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Lessons from the past: They do not want what suits best

[Saint Teresa of Avila] wished for, and asked God in the fervor of her prayers, that as Provincial of Religion [her religious order] be chosen a man of high virtues, and learned, whom she loved [her confessor, the Venerable Jerónimo Gracián Dantisco, greatly esteemed by her]. The Chapter assembled, and another one was chosen. The Saint, with her usual humility, begged the Lord to forgive her if she had erred in that request. His Majesty answered her: "My Teresa, it is certain that what you asked for was what suited best; but the Friars do not want what suits best."
Bernardino Fernández de Velasco y Pimentel, Duke of Frías
Deleyte de la discrecion y facil escuela de la agudeza