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Guidance for young parents: how to raise a big, holy Catholic family (ongoing series)

After posting a video of a Catholic family with 15 children -- that boasted eight religious vocations -- we asked our readers (see here) to write into us and share their stories on what it's like to raise a big family, and what they did or are still doing to make their family holy, happy and peaceful. Here is one of those stories.

Please consider sending your story to Rorate (see here for very flexible instructions) to post in this on-going series to help inspire young Catholic couples to forgo the abuses of Natural Family Planning (NFP) and simply go fourth and multiply with faith and confidence in a loving and all-knowing God.

To view all of these stories, click the "The joy of big families" tag at the end of this post. For those who have sent in stories, we will post soon:

Written by Marc, of Marc's View on Stuff:

I am the father of eight souls. Six, whom I feed now, one in limbo, and one "on the way." Our oldest is nearly twelve.

I never would have thought I would enjoy being the father of this many children. Not having grown up in the Traditional movement, the thought of a large family never came up.

But God had other plans. Not only did he lead us to the Traditional Mass and sacraments as provided beautifully to us by the Institute of Christ the King, He led us to many "already seasoned" large families who have been so beneficial to us. I have great mentors and my homeschooling bride also has many to call upon for advice.

I now wish to return the favor and encouragement we have received to my junior brethren of fathers.

I can only encourage you to go "All-In" in embracing the desire for a large family. Although we may not have the abundance that my more worldly peers have, we have great peace because we have what we need. As the children get older (and stomachs hungrier) or as the family has grown, the money has always been there. As one of my good friends says, "You do your part, God does His."

Many people look at me as if I have three heads when I tell them how many children I have. Your best response is a big and confident smile and cheerful charity.  Think of it as live apostolate theater.  I love taking the brood to Costco and keeping the cheerful demeanor. I pray we touch many souls this way.

In my blog, I post on some of the more humorous times within our family. These, especially, make it all worthwhile. 

In Christo Rege,