Rorate Caeli

The Apple Cake

Some out-of-season apples not in a very good condition, but perfect for baking. I have the fruit, flour, demerara sugar, butter, eggs, milk, cinnamon... Everything is here. 

But she isn't. 

How she loved baking! And baking for others, not for herself. Separating, measuring, buttering, flouring, beating, folding, tasting, pouring, checking the oven, setting the timer, waiting with expectation, seeing if it's done, removing, cooling, setting it on the plate - setting them on the plates, the several cakes, for the husband, and the children, and the grandchildren, and the visitors, and as gifts, always several at a time. Will I ever be able to see an apple cake again and not weep?

I look at the apples once again. Yes, they are perfect for baking. But they will have to wait.