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Collegiality fails the Faithful once again, this time in Ireland

"Consecration of Ireland by Bishops to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on August 15!" read all the headlines. 

Emails flooded to us, and we quickly dismissed them, sharing only a snippet with our readers out of charity. Why?

One, it was too little, too late. For on July 30, President Michael D. Higgins, signed into law a bill which authorized abortion, under some circumstances, throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Two, it didn't take a genius to know that country that is producing next to no vocations, and allows scandals like this to take place on a daily basis not only out in the open but with a bishop present and applauding, will never truly consecrate its pitiful works to Our Lady. 

Well, it turns out (1) the event will not be a consecration as the bishops originally announced, but an "entrustment." And (2) not by all of the bishops, as they will not be present, due to "other commitments." And (3) it will not even mention Ireland by name.

From the SCNCI

“There was a lot of excitement and the SCNCI issued an announcement to its 37,500 subscribers who had pledged their Rosaries for a year that its mission had come to a successful conclusion. ... It wasn't clear at the time but we later discovered that when the decision was made because of prior commitments in some of the dioceses the Bishops were limited to delegating Cardinal Brady Himself to pray the prayer of entrustment and consecration himself without the full attendance of all the other bishops. Of course this meant that the event would not be a Collegial Act of all the bishops as hoped for. ... According to the Irish Bishop's Conference Press Release of 31st July Cardinal Brady will recite a prayer of consecration of entrustment and consecration of the individuals, families, homes and dioceses but will not mention Ireland by name."


Ad Quem Ibimus? said...

What are they thinking?

David Werling said...

Why not? It's simple. These stupid bishops' conferences get together all the time. Why won't they do something so simple, easy and faithful? The clue is in that last word, "faithful", I suppose.

RJHighland said...

I think a rosary crusade may have more impact on Ireland as well as the United States. Seems to have worked incredible things in Russia. They seem to be heading in the right direction as compared to Europe, Great Britain and the United States.

RJHighland said...

It simple they are not truly Catholic, Catholic means believing and teaching the whole of tradition (oral and written) handed down by our Lord through the Apostles and Bishops, how many of these bishops can claim that? As John XXIII once said there are many baptised pagans inside the Church, I don't think he was only refering to lay people. The greatest heretics in the Church through-out history have been religious and bishops, there were even a few who claimed to be Popes better known as the anti-popes in history. So the best thing is to storm heaven with Rosaries, that is the only way to circumvent poor leadership here in the Church Militant. Seems to have had an incredible impact on Russia. The once athiest state seems like the only place willing to stand up for Christains and Christian value. They open their parliament with a prayer from the Patriarch of it's Church. It ain't perfect by any stretch but at least it seems to be heading in the right direction compared to the countries in the old Holy Roman Empire and the United States.

Ramadan said...

This is an astonishing volte face. Their own website gives this explanatory note:

Consecration to Our Lady is well-attested to in the tradition of the Church.
Consecration is understood as referring to “entrusting” the person consecrated to Our Lady. Consecration “is a conscious recognition of the singular role of Mary in the Mystery of Christ and of the Church, of the universal and exemplary importance of her witness to the Gospel, of trust in her intercession, and of the efficacy of her patronage, of the many maternal functions she has, since she is a true mother in the order of grace to each and every one of her children.”
The act of consecration is made “to the Father, through Christ in the Holy Spirit, imploring the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to whom we entrust ourselves completely, so as to keep our baptismal commitments and live as her children.”
The National Centre for Liturgy has assisted in drawing up the text to be used in the Consecration.
Information and updates will be available on

Common Sense said...

Very strange, but when I used to live under communism, the worst people I encountered weren't the commos, but renegate, lukewarm catholics in service to their commo masters in exchange for full bellies. The few times my father ran into troubles with communist authorities were caused by such low lifeform. Not suprised at all over the behaviour of these 'catholic' Judases. And Rome is full of those from the top to the very bottom, this time sugar coated with homo flavour.

Supertradmum said...

Those of us either Irish, or living in Ireland have been aware of this fact. How sad that the Irish bishops cannot agree on asking Mary Queen of Heaven and Earth to help us. The conference also, as of August 13th at 6:24 pm Irish Summer Time have not made a joint statement against the heinous passage of the pro-abortion bill.

In addition, the government has publicly stated that Catholic hospitals will have to provide abortions, and the bishops have also remained silent on this point, despite a brave comment by a priest.

Bwangi Kilonzo said...

Who is Cardinal Brady Afraid off?

JP said...

Consecration done.