Rorate Caeli

Laus sit excelsæ Triadi perennis, quæ tibi, Virgo, tribuit coronam...

...atque Reginam statuitque nostram
provida Matrem.

Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin - N.-D. de Fontgombault

Getting ready for the Great and Holy Feast in a couple of days: friends, you have no idea how much more the end of the earthly life and glorious Assumption of Our Most Blessed Lady and Queen Mary mean now. If she, the spotless and all-holy one, had to go, then all mothers have to go: may God grant us one day to meet the Mother of God and all mothers whom the Lord called to be close to Himself.


JB said...

From the annals of Catholic horror stories, I remember once having a professor in college, a Jesuit novice, who when the express language of Pius's definition of Mary's Assumption came up, i.e., "body and soul into Heaven," responded thusly:

"Body and soul into heaven, well what the hell does that mean?"

As if it had no meaning and words meant nothing. It was a memorable moment. The message was clear; it never really happened "that way."

Long-Skirts said...



Michaelmas Day
September skies cue
To hearken the zinnias
To tone down their hue.

Dusky October
With Angels and all
They help us pick apples
And pumpkins in Fall.

November’s chilled damp
Souls wait in the dark
For prayers from the priest
And a blue votive spark.

Then souls from the dark
No longer the least
Rejoice in December
The garland decked Feast.

White, wintry snows
Banquet-hall earth
In January celebrating
Still His great Birth.

February sleetings
February ices
St. Valentine teaches
That His love suffices.

Raw winds of March
Can we stand it all now?
But we start the long Lent
Which teaches us how.

In cruel April showers
Each Station tugs tears
Then lilies…He rose
To allay all our fears!

And May calls us out
And May calls us dance
And May is all Mary’s
The Queen of Romance.

June city sidewalks
Symbols in dust
Corpus Christi processions
For the King Who is Just!

His Most Precious Blood
Springs up in July
In picnic-red checks
Reminding us why…

We’re all in His rhythm
He gives us all reasons
To incite and delight…
The Beate of all seasons!

Anonymous said...

As always, Long-Skirts, a lovely poem that is just incredible and beautiful. What a great gift! And we are so blessed to be able to delight in the gift God has granted to you. :-)

Have you considered publishing a book of poems? I, for one, would love to have a copy of it!

Renel B. Peña said...

"You are she who, as it is written, appears in beauty, and your virginal body is all holy, all chaste, entirely the dwelling place of God, so that it is henceforth completely exempt from dissolution into dust. Though still human, it is changed into the heavenly life of incorruptibility, truly living and glorious, undamaged and sharing in perfect life." - St. Germanus of Constantinople