Rorate Caeli

Ireland: "Thy own wickedness shall reprove thee, and thy apostasy shall rebuke thee"

"Catholic politicians who supported the legalisation of abortion will not be excommunicated or refused communion, the future Primate of all Ireland has indicated." (The Tablet)

I brought you into the land of Carmel,
to eat the fruit thereof, and the best things thereof:
and when ye entered in, you defiled my land,
and made my inheritance an abomination.

The priests did not say: Where is the Lord?
and they that held the law knew me not,
and the pastors transgressed against me:
and the prophets prophesied in Baal, and followed idols. ...

If a nation hath changed their gods,
and indeed they are not gods:
but my people have changed their glory into an idol.
Be astonished, O ye heavens, at this,
and ye gates thereof, be very desolate, saith the Lord. ...

Thy own wickedness shall reprove thee,
and thy apostasy shall rebuke thee.
Know thou, and see that it is an evil
and a bitter thing for thee to have left the Lord thy God,
and that my fear is not with thee, saith the Lord the God of hosts. ...

Why dost thou endeavour
to shew thy way good to seek my love,
thou who has also taught thy malices to be thy ways,
And in thy skirts is found the blood
of the souls of the poor and innocent? ...

And thou hast said: "I am without sin and am innocent:
and therefore let thy anger be turned away from me."
Behold, I will contend with thee in judgement,
because thou hast said: "I have not sinned." ...

From thence thou shalt go,
and thy hand shall be upon thy head:
for the Lord hath destroyed thy trust,
and thou shalt have nothing prosperous therein. ...

For from the least of them even to the greatest,
all are given to covetousness:
and from the prophet even to the priest,
all are guilty of deceit.

And they healed the breach of the daughter of my people disgracefully,
saying: "Peace, peace": and there was no peace.
They were confounded, because they committed abomination:
yea, rather they were not confounded with confusion,
and they knew not how to blush:
wherefore they shall fall among them that fall:
in the time of their visitation
they shall fall down, saith the Lord.
Jeremias, ii; vi