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2014: preparing for the 100th anniversary of the passing of Pope Saint Pius X

The Relics of St.Pius X in Venice, 1959
From The Remnant:

The 100th year since the holy death of the brilliant and great Pope Saint Pius X, begins in the Americas tonight at 8:15 Eastern Time. The great-hearted Pontiff "fell asleep in the Lord" 99 years ago on August 20 at 1:15 a.m., local Roman time. This is his "Dies natalis", his birthday into paradise. 

So, the holy Centennial Year begins.
Italian dioceses in Venetia are observing it. Rome *may* have a flabby or almost non-existent response.
For the 100th anniversary of his election, 2003, there was zip. Under Pope Francis? We don't know.
Let all Catholics who love our Holy Faith, who despise theological Modernism, who abhor the "diabolical disorientation" which has made of Holy Church a "devastated vineyard" unite in honoring this great and holy Pastor, and in calling always more intensely on his intercession and help!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reminder of the 100th anniversary. I was, during my recent travels in southern Europe, able to visit Riese (now Riese Pio X), the little township where Giuseppe Sarto, the future Pope Pius X, was born. His family home is open to visitors; you can see the entire house - including the room where St. Pius X used to sleep when visiting his mother, and another one used by Cardinal Merry del Val, as well as a small adjacent museum. They'll even let you sit in the saint's favorite chair!

The same people who maintain the Sarto house have, on their website, the electronic form of an interesting illustrated book about the holy pontiff, with over a hundred historic photos, which are worth seeing (the text is in italian). The link to the three pdf files/parts is below.,-un-papa-veneto.php

Sancte Pie Decime, ora pro nobis!

Scott Ramsay said...

Thank you, Petra G.! I hadn't thought of Cardinal Merry Del Val in way too long. His "Litany of Humility" makes my hairs stand on gets to the heart of what it means to follow Christ.

Pope Saint Pius X was a great man who followed the poor Christ. He was courageous in rejecting the bad from former times, e.g. secular pressure in regards to Church appointments. His Oath Against Modernism was positively vatic. Perhaps the clouds of World War I took him too soon; perhaps God just decided to call him to Himself ninety-nine year ago.

I take no shot at the SSPX, but the departed pope is not "just" the de facto patron saint of a small group of people, but of the entire Body of Christ. He deserves to be better known.

-- In Christ Jesus Through Mary,

Scott Thomas Ramsay

Long-Skirts said...

Scott Ramsay said:

"I take no shot at the SSPX, but the departed pope is not "just" the de facto patron saint of a small group of people, but of the entire Body of Christ. He deserves to be better known."

Of course, but these good Priests model themselves after him to "fight the good fight"!

poetcomic1 said...

The great American poet, Wallace Stevens, a Catholic convert at the end of his life, loved Piux X and told his instructor in the faith that he wanted to write a poem about him to be called The Tailor.

CatholicLindaNelson said...

Such a Saint! He is working today within the Church to cast out the modernists who have left the true Church.

Last year, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Denver celebrated its 100th anniversary. It opened when St. Pius X was Pope. There are 2 statues of him - one is white marble and dirty - they are hidden in the entranceway. Even since then, I am terribly saddened when I remember that not ONCE was the Saint mentioned in ANY of the Cathedral's pamphlets or celebrations. If so, it was kept from the public. While Vatican II priests and Popes were lauded (JPII, of course, etc.), the decision was made to ignore a true saint - St. Pius X. One of the priests announced that they are focusing on the "newest" saints.

The day of their anniversary ceremonies, I went to the Cathedral to pray the rosary. St. Pius X was devoted to Mary. No one was there, just a homeless man who stopped in to sit in a pew for 10 minutes and left. I did not go to the celebration, as it revolved around cocktail attire and drinking. I was much too sad, because of what they did, to even pretend like I was one of the revellers. I am still very sad.

St. Pius X, dear and good Saint, please convert those who ignore the true Word of God. Help those who have ignored what is holy.

Anonymous said...

We hope something honorific and wonderful is done to commemorate this centennial anniversary, not just some Novus Ordo happy-clappy.