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Communiqué of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt on ongoing events

The Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt is following closely the unfortunate incidents occurring in our nation and confirms its strong support of the Egyptian law enforcement, the armed forces, and all civil Egyptian institutions in confronting violent armed organizations and dark malicious forces, both internal and external. The attacks on our government entities and peaceful churches are terrorizing our citizens both Coptic and Muslim. These actions stand against all religions, morality, and humanity.

We value the stance of the friendly and loyal countries who understand the nature of these events. We strongly denounce the fallacies broadcasted by the western media and invite them to review the facts objectively regarding these bloody radical organizations and their affiliates instead of legitimizing them with global support and political protection while they attempt to spread devastation and destruction in our dear land. We request that the international and western media adhere to providing a comprehensive account of all events with truth, accuracy, and honesty.

Our sincere condolences are extended to all the victims and martyrs of duty that gave their lives, and we pray for the recovery of all those injured and afflicted. We persevere in our strong national unity and repulse any attempts to polarize our great nation into a secular conflict. We absolutely reject even partial foreign interference in our internal affairs. As the hand of evil extends to burn, kill and destroy; the Hands of God are nearer to protect, strengthen, and build. We have full faith and confidence in the Divine intervention that will navigate the Egyptian people in this delicate time of our history to a better tomorrow and a brighter future filled with justice, peace, and democracy that the people of the Nile Valley so rightly deserve.

Pray for Egypt and the Christians of that blessed land. (Source: BlogCopte, slightly modified - emphases added.)


  1. Yes;let us pray wholeheartedly for the land that gave succor to the Holy Family.

  2. Yes wake up western world and pay attention to the terror that is coming from the East!

  3. Americans should be calling on our representatives in government to stop funding the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda forces which are committing atrocities against Christians and their churches. The Administration and Senate demand that the Muslim Brotherhood be part of the Egyptian government incites civil unrest.

    The mainstream media in the US fails to mention the priests being beheaded, the priests and nuns kidnapped, the Catholic churches and schools being looted and burned, the Christian neighborhoods being burned. We are only told about the Morsi supporters being arrested and teargassed.

    There is a concerted effort to eliminate Christians from the Middle East and American tax dollars are financing it. Look at Libya, Egypt, Syria. Then look in Africa at Mali, Somalia, Yemen. Why are the Christians being forced off their land and out of their churches?

  4. That the Western liberal press should ignore the church burnings is depressing but predictable. What is unbelievable is the silence of Pope Francis on this matter. The supreme shepherd is neglecting his flock.

  5. Ths US government basically supports the Muslim Brotherhood. Barack Hussein Obama requested their presence at his infamous 2009 Cairo speech to which the present deadly springtime can be traced. Hillary Clinton and others blamed a California Christian Copt Nakoula B. Nakoula for the Benghazi killing of our Ambassador to Libya. Nakoula's video "The Innocence of Muslims" has been censored by YouTube and the poor Copt Nakoula was the only person to go prison over the four assassinations. The western Enemedia will not support the Christians in the Middle East. Pope Benedict did speak up for the Copts so that was something at least.

  6. Yes, someone better pray for them and wouldn't it be nice if, oh, I'm going out on a limb here, but the Pontiff might do an outside mass or an indoor mass in the basilica for souls of those priests and nuns that are modern day martyrs due to the the mass murder of Christians, seeing as uh, I dunno, according to Francis I, we're all sympactico (except for the Franciscan Friars who do TLM).

    WHERE"S THE POPE? And no mincemeal wording please but a true condemnation of what's happening to Coptic Christian churches across the Middle East.

    Its not as if it can get much worse. I remember when they took refuge for about a week in a Holy Church in the West Bank, urinating, generally making a mess besides using the church as a refuge from which to fire on the Israeli's to kill them.

    Not a peep was heard from the Vatican. My thoughts at that time were "really?!?! really!!! WHAT IS the Pope waiting for?" Because its not getting better with silence. That's for certainty.

  7. Unknown and Morgan, His Holiness Pope Francis has indeed made public statements about the violence in the Middle East, especially Syria and Egypt, which you can easily verify by typing "Pope Francis + Egypt" in your favorite web browser.

  8. The world truly is upside down. Is Russia the new defender of Christianity? Our government is supporthing the Muslem Brotherhood who are torching Churches through-out Egypt and Syria. Israel just made a huge LP gas agreement with Russia. Our President gives Israel the cold shoulder. But Russia has helped Iran? This is rather confussing. The Pope is asking us to Pray for Egypt with no condemnations, that's very nice of him. We are a nation that has a strong Christian heritage, very confused Christianity, but still Christian and we stand by as a nation as Churches through-out the Middle East and Africa are burned down and our Christian Brother are martyred. I'm rooting for Russia on this one and starting to wonder if all those Rosaries for the conversion and consecration of Russia are paying off. Thanks President Obama, did you shoot under par today? I think we need to have a Rosary campaign for the conversion and consecration of the United States of America to the Immaculate Hear of Mary.

  9. Jack, the pope has issued not a word of condemnation that I can find. On the Assumption he lamented the "painful news" from Egypt and prayed for peace and reconciliation but he has not condemned the attacks nor named the attackers. The attitude of Francis is hardly that of the faithful shepherd. Where is our media savvy outspoken Bishop of Rome when his brother Alexandria and his flock need Rome's help? Unknown

  10. I agree that this is the moment in which the Bishop of Rome should say plainly, also in the name of ecumenism, "We stand side by side with the Coptic Pope of Alexandria, and he can count on our full support." Could he make things worse? Who knows, but it's not as if Catholics were not already being severely persecuted, as all Christians in Egypt. Not the moment for platitudes.

  11. She must of been a beautiful soul, a wonderful mother. You will never see another apple cake again and not at least think of shouldn't be any other way...God bless you.

  12. sorry New Catholic...posted under wrong topic, please change if possible...thank you

  13. I lived in Egypt some years ago. I know the Muslim Brotherhood. They are EVIL beyond imagining.

  14. What an utterly & naively stupid, or maliciously calculating idea it was to encourage Egypt to attempt a simulation of so-called democracy. Now we have a nation polarised into two mutually hostile factions who will never forgive the other but hate for ever, while feeling justified as they kill and destroy.

    Stupid and naive too because the west is no longer democratic but has become a liberal dictatorship with nepotistic tendancies, masonically orientated. How correct Plato was to admonish those in his day, as he does to the deaf presently, that out of democracy is born dictatorship and ultimate tyranny. We are running perilously close to an EU whose foreign policy funded by taxpayes hard-earned wages, is to fund armed militias; overthrow legitimate governments and transgress national sovereignties. In fact, just as the Americans have been doing since the Second World war with disturbing & increasing regularity.

    Having been in Cairo until just recently, those around me who sincerely wanted a tolerant and diverse society have no chance whatever surrounded by chaos, corruption and unbridled hatred. Indeed, we know from whence this hails.

    Egypt is on the edge of complete ruin. Shame on that part of the world for embracing what is little more than a hateful political doctrine that resembles a religion. Shame on western nations for offering a poisoned chalice called democracy, a disguised form of political polarisation facilitating liberalist tyranny, that exploits foreign policy for moral subversion and the sowing of regional discord.


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