Rorate Caeli

FSSP Personal Parish in Sydney

From the web log of the Transalpine Redemptorists (Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer), images of the day of the canonical establishment of the Personal Parish in Sydney, Australia:

On the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (F.S.S.P.) had their church of the Maternal Heart of Mary, in Sydney Australia, constituted a personal parish by George Cardinal Pell, archbishop of Sydney. Fr Duncan Wong, F.S.S.P. was appointed as the parish priest. Being a personal parish of the F.S.S.P. it is dedicated exclusively to the celebration of the Traditional Mass.

The first Solemn High Mass to be celebrated in the newly erected parish was celebrated by the parish priest, Fr Wong. Fr Damonn Sypher F.S.S.P. was Deacon, and Mr Daniel Mould F.S.S.P. was Subdeacon.

The Personal Parish of the Maternal Heart of Mary was established by the Archbishop of Sydney, who is, of course, His Eminence Cardinal Pell, one of the eight members of the superior advisory cardinalatial council named by Pope Francis.


Mike said...

Praise to the living God!

Anonymous said...

All eyes are on Him! Blessed be God in His Angels and in His Saints!

Gregory said...

Thank heaven we at least have the presence of Cardinal Pell amongst those who will shortly be convening in Pope Francis' upcoming Kitchen Cabinet.

ka said...

What a beatific image!