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Lessons from the past: They do not want what suits best

[Saint Teresa of Avila] wished for, and asked God in the fervor of her prayers, that as Provincial of Religion [her religious order] be chosen a man of high virtues, and learned, whom she loved [her confessor, the Venerable Jerónimo Gracián Dantisco, greatly esteemed by her]. The Chapter assembled, and another one was chosen. The Saint, with her usual humility, begged the Lord to forgive her if she had erred in that request. His Majesty answered her: "My Teresa, it is certain that what you asked for was what suited best; but the Friars do not want what suits best."
Bernardino Fernández de Velasco y Pimentel, Duke of Frías
Deleyte de la discrecion y facil escuela de la agudeza


Bwangi Kilonzo said...

LOL, We are Children and we never learn. Despite what the Lord wants. Bishop Falley of the FSSPX is best suited to be Holy Father at this time in our history. Will he ever be Pope?

Michael Ortiz said...

Short answer: No.

However: few thought Papa Ratzinger was possible.


poeta said...

Meanwhile we observe the unseemly spectacle of people in a headlong rush to canonize themselves by association.

Mike said...

A venerable lesson indeed for Catholic neo-conservatives, whose general principle seems to be that conservatism is an inviolable virtue, no matter the dross one is conserving.

And where are the Father Gracians of today? In the very heart of Catholic traditionalism, I'd say..

Aloysius Gonzaga said...

Nice post. These little nuggets of wisdom help during these discouraging times.

Throckmorton P. said...

". . . the Friars do not want what suits best."

Sort of sums up the last 50+ years in Vatican II country.

Bwangi Kilonzo said...

Rarely is there a need to 'conserve' unless there arises an exterior threat to what neos want to conserve.

Some Random Guy said...

Nothing more frightening than God giving such men what they want.

But still... its important to remember that even ill suited superiors are under the dominion of Divine Providence. God is the author of history and he will guide all things according to his divine plan, making use of such men to bring about the greater good in the long haul.

jose a said...

@Aloysius....agree with you 100%.
In these difficult times, these treasures help us to remain firm and not give up.

Teresa is one of my favorite saints. St. Teresa of Avila, pray for us.


Elizabeth D said...

Gracian was not perfect either, but he was the one who would do what was best/most pleasing for the nuns, and he was the one who Teresa was in love with. For some reason St John of the Cross was never a strong candidate for Provincial. Well, it's not a mystery, he didn't hesitate to correct who needed to be corrected, and nobody likes that.

Edward More said...

@ Michael Ortiz:

I know this sounds far fetched, but I wouldn't eliminate completely the possibility of Bishop Fellay being pope someday - I don't really think we are going to get out of the present crisis except through some kind of divine intervention (be it a world chastisement or any other kind). And when that the day comes, the remaining hierarchy (i.e. the part that has not apostatized from the faith) will no doubt get their act together and will surely do the "thing that suits best." I don't really think we can realistically expect that we are going to get out of the present situation through merely human means - only God can fix the situation now.


For anyone interested in knowing what the picture in my profile is, it's actually the eagle of Saint John, the symbol of the Catholic monarchs of Spain, Isabel and Ferdinand, which was actually part of the Spanish flag during 1945-1977, when Spain (my home country)was a Catholic confessional state, before alas, it turned into an aconfessional state through the constitution on 1978 which lead to the present neopaganism in the country.

Angelo said...

I have many times wondered why God did not answer our prayers of asking for Holy Leaders in the Church. This article gives the answer. St. Teresa of Avila made a request of God, her prayer was answered but men with freewill blocked God's Graces. We have been asking for an end to modernism, God absolutley wills it but there are men in the Church trampling on the Precious Blood of Jesus and blocking his Graces. St. Athanasius spoke out against the prevailing Arian Heresy and the Pope wrongly excommunicated him for it. We must follow the example of St. Athanasius. Oppose the prevailing heresy of modernism, God grants our prayers but we must do our part. We must make stronger the spiritual riot in the Church and oust those who err. It will never happen if we remain silent.

Long-Skirts said...

Angelo said:

"St. Athanasius spoke out against the prevailing Arian Heresy and the Pope wrongly excommunicated him for it. We must follow the example of St. Athanasius. Oppose the prevailing heresy of modernism, God grants our prayers but we must do our part...It will never happen if we remain silent."

We aren't!


We battle for Mass
Daily it’s said.
We battle for schools
Where God is not dead.

We battle for books
Published and read.
We battle for peace
Retreats are priest led.

We battle to shield
Motherhoods’ plight
To let her nurse child
At home day and night.

We battle for men
Who quietly fight
Support them in prayer
To lead us to right.

We battle for truth
Professed in the Creed
Say “NO” to the wolves
Who twist it indeed.

We battle for grace
We drink it like mead
It quenches our thirst
Refreshed so to heed…

All that is said
By wolves wearing rings
Corrupting the facts
With traditional slings.

But triumph is coming
Heart Immaculate brings
‘Cause the war ain’t over…
Till FATIMA sings!!

Michael Ortiz said...

Well, I wouldn't hold your breath...;

The Lord usually, in my experience, works quietly, slowly.

But He is the Lord, and if He wants to shake things up a bit, whom am I to say?

Mary Kay said...

Yes, our Lord does work quietly and slowly, but He DOES work. Thirty years ago I was a 20-ish young woman flying a SSPX priest here to offer Mass once a month. We had an occasional newspaper (the Remnant and a couple of others) and very little else. Now I feel indulged because we have this wonderful ability to communicate with others of like mind -- all over the world!-- on a daily basis. In terms of eternity, that's pretty fast! And thank God, because this world can seem a barren wasteland otherwise....

Jordanes551 said...

"he was the one who Teresa was in love with"

I think we may confidently affirm that he was NOT the One whom St. Teresa was in love with.

Marie-Jacqueline said...


Crouchback said...

The Holy Ghost Fathers preferred a guy called Lecuyer...!!

There was a guy before him, who they preferred to abandon, anybody know what became of him...???

Angelo said...

Long-Skirts, I said it will never happen if we remain silent, you responded with "We aren't". This was music to my ears. That many, of our Traditional minded Catholics would stop being silent. Church leaders in my area who are modernist are of course loving, kind, compassionate, understanding tolerant according to the spirit of Vatican ll, But if a traditional minded Catholic speaks, those Church leaders are quick to silence and humiliate them. It is said that our former Bishop stated that the only reason he did not get close to traditionalists was because he feared the liberals. That's how much influence and power the modernists have in my area. A Nun one day came kindly to speak to my wife and I. I mentioned Summorum Pontificum, without saying goodbye this Nun turned and walked fast away from us. I suppose the same can be said of any place on this planet where there are modernists. There are many traditional minded Catholics but they fear to speak because of the consequences. That was a beautiful Poem you wrote.

Jack said...

Yet do not all things happen as ruled by God's providence and nothing without His permission?