Rorate Caeli

Watch the Masses of an exclusively Traditional Conference
Live on the web - July 5-7

While conferences for the advancement of the liturgy are good, actual traditional conferences are those dedicated exclusively to the traditional rites and uses of the Church, of West and East - not those liturgies younger than the United Nations...

The admirable Una Voce México and the local apostolate of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) are promoting just such a conference in the upcoming days in Guadalajara, Jalisco, the Congreso Summorum Pontificum, which promises to be the best liturgical conference of the year in all of North America - and certainly the best in the entire Spanish-speaking world.

The liturgical celebrations of the Conference (Holy Masses and Vespers) as well as the Sacred Music Concerts will all be broadcast live at The liturgical and sacred music program is the following (all times CDT, EDT - 1, UTC/GMT - 5)

Friday, July 5
6:15 pm - Vespers
6:45 pm - The arrival of the visiting Relics of the Cristeros
7:00 pm - Solemn High Mass in the Presence of a Bishop - with His Excellency Bishop Juan Humberto Gutierrez Valencia
8:30 pm - Sacred Music Concert

Saturday, July 6
5:30 pm - The arrival of the image of Nuestra Señora de Zapopan
7:00 pm - Solemn Vespers in the Presence of a Bishop - with His Excellency Bishop José Refugio Mercado Días
8:15 pm - Sacred Music Concert

12:00 Noon - Solemn Mass Celebrated by His Eminence Juan Cardinal Sandoval Iñiguez

Thanks to Una Voce México and the staff, in particular Fr. Fryar, FSSP, for the information.


Scott Woltze said...

"Not those liturgies younger than the United Nations..."

That's a great line.

Angelo said...

Sure wish I had the opportunity to attend this event. Many do not know this, but Mexico has a strong Traditionalist movement. I was told this by a priest from the SSPX. He said that Mexico has the presence of every Traditionalist Priestly Fraternity. What is good is that the Mexican Bishops do not persecute them in any way. The sad thing is that the Charismatic Movement has infected with modernism parts of Mexico and its spreading.

Dan Hunter said...

The FSSP is a true God send to all man kind.

The Church needs much more of this through out the world.

Edward More said...

A cardinal presiding over a Summorum Pontificum conference?? Wow, that's pretty impressive!! Apparently this cardinal is extremely blunt and straightforward - regarding protestants he claimed, "You've got to be shameless to be a protestant".

Also interestingly, from what I've read about him online, he entered the seminary when he was 12. This is the kind of man that should have been elected to the papacy, but the cardinal electors, (in the words of Our Lord to St Teresa of Avila)"no quieren lo que conviene" - they "do not wish that which suits best".

Kenneth J. Wolfe said...

Having planned my entire honeymoon around the location of the FSSP church in Guadalajara, I am both thankful and amazed at the absolutely terrific work by the priests at this apostolate. They are truly building a traditional parish from the surrounding community using truth, tradition and beauty, in an increasingly secular area that (like Rome) has sadly become a Catholic museum over the last 50 years.

Jalisco is a gorgeous state, from Puerto Vallarta to Tequila to Guadalajara. After watching this weekend's liturgies and concerts, consider taking a vacation there someday! Nuestra Señora del Pila is a model of how to work with average Catholics and the archdiocesan structure to establish something truly remarkable.

Chateaubriand said...

I'll be there.