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Collegiality fails the Faithful once again, this time in Ireland

"Consecration of Ireland by Bishops to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on August 15!" read all the headlines. 

Emails flooded to us, and we quickly dismissed them, sharing only a snippet with our readers out of charity. Why?

One, it was too little, too late. For on July 30, President Michael D. Higgins, signed into law a bill which authorized abortion, under some circumstances, throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Two, it didn't take a genius to know that country that is producing next to no vocations, and allows scandals like this to take place on a daily basis not only out in the open but with a bishop present and applauding, will never truly consecrate its pitiful works to Our Lady. 

Well, it turns out (1) the event will not be a consecration as the bishops originally announced, but an "entrustment." And (2) not by all of the bishops, as they will not be present, due to "other commitments." And (3) it will not even mention Ireland by name.

From the SCNCI

“There was a lot of excitement and the SCNCI issued an announcement to its 37,500 subscribers who had pledged their Rosaries for a year that its mission had come to a successful conclusion. ... It wasn't clear at the time but we later discovered that when the decision was made because of prior commitments in some of the dioceses the Bishops were limited to delegating Cardinal Brady Himself to pray the prayer of entrustment and consecration himself without the full attendance of all the other bishops. Of course this meant that the event would not be a Collegial Act of all the bishops as hoped for. ... According to the Irish Bishop's Conference Press Release of 31st July Cardinal Brady will recite a prayer of consecration of entrustment and consecration of the individuals, families, homes and dioceses but will not mention Ireland by name."