excited that the number 1 (not anglophone) city is Roma? Would it be the press? Are the FSSP priests overly active? Or might a couple of prelates be interested in RC?


Mari Kate said...

Greetings from Costa Mesa! California that is and YES we love the Latin Mass here at Saint John the Baptist Church. Thanks to the Norbertines!

Anonymous said...

Please say hellow to Fr. Barbour, one of our favorite priests!

Julianne said...

Greetings from Puerto San Julian, Argentina!

Edward More said...

Greetings from Wi, usa!
Also very surprised to see rome so high up on the list - maybe vatican bureaucrats checking up what traddies are up to ; ) ? If you notice, there's only one major european capital missing in the list - Berlin, i guess not too much of a surprise there. Poor Argentianians, so traditionally minded and still without a Tridentine mass in their capital - Buenos Aires correct me if I'm wrong!

Gratias said...

Los Angeles checking in. Three every-Sunday Latin masses for 4,000,000 Catholics so Rorate Caeli is of great help.